Returning from college for Christmas, Scott and the pack find themselves under pressure instantly as an old man holding a fob watch begins to terrorise them. It's a race against time, but will the pack succeed? Meanwhile, as control continues to be an issue, the pack face new unexpected personal dilemmas.

Teen Wolf: Time follows on from the previous series Sabotage, Hideaway and Beta.

Episode Name
As Scott and the pack return from university for the Christmas break, Liam struggles to keep the recent events under wraps. Lydia and Isaac find themselves terrorised by a ghostly figure, but who is it and what could it mean?
The pack band together to save Isaac with the help of Bibles and mountain ash, but will their efforts be enough when they learn who they're fighting? Meanwhile, Nolan tracks down Krishna but not without his own struggle for control...
Struggling to cope with a drastic loss, the pack have to regroup and consider their options. Will Stiles and Argent find any important information to solve the problem? Meanwhile, Liam invites Nolan for dinner, but a lack of control could prove difficult in front of his mum...
The Mission
Another pack member down, Scott frantically tries to piece everything together. Casey recounts the memory of how he became a werewolf to Archie, but will he be convinced?
To rescue her friends, Lydia realises she's the key the pack so desperately need. Liam faces his toughest hurdle to date when Joanna interrogates him, and Cody struggles as Frankie pursues a dangerous game.
Fresh Start
Having found herself in a difficult position, Lydia has to get to grips with her powers to bring her back to Isaac. Events converge at the animal clinic, but who will escape unscathed and whose lives will be changed forever?

1: Visions Written by MarthaJonesFan

It had been a successful semester for Lydia. She’d settled in like a duck to water at college, and was top of her class in all of her assignments so far. However, now she was home for Christmas, she was struggling with sleep. No matter how thankful she was for her own bed, she simply couldn’t get comfortable. After a couple of hours lying wide awake, Lydia finally drifted off into sleep. The tossing and turning didn’t stop though, and her dreams were incredibly vivid. The next thing Lydia knew, she was stood in the Beacon Hills forest. She looked around, but apart from the trees, she only saw darkness. There were no clouds in the sky – only a full moon. The light that gave wasn’t enough though. She tried running. As fast as she could, stepping on twigs and skidding through mud. Her dressing gown blustered through the air resistance as she sprinted desperately for some safety. However, nothing safe was in sight. All she saw was the pitch black. Running, further and further, until THUMP! She crashed down into a muddy puddle, soaked all over in her nicest dressing gown. She turned herself over, trying to stand up, and saw a heavenly-like man approaching. His beard was long, and he looked like he hadn’t been to the barber shop in years. He wore bright white robes, and carried a fob watch in one hand. He approached Lydia, who was frozen to the spot, and put his hand directly to her mouth. She struggled to breath, panicking…

Lydia gasped. Awake in her bed, she screamed louder than before…

Guest Stars:

JR Bourne, Orny Adams, Cody Christian, Khylin Rhambo, Michael Johnston, Kaj Nieuwenhoff, Nick Robinson, Natalia Dyer and Harry Visinoni.

Rising from a well-earned sleep, Scott immediately checked his phone. Like most people his age, he was practically glued to it, constantly socialising with people from uni. It had been a mostly uneventful first semester for Scott. Compared to what he was used to at beacon Hills, college felt slightly boring. He was used to fighting for his life on a regular basis, and revising notes from lectures just wasn’t the same. Despite his social life being busy, and the fact he’d made new friends with absolute ease, he missed the familiar faces of his best friends in Beacon Hills. The bright light of his cell phone blinded his eyes amongst his dark bedroom, but he adjusted before long. He’d missed 352 messages in his uni group chat. Scott let out a sigh, and scrolled through them without really reading anything. He liked his new friends a lot, but the so-called “banter” was tiresome at times. He didn’t care who they’d slept with the night before, and he felt out of the loop sometimes as the only one with a partner. Despite the interest girls (and boys) had shown in him, Scott was never unfaithful to Maddie. He met up with her as often as their social calendars allowed, and finally, he felt like he’d hit the jackpot as far as girls were concerned. He was starting to feel like a romantic disaster. Allison’s death hit him hard, and things never quite felt the same with Kira. Maddie just felt perfect. Things felt natural, and she was just as interested in him as he was in her. Scott scrolled down the notifications on his phone and saw a text from Maddie, sent after he fell asleep. “Love you too” it said, complete with a kiss emoji at the end. Scott grinned like a Cheshire cat, and sent three kiss emojis in response.

Argent was getting used to the peace and quiet he’d recently gained in his house. No teenagers with their constant phone notifications or loud music, even if the trio of Maddie, Isaac and Casey were good company. Having such a quiet house felt strange to Argent. Once, he’d had a strong family unit, with a wife and a daughter, but he’d had to adjust to a life alone, where both of them are dead. Having a full house again was comforting, especially as Isaac had become like a son to him. Although Allison’s true love was clearly Scott, she and Isaac had shared a close bond at the time of her death, and Isaac’s return to Beacon Hills brought back fond memories of his daughter. Perched in his office, he heard the front door click shut.

“Who is it?” Argent yelled, wanting to keep tabs on who was entering and leaving his house.

“I was hoping for a warmer welcome. A party perhaps” Isaac quipped from the doorway.

“Welcome home” Argent smiled, standing up from his comfy chair to embrace Isaac in a warm hug.

“Never realised how much I’d miss Beacon Hills” Isaac smiled. He was genuinely pleased to see Argent again. If he knew how close they’d eventually become when they first met, he’d never have believed it. Argent used to hunt werewolves, and naturally, Isaac wasn’t his favourite person. Even after he retired from hunting, and Isaac started dating Allison, the reception he got was frosty at best. Her death brought them closer, and they kept in touch while Isaac lived in France. He’d even helped Isaac find a place to stay when he relocated to San Francisco, so their bond had strengthened; one positive about Allison’s death, even if circumstances were far from ideal.

“I hear things have been pretty boring here” Isaac continued.

“Nothing out of the ordinary” Argent skirted around the question. The ordinary in Beacon Hills was a far cry from most people’s perceptions of ordinary. Liam had sworn him to secrecy over Angela and the Nemeton, not wanting to burden Scott or the others over anything. It was against Argent’s better nature, but he went along with it anyway. It was bound to come out eventually, but in the meantime, he didn’t want to be the cause of unnecessary friction. He changed the subject.

“How’s Malia?”

“She’s great. I’ve not seen her in a few weeks now but she said she’d show her face today” Isaac explained.

“You’ve landed on your feet with her” Argent commented, “She’s headstrong and intelligent. Plus she’s lovely, but I fear she’d kill me for saying that.”

“Too right” Malia interrupted, stood casually at the doorway.

“How long have you been stood there?” Isaac queried. His eyes lit up at the mere sight of her.

“Long enough. I heard all your small talk. It was excruciatingly soppy” Malia jokingly replied.

“Eavesdropping I see” Argent noted.

“I can’t help my enhanced hearing” Malia lied. Isaac was laughing.

“What’s so funny?” Malia asked, interrogating.

“You, dumbass” Isaac replied, pulling her in for a kiss. Malia loved his kisses, they were the best of a small range she’d experienced. This kiss was no different, and she absolutely adored every second of her lips being pressed against his.

“Are you sure everything’s alright?” Stiles was concerned. Lydia had texted him immediately after she woke up in a state of panic. She was shaking when Stiles arrived, but he was none the wiser as to exactly why he texted her.

“Yes, I said I’m fine” Lydia firmly replied, although she sounded unconvinced herself. She was dressed in her best top and jacket combination – something she normally saved for special occasions – but today wasn’t anything interesting. She was planning to continue her college work, as despite the holidays being upon them, she had way too much work to complete. Stiles, on the other hand, wasn’t so keen to start his work and was intending to hit Scott up and head into town. His plans were immediately scuppered when Lydia texted him.

“Lydia, I can read you like a book, I’ve been able to for years” Stiles began.

“That sounds wrong” Lydia interrupted, trying to divert from the subject. Stiles ignored it and continued.

“When you wake up in banshee mode and scream the whole goddamn street down, you’re not fine. You’re far from it, and we can’t help if you’re not gonna tell us anything” Stiles reasoned the best he could. He wasn’t wrong. Every time Lydia had a banshee vision, it meant trouble was on its way. Lydia sat down on the edge of her bed, signalling defeat.

“Why can’t we just have a normal holiday? Is that too much to ask?” Lydia wondered aloud, frustrated.

“This is normal. By our standards anyway” Stiles jested.

“You know what I mean” Lydia sighed, “No more banshee, no more werewolves. Just us, together.” She stared straight at Stiles, and into his gazing hazel eyes.

“I know. Occasionally I think of how nice it would be to live a totally normal life” Stiles pondered, “But what’s normal? Nobody is normal. If you were normal, you’d be boring, and you’re far from boring Lydia Martin.” Lydia smiled for the first time that day.

“Alright” she gave in, “Let’s speak to Scott.”

Gathering around a table in the school library, Liam had called a meeting. Mason, Corey, Nolan, Daan and Cody had been summoned, and were perched around the table wondering why their free periods were being taken up by Liam. They were anticipating an arrival from Becky, but she was a no-show so far.

“Alright, I’m sorry to bring you all together but I just had to clarify something” Liam began, “Just because Scott’s back, it doesn’t mean he needs to know everything that happened before. The ritual, Angela, and so on.”

“Won’t he just find out anyway?” a sensible Cody piped up.

“Not if you all keep schtum” Liam responded. The group was pretty confused. Scott was their alpha, and he needed to be kept in the loop. For some reason, Liam was especially against this, and not one of the group seemed to understand why. However, none of them were keen to speak against him.

“I guess it’s alright” Mason half agreed, “But it’s on your head when he finds out, not ours.”

“I know” Liam nodded. Inside his mind, he was worried about what Scott would think of him. He didn’t want to put himself up for judgement, as if Scott would give him feedback and points to improve on about how he handled the situation. For an easier life, he wanted to keep it away from Scott, even if it would be an uphill battle with so many people lending a helping hand.

Avoiding the meeting, Becky had gone to Coach’s office. She knocked three times politely before entering. She was expecting to meet Theo there, but instead, she saw Coach, who hadn’t vacated his office.

“Oh, sorry” Becky blushed, about to sheepishly let herself out. She felt embarrassed, as Theo had promised her he’d deal with Coach.

“He’s through there” Coach barked, referring to the changing room door, “Keep the noise down, I can’t procrastinate with the sloppy sounds of young love destroying my eardrums.” Becky nodded, slightly weirded out by Coach’s so-called way with words. She shut the connecting door behind her, and slowly stepped through the changing rooms. There was no sign of Theo, but she knew he’d be there. She focused her hearing. The first thing she picked up on was the sound of water drip-dropping, which must have been from the shower. She walked towards the showers, following the only sound she could hear. As she turned the corner, her eyes were graced with the sight of Theo, stood at the far end. He was casually leaning against the wall, his hair organised perfectly to look stylish and fashionable.

“I told you I’d sort it” Theo spoke with a sense of arrogance, much like always.

“What do you want?” Becky queried. She knew the answer, but she wanted him to say it.

“What I always want” Theo replied, not losing his cool, relaxed posture against the wall, “You.” He sprung off the wall and leaned in to make out with his girlfriend. Becky didn’t protest. She allowed the calming sensation of his lips against hers to continue. However, she broke the kiss to ask a burning question.

“I hear Scott’s back” Becky commented. Theo wasn’t interested in talking in that moment, so he brushed her off.

“So what?”

“He’s not met me yet. Does he even know you’re around?”

“I come and go, I doubt it’d be much of a surprise”

“You’re part of his pack now, whether he likes it or not. Don’t you think he deserves to know that?” Becky was speaking sense. Theo gave up pursuing Becky. He knew she was right, even if he didn’t want to admit it.

“I’ll speak to Liam. We’ll try and arrange a meeting” Theo decided. Becky smiled and kissed him, much to Theo’s delight.

Tired after his journey, Isaac was lying down on Argent’s sofa. Malia was perched at the end, with his legs on top of her. The TV was on, showing some show Malia liked, he assumed. He wasn’t paying it any attention, so was staring out of the window instead.

“Hey” came a voice from the hallway. Casey peeped his head around the doorway, looking unusually chirpy.

“Welcome back” Malia greeted. She stayed sat down, much to Casey’s dismay after he’d primed himself for a hug. It wasn’t out of rudeness – more because Isaac’s legs stayed firmly over her lap. Isaac wasn’t paying any attention to what was happening in the room. He’d not even noticed Casey’s arrival, as he was too busy focusing on something he’d noticed in the distance. His wolf vision was activated, his yellow eyes glowing brightly as he spotted an old man approaching from the corner of the road. He looked directly at Isaac, with a ghostly white face. In his hand was a fob watch, swinging left to right as if it was being used for hypnotism. He started walking towards Isaac, who panicked. His legs swung round to the floor, and he stood up, shaking.

“He’s coming, oh my god he’s coming, somebody stop him” he spoke quickly and with a sense of urgency.

“Isaac?” Malia responded, calmly, “Who’s coming?” He zoned back into the room. Malia was stood to his side, her hands on his cheeks. He stared back out of the window, and nobody was there. Not even a whiff of the old man he’d seen approaching.

“I saw somebody” Isaac confessed.

“Sorry, that must have been me” a British accent came from the doorway, as a young man appeared at the door, “That must have been me. I’m Archie.” He smiled from ear to ear, his wavy black hair travelling down to his jawline.

“This is my boyfriend” Casey introduced him to Malia and Isaac, the latter of whom was baffled about what had just happened.

“Hey, what’s the emergency?” Maddie asked, as Scott opened his front door to her.

“Stiles and Lydia are here. It’s…” Scott explained, but took a pause, considering his phrasing, “…banshee stuff.”

“Ah” Maddie nodded, “Where are the others?”

“I tried calling everyone but it went to voicemail on the others, so it looks like it’s just gonna be us” Scott answered, “How are you anyway?”

“Not bad, journey was boring” Maddie responded, referring to her trail back from college.

“You look amazing” Scott noticed. Maddie grinned from ear to ear. She’d been told how good she looked many times by many guys over the years, and it always felt great, but the way Scott said it was way more sincere than any guy in a club. He meant every word he said, and it warmed her heart.

“Alright you two lovebirds, can we get down to business or do I need to chuck a bucket of cold water over you both?” Stiles interrupted. Scott chuckled. He should’ve known that his moment with Maddie wouldn’t last long when Stiles was only a matter of metres away. He and Maddie took a seat in the living room. Scott knew they’d get enough privacy there. Melissa was at work on a rare daytime shift, and they hardly ever got any visitors otherwise.

“What’s up?” Scott asked, instigating the discussion.

“I’ve been having bad dreams” Lydia began, “The usual sort. Apparently banshees don’t get a Christmas break. Anyway, I keep dreaming of the same man. He’s old, and looks straight out of biblical times.”

“Any details that can help us identify him?” Maddie queried, keenly listening.

“He looked like a pretty typical old man. One in need of a beard trim and a pedicure mind you” Lydia added, “Oh, and he was holding a fob watch, like the ones you’d keep in your pocket years back.”

“An old man holding a watch, sounds terrifying” Maddie sarcastically responded.

“That’s the thing, he was terrifying” Lydia recalled, “He didn’t look threatening but there was an eerie feel. Like he was coming to get me. He glowed a ghostly white, and he was coming right towards me. Every time, the same dream.”

“Do we think this could be in the bestiary?” Scott wondered, considering his options.

“Oh yes, right next to the kanima and the werehyena, there’s an old man stood holding a fob watch” Stiles’ sarcasm levels were high. He turned back to Lydia, and spoke more seriously, “You said he sounded biblical, maybe there’s a clue there?”

“Where would we get a Bible from?” Maddie queried.

“Same place as any book” Lydia responded, “The library.”

Isaac felt weak. He’d been in a good mood since returning to Beacon Hills but he was now on edge, more than he’d ever been before.

“Are you alright dude?” Casey questioned, noticing his friend’s behaviour. He was genuinely concerned, as Isaac was usually so laid back, but right now, he looked anything but.

“You look like you’ve seen a ghost” Malia noted. She was just as concerned. It had totally left her mind that just moments ago, she was introduced to Casey’s new boyfriend. Archie looked on as everyone else would in the same scenario – he froze. He didn’t know much about Isaac other than what Casey had told him, but nevertheless, he felt compassion. Instinctively, he tried to help out.

“He’s having a panic attack” Archie identified. He was right – Isaac had lost balance and was now sat on the floor against a sofa. His breathing was frantic and his vision was dazed.

“What do we do?” Malia asked, panicked.

“We need to calm him down” Archie instructed. His lack of connection to Isaac allowed him to keep a calm mind set and deliver commands.

“Isaac” Malia said, crouching down next to him, “You need to breathe. In and out, with me.” Isaac nodded, hearing the orders but still panicked. Malia took a gasp of air in, demonstrating for Isaac. He did the same, following perfectly. They held for three seconds, and calmly released. Twice more, they repeated. Isaac regained composure, slowly stopping shaking and sweating. His breath was at a much more regular pace, and he attempted to stand up.

“How did you know all that?” Casey asked Archie, impressed.

“My brother had panic attacks regularly. I always had to help him regain control” Archie explained. Malia hugged Isaac, relived he was okay, but Isaac remained on edge as he remembered what he saw in the window.

Persistent as ever, Theo was attempting to convince Liam that now was the time to speak to Scott. They were in the school libray – Liam hadn’t moved from there since the meeting earlier. Miss Padhi hadn’t been in school since Angela invaded, so her lessons had been cancelled and he was left with a load of free time.

“I’m fed up of being a sitting duck” Theo argued, “I’m not going to be a part time member of the pack. I want in, I made a promise and I’ve kept to it. Now you need to do your part.” Theo wasn’t even supposed to be in school – he was in Scott’s year group, who were now at college, but he opted not to attend and had been spending his time being trained up by Deaton to work at the animal clinic.

“I told you, the time will come. I don’t want to cause more stress to Scott than necessary” Liam responded firmly.

“The time has come, it’s now. I don’t want to fall out with you, but if you don’t speak to Scott, I will” Theo was getting angry.

“Fine, go ahead, see if I care” Liam raised his voice and stood up, not caring that he’d disturbed the rest of the library from their quiet work. He looked up, and to his horror, he saw Scott in the doorway. He sat down in embarrassment. It was now too late – Scott had seen Theo, and there was no backing out of this.

“Liam, what’s going on?” Scott asked, strolling over. Stiles, Maddie and Lydia followed, keeping quiet.

“Nothing, I’m just tired” Liam lied.

“Why didn’t you tell me he was back?” Scott interrogated.

“I am here you know” Theo retorted, annoyed he was being spoken about as if he were absent.

“He’s been back a while, I was gonna tell you…” Liam tried explaining.

“Why didn’t you? What did you think I’d do?” Scott continued, frustrated at Liam, “Is there anything else I need to know?” Liam sat awkwardly.

“Becky” Theo mentioned.

“Who the hell is Becky?” Stiles jumped in.

“She turned up a few months ago, on the run from Angela, the Eichen House nurse. She’s a werehyena” Liam explained.

“And my girlfriend” Theo added.

“Terrible taste in men, noted” Maddie commented.

“I’m here to help, I swear. I made a promise that I’d prove my worth, and I’d say I’ve damn well done that” Theo pleaded.

“Liam, I need you to explain everything. Now” Scott commanded. Liam put his head in his hands, feeling humiliated.

Meanwhile, Lydia gestured to Stiles and Maddie – a signal to follow her. They crept off to scour the library for a Bible, not quite sure which section would be most appropriate. They split up to cover more ground, looking high and low, but right at the top of the first shelf in the non-fiction section, there it was. Several copies, in fact. Stiles spotted it first, and grabbed every copy they had. Lydia turned the corner, seeing Stiles struggle to carry six copies of the Bible one on top of the other.

“Give me some” Lydia suggested, smiling at Stiles’ stupidity. She picked one of them from the floor, having been dropped. Immediately, she felt like her mind was transported to the forest again. She saw him, that strange old man. He looked so incredibly sinister, as he stretched his hand towards Lydia. The fob watch was ticking away in front of Lydia’s eyes, and she watched as the seconds hand tick-tick-ticked away. All of a sudden, it stopped. The ticking sound was no more. Lydia looked at the man, as he stared straight back at her, reaching out to her chest. She felt terrified of what this man could do, and she dropped the Bible. SLAM! The heavy book whacked against the hard carpet of the library. She was back in the room, and almost lost her balance. Stiles had been watching, in confusion. He immediately ran to her aid, stopping her from toppling over.

“You saw him again, didn’t you?” Stiles asked knowingly.

“Time” Lydia responded with little emotion in her voice, “Time is up.”

2: Separation Written by MarthaJonesFan

“You didn’t think to tell me any of this?” Scott was frustrated. Liam had told him just about every detail regarding Angela’s takeover of the school, and the ritual performed at the Nemeton. They were perched at a table on the ground floor of the library, where Liam had been for most of the day.

“I didn’t want you to think I wasn’t capable. I handled it, it turned out fine” Liam justified. He wasn’t lying – Scott had left him in charge while he was away, and he was determined to do a good job. Considering Scott didn’t immediately sense that something was wrong, he knew he’d done his job well.

“You could’ve been hurt, or worse” Scott explained his frustration. In some ways, Liam felt like a son to him. He was deeply concerned for his welfare and was constantly worried that something might happen while he was away.

“I wasn’t, that’s the main thing” Liam spoke quietly. Scott had calmed down, and was mostly relieved that Liam was alright. Liam continued, “I learnt from the best.” Scott smiled. He felt proud. He remembered when he first met Liam – an angry freshman who’d been kicked out of his previous school for trashing his coach’s car, simply for being benched in lacrosse. Liam knew there was one further detail he hadn’t told Scott – he and Nolan. He couldn’t quite muster up the courage to mention it yet, but in the grand scheme of things, it was much less important.

“Is that everything?” Scott reiterated, having calmed down.

“Yes, I promise” Liam nodded.

“Scotty boy, you might want to see this” Stiles came rushing down from upstairs. He was in a hurry, and had a look of worry on his face.

Guest Stars:

JR Bourne, Cody Christian, Kaj Nieuwenhoff, Nick Robinson, Natalia Dyer, Anjli Mohindra, Susan Walters and Harry Visinoni.

Half asleep, Nolan sat in his economics class. He had Daan to his left and Cody to his right, both seemingly just as tired as he was. It was the final lesson of the day, and all of them were ready to go home and chill out in front of a TV show. They’d been given a group activity by Coach, but unsurprisingly, none of them felt engaged by it.
“Nolan!” Coach yelled, “Get to work, you can sleep when you’re dead, and that will be very soon if you keep ignoring my instructions.”
“Yes Coach” Nolan half-heartedly replied.
“I swear free periods make you more tired than actual lessons” Cody observantly noticed. Nolan didn’t disagree – even if he wasn’t the biggest lover of school, he found himself excessively bored in free periods. Annoyingly, all three of them had gained a few extra frees that week due to Miss Padhi’s absence.
“I never thought I’d actually miss math” Daan added.
“Do you think she’s OK?” Nolan pondered, referring to Miss Padhi, “She’s not been here since we told her about everything. I hope she’s not passed it on to anyone.”
“Why would she have done that? It makes no sense. She’s probably just processing it, it’s a lot to take in” Cody sensibly suggested.
“Do you think we should pay her a visit?” Nolan continued.
“Wouldn’t it be weird? Visiting a teacher’s house and all that” Daan responded, wanting to avoid such a situation.
“It’s just out of concern, we’re not stopping for a cup of tea” Nolan replied, insistent. Daan shrugged, giving in, and Cody nodded along too.

Having regrouped at Scott’s house, each of the group now had a Bible to scour through. Five of them sat around the room, armed with a book that had a total of 1,200 pages.
“Where the heck do we start?” Maddie sighed, flicking through it.
“We can’t possibly read all of this” Liam added, “What if we find nothing?”
“If anyone has any better solutions, I’d love to hear them” Scott firmly but calmly responded.
“Y’all have a read, see if you can find any details that might be helpful. I’ll do a google search, in case we’re on the wrong track. Then we’ve got all bases covered” Stiles suggested. Scott nodded, and they got to work. The next ten minutes were met with silence, other than the sound of Stiles’ keyboard or the thin Bible pages being turned. None of them found it a particularly enthralling task, but nevertheless, they kept on reading and researching.
Surely it wouldn’t be difficult to spot a hairy man holding a watch? Liam kept telling himself. More time passed without a single result. Lydia yawned, staring intensely at the pages and trying to avoid losing concentration. The silence was interrupted by the familiar sound of Scott’s doorbell. Keen to take a break from the tiresome reading of a holy book he didn’t believe in, Scott leapt up to answer it. As soon as the door was opened, Malia and Isaac rushed in, with Argent sheepishly following.
“We got a problem” Malia began. Scott was all-ears, concerned about what else he might have on his plate.

Meanwhile, still at Argent’s, Casey and Archie had cuddled up on the sofa. Isaac’s behaviour was on both of their minds, for different reasons. Archie knew nothing about the supernatural world, and assumed it was a medical condition.
Or something like that, he thought. Casey, however, knew better. He knew what Isaac had seen wasn’t human, and it scared him. He’d asked Malia to text him any updates, so he was anxiously checking his phone every few seconds. The sight of “no new notifications” was beginning to grind his gears.
“What’s up?” Archie questioned, wondering why Casey was glued to his phone.
“Isaac’s not normally like that, I’m worried” Casey confessed, still keeping his cards close to his chest.
“So what’s up with him? I mean, it’s hardly normal behaviour. Where did Malia take him anyway?” Archie was noticing the abnormalities. Casey felt shifty. He knew Archie had picked up on how strange everything had seemed since he arrived, and the lies would only get tougher to uphold. After all, neither of them were stupid, or even close. Casey could read people like a book, a great tool for helping his friends when they were down, but it could work against him just as well. The problem was that he’d finally met his match – Archie was just as intelligent and skilled. They were both at Stanford University studying psychology, and it was far from a walk in the park, but both were more than capable.
“Err” Casey slurred, considering his response, “She took him to see a friend of ours. He’s good at this sorta thing.” Archie, frowned confused.
“A friend who’s good when people have major freak-outs? Blimey, I need one of them” Archie commented, jokingly. He wasn’t sure how else to react. He knew Casey wasn’t telling him everything, but didn’t want to interrogate. Casey was fully aware of how flakey he was being, but he was determined to keep Archie away from anything remotely supernatural. The conversation ended there, and they resumed their cuddling. Both shared the same sense of comfort and admiration for each other, and Casey was relieved that his car crash of a love life had finally been saved from the wreckage.

“Please Ms. Martin, we need her address, we’re just concerned” Daan pleaded. He, Nolan and Cody were stood in front of Natalie’s desk. They were determined to get hold of her address to visit her, but Natalie was frustratingly stubborn.
“No, how many times? Beacon Hills High School is a werewolf-free zone. When you’re in the building, you do your school work” Natalie recited, as if it were from a script, “Besides, I couldn’t hand out a staff member’s personal details anyway. Now go, back to class.” Defeated, the trio retreated out of her office. However, with a stroke of luck, Nolan spotted a fire alarm to the right of Natalie’s office door.
“I’ve got an idea” Nolan smiled.

Just seconds later, the high school was frantic. Everyone was evacuating, with the ear-piercing sound of the fire alarm blaring across the entire site. After a couple of minutes had passed, Nolan peeped his head out of the boys’ toilets.
“Coast is clear” he announced. The boys shuffled out into the now empty corridor, and into Coach’s office.
“There is no way this will work” Cody was pessimistic.
“Coach never logs off, this is fool proof” Nolan responded. He moved the mouse and the computer woke up. All it took was a little bit of typing and navigation to find Krishna’s address on the system.
“Take a picture” Nolan commanded. Daan took his phone out of his pocket and snapped the address.
“Done” he announced.
“Alright, now for the tricky part” Nolan said, making his way back out of the office door. Daan and Cody followed, forgetting to keep a look out for anyone who might find them.
“Going somewhere?” a soul-crushing voice interrogated from behind them. Nolan sighed. He recognised that voice clearly – it was Ms. Martin. She continue, “Detention, one hour tonight.”

“So you saw him too? I assumed it was just a banshee thing” Lydia mentioned. Isaac had just explained all about the vision he had. He was still visibly shaken, slightly concerned about what it might have meant.
“No disrespect Lydia, but the fact you saw him too doesn’t fill me with much confidence. Your banshee premonitions never lead anywhere good” Isaac complained.
“None taken” Lydia sarcastically replied.
“You think he’s a biblical figure?” Argent added, noticing several Bibles dotted around Scott’s front room.
“It’s the best lead we’ve got” Scott explained.
“I wouldn’t be so sure about that” Stiles jumped in, gesturing for the others to join him at the computer, “I think we’re looking at this guy.” Loaded up onto the screen was an information website.
“Father Time” Malia read the title, “Who the heck is that?”
“If you read on, you’ll find out” Stiles impatiently responded.
“A mythological anthropomorphised perception of time” Lydia read.
“In English?” Maddie was confused by the long words.
“It’s time represented as a human. He’s said to have a sand timer for you, and when the time runs out, it’s time to die” Lydia explained.
“Father Time is represented in many pieces of work over the years, I’m familiar with a few” Argent continued, pointing to the screen, “That painting of Queen Elizabeth there, that was painted shortly after her death. It shows her tired and weary, and Father Time is included to signify that she was at the end of her life.”
“Alright, but why is this bloke appearing in visions? He’s not even real?” Liam queried, baffled.
“All myths and legends come from somewhere. Quite often, it’s the supernatural, but nobody’s ever had scientific proof of that” Argent detailed.
“What does he want?” Scott wondered.
“If you’re seeing him, it generally means one thing” Argent began explaining, but didn’t want to continue so explicitly.
“Death” Isaac sounded horrified as he realised what Argent meant. The entire group fell silent, beyond concerned.

Minutes felt like hours as Nolan, Daan and Cody sat in the school library for their detention. Natalie was perched at the desk, typing away on the computer. The boys were bored, and Nolan was beginning to get frustrated. Daan had his head on the desk, on the verge of falling asleep, but couldn’t drift off with such a loud scratching sound. Confused as to what it was, Daan looked up, and saw Nolan’s claws dug into the wooden desk.
“Nolan” Daan whispered harshly, “Control yourself.”
“I can’t” Nolan growled back, the wolf taking over. He had almost fully shifted. His teeth became fangs, and his speech was way deeper than usual. By this point, Cody was looking at Nolan too.
“What’s up?” Cody asked, trying to calmly get to the bottom of Nolan’s anger.
“We need to find Miss Padhi, we’ve got no time for stupid detentions” he said, flinging a chunk of wood from the table across the room. Natalie was oblivious to the situation, barely paying attention.
“We’ve got to get him out of here” Cody said directly to Daan. Both were beyond worried, not having seen Nolan like this before.

Isaac was losing his balance. The world around him seemed to be spinning, and he couldn’t focus on anything.
“Isaac?” he could hear Malia calling his name, but his mind couldn’t form a sentence to reply, no matter how hard he tried.
“Isaac” Scott repeated, more firmly. Still no joy. All of a sudden, Isaac heard the ear-piercing roar of his alpha. It was unmistakable, and he’d be able to hear it from miles away.
“Isaac!” Scott growled as he roared. Isaac’s eyes glowed yellow and his teeth morphed into fangs, causing him to break free of his freak-out. In the moment, Isaac roared back instinctively, responding to the call. Immediately after, he was restored to his usual self. His eyes were no longer glowing and his claws and fangs had hidden themselves. He sat down on the sofa, exhausted.
“I’m scared” he confessed, shedding a tear.
“What can we do?” Malia immediately asked, knowing she had to help out.
“If he’s supernatural, he shouldn’t be able to pass mountain ash” Argent suggested.
“This house has mountain ash all around it, we just need to block the doorway” Scott added.
“No time like the present” Stiles remarked, lifting up a jar of mountain ash positioned on the cabinet next to the front door, in case of emergencies. He took a handful of the unassumingly powerful black dust out of the jar and threw it at the doorway. Immediately, it formed a barrier around the entire house.
“Are you sure this will work?” Isaac pessimistically asked.
“It wouldn’t be the first time that barrier’s been broken” Lydia noted.
“It’ll work. I’m sure” Scott remained optimistic.

Still failing to regain control, Nolan was getting angrier and angrier. The wooden desks now had incredibly deep scratch marks embedded in them, and Daan and Cody felt helpless. Neither of them had much experience of the supernatural world, so were unsure of what to do. Natalie still hadn’t noticed a thing, and whilst she was in-the-know when it came to supernatural creatures, they didn’t feel like confiding in her was the best option. All of a sudden, the fire alarm sounded. Daan and Cody wasted no time in helping Nolan up and taking him out of the fire exit at the back of the room, without as much as a whisper to Natalie. She stood there watching in confusion, baffled as to why they didn’t wait for her instructions.

Just outside the door, Becky and Theo were stood waiting. Becky had spotted the group in the library. Nolan’s eyes jumped out at her, and instinctively, she whacked the fire alarm. She and Theo waited by the fire exit for the boys, so they could make a quick getaway. The fire door opened, and as expected, the trio dashed out as quickly as possible.
“What are you doing here?” Cody asked them.
“You’ll thank us later” Theo replied, before they made their escape from school.

Time passed slowly for the pack at Scott’s house. They were sitting ducks, with absolutely no indicator of when or if Father Time would actually show up. Most of them were trapped there anyway, the mountain ash barrier ensured they wouldn’t be leaving. Every second felt like an hour, and there was still no sign of anything. A long half hour passed, and they were getting restless.
“Is there nothing more productive we could be doing?” Liam complained.
“He’s got a point” Stiles added, “I mean, we’re just kinda sat here. There must be something we can do to help.” Scott pondered. Both of them were right. All of them being sat there felt pointless, particularly with no idea of whether Father Time was coming or not.
“Only three of us can get out” Lydia noted.
“And you’re the key to this whole thing” Maddie responded directly to Lydia, “We need you here.”
“Looks like it’s you and me then buddy” Stiles grinned, putting his arm around Argent.
“My taser’s getting dusty, don’t tempt me to use it on you” Argent responded, pushing Stiles away, “What do you need us to do?”
“We tried the library before, but we were looking in the wrong place. Any extra information on Father Time would be helpful. Books on myths and legends, that sorta thing” Scott suggested.
“The bestiary could help” Argent added. Scott nodded, signalling his approval.

Bored of sitting at home, Casey knew he had to help, regardless of whether it revealed his secret to Archie or not. As someone who always put his friends first, it was unlike him to stay away from the action when one of his friends had been in danger.
“I’ve got to go and check on Isaac” Casey decided.
“Is there news? I could come too” Archie suggested innocently.
“No” Casey responded far too quickly, before correcting himself, “I mean, you can if you want, but it’s not all that exciting.”
“I want to come and help” Archie defiantly responded, hoping this was his chance to find out what Casey had been hiding since he arrived back. Casey didn’t argue – Isaac was his first priority.

“This is the place” Daan announced, as Theo’s tatty little car pulled up outside a regular looking house not far away from the school. Daan, Cody and Nolan were squashed into the back seat, and climbing out of the tiny vehicle was a struggle.
“I ought to start charging for lifts” Theo muttered, as the trio left him and Becky in the car without a word in response. Becky whacked his arm from the passenger seat. It was meant half-jokingly, but Theo knew that it translated as “be nice”.

Just across the way, Nolan led the way towards the front door. Sheepishly, he pressed the buzzer to the right of the front door, and anxiously waited for an answer. Using his wolf hearing, he listened for any giveaway sounds inside. He heard the sound of footsteps plodding down the stairs. Their breathing was heavy as the sound of the door lock clicked open. Slowly, the door nudged open, and Krishna peeped through.
“Nolan” she identified in surprise.
“Hi Miss, mind if we come in?” Nolan smiled a friendly smile, not wanting to come across as creepy. He was well aware that turning up on a teacher’s doorstep was far from normal, after all.

Anxiously waiting, Scott and Maddie sat together on the sofa.
“You OK?” Maddie asked, trying to conjure up a conversation.
“Yeah” Scott unconvincingly replied.
“What’s up?” Maddie probed, seeing through his flippant response.
“I can’t help thinking” Scott began, “How long has this been going on?”
“What do you mean? You think Father Time isn’t a recent development” Maddie queried.
“Yeah, I mean we saw him in the portrait with Elizabeth II, but I’m thinking more recent history. Like Allison…did she see him? You know, when…” Scott trailed off. He always struggled to recall Allison’s death. He’d spoken to Maddie in great detail about Allison, but had never really opened up about her death – particularly his own feelings on the matter.
“Don’t worry” Maddie placed a comforting hand on Scott’s knee, “I’m sure she didn’t. This is the first we’ve heard about it, right? Let’s not think too much about the past.” Scott brushed her hand off his knee.
“You want me to forget about Allison?” he was taken aback, misinterpreting what Maddie had said.
“No, not at all” Maddie defended herself, before pausing, “You know what, you’re obviously not over Allison. If all I am is a low rent Allison, you can shove it where the sun don’t shine.”
“Hey” a chirpy voice interrupted the solemn mood. They both looked up, and saw Casey in the doorway. He couldn’t enter the house, due to the barrier, much to Archie’s confusion.
“Sorry, mountain ash” Scott explained, “Long story.”
“Why are we stood out here?” Archie impatiently asked from behind Casey. He made his way to the doorway, to enter the house.
“No!” Scott yelled, noticing Archie’s foot getting nearer and nearer to the barrier. It was too late though. Archie stepped right on top of it, and the seal was now broken. Casey followed him inside, no longer being blocked.
“What did you do that for?” Scott yelled, tempers running high.
“What did I do?” Archie was genuinely confused.
“He’s coming” Lydia announced from across the room, staring blankly ahead. She spoke in a ghostly tone, as if something else was speaking through her.
“Quick, fix the barrier” Malia screamed, panicked.
“How? We can’t touch it” Casey shouted back. However, he knew there was a way. He turned round to Archie, “I need you to do me a favour, and it won’t make any sense to you but you gotta trust me.” Archie nodded.
“Can you fix the grains of rock by the door? It’s important, please” Casey pleaded.
“Alright” Archie calmly responded, utterly baffled by what a few grains of weird dark rock would mean to Casey. Nevertheless, he knelt down ready to sweep it back into position. However, a gust of wind soared into Scott’s house. It destroyed what was left of the barrier, scattering it across the carpet, leaving the pack exposed.

Sipping the hot cup of tea that had been made for him, Nolan was taking in the sights around him. He liked Krishna’s front room. It was very modern and comfy. The walls were a light beige, with family photos hanging lovingly on them. The floor was laminate, with soft fluffy rugs for comfort. The sofa was big enough to comfortably fit Nolan, Daan and Cody, while Krishna positioned herself in an armchair opposite.
“What brings you boys here?” Krishna asked, knowing full well why they had turned up.
“We were worried about you” Nolan responded, taking the lead, “After everything that happened, you know.”
“Yeah” Krishna knew exactly what Nolan meant, “It’s all I’ve been thinking about. I can’t get my head around it all.”
“You’re allowed to be shocked. Scared, even” Cody intelligently replied, “But it’s real. It’s part of our world and always has been. Nothing’s changed, you’re now just in-the-know.”
“Couldn’t have put it better myself” Daan laughed.
“We don’t want you to be scared of us. Most werewolves, in Beacon Hills anyway, are harmless” Nolan detailed. Krishna looked deep in thought. She listened intently to their words, but coming back to work and into society again was a difficult decision still.

“What do we do? I’ve gotta hide. I can’t be here” Isaac was flustered.
“Calm down, we don’t know that he’s coming here specifically, right?” Malia tried her best to be optimistic, a trait she was not used to.
“He’s coming right here” Lydia answered. She looked possessed, like something had overtaken her. Meanwhile, the draught at the door was continuing. Archie struggled to look forward as the strong winds slapped him in the face. The gusts of wind kept going until they hit the living room, where they began to circulate in the centre. Spinning round and round, faster and faster, the winds covered the middle of Scott’s room from floor to ceiling. Appearing in the centre was the man they were all dreading. Father Time was appearing, right in front of their eyes. Isaac cowered in the corner, trying to shield himself from his seemingly inevitable fate. Malia rushed over to save him, but Father Time blasted her away with one quick hand gesture. Malia’s back slammed against the opposite wall, collapsing with a crash. Father Time approached Isaac, and placed his hand on top of his head. Isaac’s eyes widened, and he looked like he was having an allergic reaction. In a second, his body slumped to the floor, motionless. The winds picked back up, and even faster than he arrived, Father Time was gone. As soon as the winds finished, Malia picked herself up and raced towards Isaac. She felt around for a pulse, but had no luck.
“It must be somewhere, why can’t I feel it?” she grew frustrated. Scott calmly approached and held Malia’s hand.
“I’m sorry, he’s gone” Scott regretfully said, giving Malia the confirmation she didn’t want, but certainly needed. Nobody spoke a word, but everyone felt the same as they looked on. Malia’s tears spoke for them all, as an immense tidal wave of sadness took over their minds.

“Thanks for coming boys” Krishna smiled, “but don’t be breaking school protocols to find out my personal details ever again.” She stood in the doorway, showing the boys out of her house.
“See you tomorrow, Miss” Daan grinned. However, he couldn’t help noticing, in the corner of his eye, an elderly man holding a fob watch…

3: Esotericism Written by MarthaJonesFan

Softly awakening, Isaac Lahey opened his eyes. He was comfortable, and was thrilled to be back in his own bed. He looked around him. To his horror, he realised that this wasn’t his bedroom, and he wasn’t in his own bed. All he saw was white. No defining features, no details, just plain white all around him.

“Scott? Malia?” he called out, his voice echoing across the nameless place.

“Where the heck am I?” he thought aloud, sat cold and alone.

Guest Stars:

Melissa Ponzio, JR Bourne, Seth Gilliam, Cody Christian, Kaj Nieuwenhoff, Nick Robinson, Natalia Dyer, Harry Visinoni and Paige Turco.

The pack was splintered. The next morning, none of them were talking to each other. Not a word had been said either in person or via their mobile phones. It was too painful to talk, and small talk somehow didn’t feel appropriate. Liam had numerous missed calls on his phone from Nolan, but after barely sleeping following the night before, he wasn’t in the mood. Nolan hadn’t even been told about Isaac – they barely knew each other anyway but nobody had thought to tell him. Scott assumed Liam had told him, but Liam could bear to pick up the phone and utter those words. Scott himself was sat on the sofa. He’d been considering texting Maddie to apologise for the day before, but it didn’t feel like the most pressing issue at that point. Maddie felt similarly, cuddled up with Casey on Argent’s sofa. Both were feeling shaken and at a loss, for similar reasons. Archie was in Casey’s bed, having slept separate for the whole night. Casey wasn’t in the best of moods with him after the mountain ash debacle. Lydia spent the night over at Malia’s, but Malia didn’t want to see anyone. Stood outside the door, Lydia politely knocked, but the sound of Malia’s tears told her all she needed to know.

Isaac’s body was being kept by Deaton for the time being. Until they knew more, they didn’t want to do anything drastic. Deaton had double-checked all the vital signs, but it was real. Isaac was dead, and there was nothing he could do to save him. Theo watched on as Deaton laid Isaac’s body out on the operating table. It was an odd sight – seeing someone he knew laid dead in front of him. He wasn’t used to grief. He’d killed before, the proof was in his pale blue eyes, but finally he felt like he belonged. He’d barely said a word to Isaac, but everyone in the pack cared for each other, and that warmed his heart.

“Hey sweetie” Joanna popped her head round Liam’s bedroom door. Liam didn’t respond, so Joanna walked in and perched herself on the edge of Liam’s bed.
“It’s okay to be upset” she explained, “Isaac was your friend. You’ve got all of the memories.”
“He’s not here though, is he?” Liam was angry, but not at Joanna, “I want him to come back. I want everything back to how it was.”
“I know” Joanna calmly responded, bringing Liam in for a gentle, warm hug. Liam was crying in her arms, but he appreciated the comfort. It wasn’t often that he cried, but he couldn’t help it at this point.
“Hey, I know what might cheer you up. How about your favourite meal tonight?” Joanna tried to lift the mood, “You can bring a friend over too. How about that Nolan fella? He seems nice.” Joanna still wasn’t in-the-know about Nolan and Liam’s relationship. She’d simply picked up on the fact that they seemed to be spending a lot of time together.
“Huh?” Liam didn’t seem so sure, but when he thought about it, it wasn’t such a bad idea, “Okay, that sounds great. Thank you.” He smiled for the first time that day.

Having sparked out for the night, Stiles seemed to be the only one to get a decent night’s sleep. He was snoring, mouth wide open, diagonally on his bed.
“Stiles” Argent complained. He’d not slept all night, having searched through the several hundred-page bestiary, while Stiles dozed off and left him to it. Stiles didn’t respond to his call, still asleep.
“Stiles!” Argent yelled. Stiles leapt out of his skin, immediately getting into defensive mode.
“What? Who?” he said immediately, before settling down.
“I hope you’ve had a nice rest while some of us have been working” Argent sarcastically remarked.
“Slept like a baby, thanks” Stiles joked, “Any news from Scott?”
“Unfortunately not” Argent replied, “Not a peep out of anyone since we left.”
“No news is good news?” Stiles suggested, optimistically but innocently, “What about you? Did the bestiary tell you anything?”
“There’s an entire article on Father Time. It doesn’t specify exactly what he is, nobody seems to have any idea, but one of my ancestors ran into him many years ago” Argent explained.
“Alright, so how do we stop it?” Stiles queried.
“It says that he takes his victims into a different plane, somewhere other than the world we know” Argent continued.
“I assume we’re not talking Easyjet” Stiles joked.
“A plane is a state of consciousness above and beyond the physical universe” Argent detailed.
“Like the ghost riders?” Stiles linked.
“Similar, yes, although the difference is that Father Time leaves the bodies of his victims in our world, so they’d appear dead even if they aren’t. That could be a huge issue to people who aren’t in the know” Argent mentioned. That sent a shiver down Stiles’ spine. The idea of dead people not actually being dead, but being disposed of nevertheless, horrified him.
“We gotta tell Scott” Stiles instinctively said.

Walking in from the kitchen, Melissa had prepared Scott a couple of slices of toast and jam. She hadn’t heard a peep out of him all day, understandably, so she wanted to try her best to cheer him up even a little bit.
“Come on sweetie, you’ve got to eat something” Melissa said, placing the plate on the coffee table in the living room.
“No thanks” Scott politely declined. Melissa sat next to him, and put a comforting arm around her son.
“I thought it would be easier this time” Scott opened up, “I’ve lost people before, I thought I’d be alright if it happened again.”
“It never gets easier honey” Melissa responded, “Every time, it hits you like a brick. What you learn more and more each time is how to pick yourself back up. Life went on after Allison, and it will without Isaac too.” She pulled him in for a warm hug, knowing that was what Scott needed more than anything in that moment.

Cuddled up together on the sofa, Casey and Maddie were enjoying each other’s company. They were both warmly snuggled up under a blanket, with no TV or radio as a distraction. They didn’t even have to say a word to each other, but their feelings were similar. Obviously they were in shock about Isaac. Having known each other for so long, both of them had a good sense of each other’s feelings. Breaking the silence, and hoping to discuss something other than Isaac, Maddie wanted to find the underlying cause of Casey’s situation.
“What happened between you both?” she questioned. Her query was vague, but Casey didn’t need specifics to know what she meant.
“It all happened so fast” Casey recalled, “He wasn’t thinking. He was completely oblivious to anything around him.”
“Casey, I’m not trying to intervene or tell you how to live your life, and you know I’m saying this as your best friend, right?” Maddie began, “But don’t you think that was an innocent mistake? He wasn’t to know. He still doesn’t know everything, does he?”
“A mistake that could’ve been prevented quite easily” Casey added, “But you’re right I guess. I just…need to let the dust settle. Then I’ll explain everything” Maddie nodded.
“What about you? I noticed things weren’t so great between you and Scott when I arrived” Casey interrogated, without wanting to sound intrusive.
“He misunderstood something I said, about Allison, you know, his ex-girlfriend who died” Maddie explained.
“Ouch. Think he’ll come round?”
“Probably. I just…” Maddie considered her wording, “…don’t want to be second billing to a girl who’s dead. I don’t mean to sound insensitive, I get that it’s difficult. I’ve lost people too and it hurts like hell. Scott still seems to love her though, he speaks so highly of her all the time, I bet he wouldn’t say any of that about me.”
“He’s head over heels for you Maddie” Casey responded, offering an optimistic view, “Sure, Allison was his first love and I’m sure you remember how special that felt for you. He’d be stupid to let go of what he’s got in the present because of what happened in the past. He’s damn lucky to have you.” Maddie blushed. Those words were exactly what she needed to hear. Now all she needed was for Scott to say them…

Perched at a desk in the library, the news had started to filter through to Nolan. Liam had responded to his calls at last, informing him of both good and bad news. While he didn’t know Isaac very well, the news hit him hard. It could easily have been any one of them in that moment. He’d broken the news to Daan, Becky and Cody. Cody and Becky were shocked, even though they knew Isaac even less than Nolan did, but there was no reaction from Daan. Nolan assumed he either wasn’t listening, or was simply in shock. On the bright side, Liam had asked him round at lunchtime to meet his mum. Whilst nervous, Nolan was excited at the prospect of a distraction from everything that had happened.

Nolan wasn’t wrong – Daan wasn’t paying attention. He was staring straight ahead, but not taking in anything from his senses. All he could think about was last night. The second he heard about Isaac, he knew his time was numbered, and it scared him to the core. However, he could see Nolan had taken the news to heart, and didn’t want to load him up with anything more. Not yet, anyway. Almost on cue, there he was. The ghostly figure, peeping from behind one of the many bookcases. It approached him, slowly but surely, and Daan couldn’t conceal his panic. He jumped out of his seat, and sprinted towards the exit. He sped out into the corridors, rushing past both students and staff, until he reached the boys’ toilets. Terrified, a shaken Daan locked himself in a cubicle, hoping he’d be safe there.

Opting to explore further, Isaac tried taking a few steps. He was unsure of where he could and couldn’t step as there was no indicator. It’s hard to tell when everything is a plain white colour.
I can’t just stand here forever, Isaac thought to himself. He took the plunge and stepped forward, with one foot only at first. He pressed his right foot ten centimetres ahead of himself. Whatever he was standing on, it felt solid, so he moved his left foot too. Cautiously, he took another step. And another. It all seemed to be the same surface, but Isaac never lost his sense of caution. He picked up the pace, hoping to explore further. He didn’t see anything in the distance, but considering everything was the same colour, that wasn’t surprise. However, he had hope. Maybe some people or buildings were out of view? Or hidden by fog? He was determined to find out more.
I can’t be the only person here, right? he told himself.

Gently knocking twice on her bedroom door, Lydia had taken it upon herself to enter Malia’s room. She was careful not to look intrusive or nosey, but she was genuinely concerned about her friend.
“Room for a little one?” Lydia chirped as she opened the door. Malia hadn’t moved all day. She was still underneath her duvet covers, not wanting to move.
“Sure” Malia sounded almost cheerful as she spoke for the first time all day. Lydia sat on the edge of the bed, and wiped a tear away from Malia’s cheek.
“I’ll tell you what you need” Lydia began, attempting to distract Malia briefly, “Retail therapy. It never fails.” Malia laughed gently, forgetting Isaac for a second.
“I’m not sure I’d be the best company” Malia responded.
“You’re not wrong” Lydia grinned, “But I’ve had worse. Jackson was never much fun around the shops. Stiles isn’t much better.” Malia smiled. She appreciated that Lydia hadn’t asked how she felt. Malia was never very good at opening up about her feelings, and this was no different.
“Come on, we’ve got work to do” Lydia stood up and held a hand out. Malia grabbed it, and Lydia pulled her out of bed and towards the door.
“Wait” Malia shouted. Lydia spun round, wondering what the issue was.
“I’m in my dressing gown” Malia mentioned. Lydia laughed, and shut the door for her to get changed.

Following his friend, Cody was determined to figure out why Daan had run off. He, Becky and Nolan were in the middle of a conversation, while Daan looked like he wasn’t paying much attention. All of a sudden, Daan looked as if he were running away from something – but nothing was there. He’d sprinted from thin air. It was unusual to say the least, and Cody knew he had to see what’s up. He didn’t see where Daan had gone, but Nolan had directed him. After all, his super-scent powers could be pretty useful. Cody followed Daan into the boys’ toilets, and knocked on the locked cubicle door.
“Dude, what’s up?” Cody queried, sympathetically.
“Don’t worry about me Cody, go back to the others” Daan tried to shrug him off, the door remaining shut.
“You know I’m not going anywhere” Cody responded firmly, “Not unless you’re coming with me.”
“You sound like a teacher” Daan noted, his sense of humour not lost.
“Not sure whether to be complimented or insulted. Besides, Nolan’s gone to get ready for his hot date and I think Becky’s busy snogging Theo’s face off” Cody smiled, before returning to the subject, “You saw him, didn’t you?” Daan knew he couldn’t hide it anymore.
“I don’t want to die” he confessed, as the tone shifted from jovial to sombre.
“Nolan’s just spoken to Scott, mountain ash seemed to work against Father Time. Isaac only lost his life because of Casey’s boyfriend being a dumbass” Cody explained. He heard the lock on the door click. Daan opened the cubicle door, and stood face-to-face with his friend.
“We’ll help, I promise” Cody offered a friendly smile.

“I made you a cuppa each” Archie said from the doorway of the living room. Argent hadn’t returned home yet, and Casey and Maddie hadn’t moved from the sofa still. Wanting to offer an olive branch, Archie made them both a cup of tea. It was the least he could do – a peace offering.
“Thanks, just pop them on the table” Maddie responded. Casey stayed silent, but Maddie nudged him.
“Thanks” Casey repeated with a smile. Archie couldn’t tell if the smile was genuine or not, but he assumed the latter.
“I know it won’t change anything, but I truly am sorry, and I won’t stop trying to make up for it” Archie said his piece, before leaving the room.
“That was your chance” Maddie whispered after he left.
“I can’t get it out of my head. If he’d stayed out of the way, Isaac would be safe behind the mountain ash” Casey debated.
“Anything could’ve broken that seal. Mountain ash is only good enough temporarily, we’ve seen things break through it before. Archie’s mistake only sped up the inevitable” Maddie reasoned. Casey took a moment to think. Maddie wasn’t wrong, and he knew it.
“Alright. I’ll talk to him” he decided.

Having called a meeting at the animal clinic, Scott was stood with Stiles, Argent, Theo and Deaton. With the commotion that made up the night before, Scott had forgotten to text Stiles and pass on the news about Isaac. This was the first thing he did at the meeting – Argent in particular was owed a proper explanation. He felt awful for not calling them sooner, but both Stiles and Argent understood. Considering their close connection, Scott was surprised that Argent’s reaction was so muted. Stiles didn’t look particularly phased, either.
“Am I missing something? Why are you both so calm?” Scott questioned, totally confused.
“We’ve got a lead. It’s not a solution yet, but it’s super important” Stiles clarified, “Isaac’s not dead. He’s just appearing dead. That’s what Father Time does. His consciousness is in another, err, what did you call it?” He looked at Argent.
“Plane” Argent finished, “A different state of existence beyond our world.” Scott felt a fire burning inside him. He suddenly felt motivated, as well as a huge sense of relief.
“So how do we get to him?” Theo asked.
“Like we said, we don’t have a solution yet, but we’re one step closer” Stiles informed.
“Let’s get to work” came a voice from the door. The group turned to look. It was Malia, dressed ready for action, with Lydia stood a step behind.

Stood on Liam’s doorstep, Nolan was nervous. He was excited to see Liam, just like he always was, but the thought of meeting his mum was terrifying. What made it worse was that Joanna knew nothing about…well, anything he and Liam had in common really. She wasn’t aware of the supernatural world, or their relationship, so what was there to talk about? Nolan wishes he’d paid more attention to the TV the night before. Cautiously, he buzzed the doorbell. Liam opened the door, with a friendly smile.
“Hey, come in” Liam greeted, “I’m glad you’re here. My mom’s in a weird mood.”
“Weird how?” Nolan wasn’t thrilled to hear this news.
“She’s being super friendly. I think she’s desperate to make a good impression. She’s hoovered the dining room twice today. Just act cool” Liam warned.
“You telling me to act cool makes me not want to act cool” Nolan responded, now even more anxious.
“Hey Nolan, nice to see you” Joanna arrived from the kitchen, “Dinner’s almost ready, if you want to take a seat at the table.” Liam and Nolan didn’t argue. They approached the compact dining table. It was square, with four places laid out. Only three were needed on a regular basis – Liam lived with Joanna and his stepdad, so they rarely needed a bigger table. Nolan perched himself next to Liam, opposite where Joanna was intending to sit – her glass of wine on the table was a giveaway.
“Relax” Liam told him. Nolan’s nerves were high. He always felt calm around Liam. They’d talked a lot about anchors, and Liam was definitely his, but this was a new scenario. He wasn’t comfortable yet. He had met Joanna before, but not in a situation like this.
“Sorry” Nolan responded, “I’m just struggling a bit at the moment. You know, with control.”
“Don’t worry. I’ve hidden it from mom so many times” Liam explained, “I’ll keep my eye out. Please, don’t feel uncomfortable.” Liam smiled a gentle smile, one that instantly put Nolan at ease.

“Room for a small one?” Casey was chirpy as he peeped round his bedroom door. Archie was sat in the middle of his bed, curled up into a ball.
“Sure” Archie responded, not sounding too enthusiastic. He was expecting an earful from Casey. Acknowledging the response, Casey entered and positioned himself next to Archie. Both their backs were against the wall, and Casey’s legs stretched out across the width of the bed. They had a small gap between them, which Casey was keen to maintain until he could get a sense of the vibe between him and Archie.
“I’m sorry. I overreacted, it wasn’t your fault” Casey began.
“It’s alright” Archie was mellow in his response, “I just don’t understand anything that happened. Who killed Isaac? What was he? I only know half the story and I suspect you know more. What can’t you tell me?” Casey took a deep breath. He knew he had to tell Archie the full story. He wasn’t worried about the explanation, he’d told this story more than once before. He was more concerned about the reaction he’d get from Archie…

Despite the motivation to rescue Isaac being as high as possible for the pack, none of them had any bright ideas for how they might rescue him.
“There must be some kind of portal, right?” Lydia theorised, “If Father Time is able to transport himself between this plane and that, he must be have a form of transportation.”
“If we can figure that out, we can get there too and rescue Isaac” Scott added.
“Oh yeah, I’ll just ring Father Time and ask him how he gets to and from” Stiles sarcastically responded. Lydia raised an eyebrow, curious as to whether he had anything more valuable to offer. Stiles continued, “All I’m saying is that it won’t be so easy. We know very little about him still. Maybe we can set up a trap?”
“How would we do that? Like you say, we know so little about him” Malia mentioned. She was frustrated at how there wasn’t a clear solution, “We need to find out what he wants. Then we can tempt him with it, and trap him.”
“What does a body-snatching old man with a watch want?” Scott wondered, half-serious.
“What does anything want?” Theo jumped in, “To survive. That’s always a good place to start. Everything wants to survive, and if this guy’s existed since the middle ages but has only started showing up now, it makes sense.”
“It’s the best idea we’ve got” Scott was impressed with Theo’s suggestion, “One more question though. How would Isaac help him survive? What does Isaac in particular have?”
“Healing” Argent suggested.
“Isaac’s not the only one round here with healing powers, why him in particular?” Lydia queried. All of a sudden, she had a brainwave, “Unless he’s just the first.”
“No time to stand around, let’s get to work on this trap” Scott said, motivating the group, “Stiles and Lydia, maybe you two could investigate my house? The scene of the crime and all that.”
“Looking for clues” Stiles added, “We’re like Fred and Daphne.”
“I think you’re more Scooby” Lydia joked. Her light-heartedness quickly turned cold, however, as if she’d felt someone walk over her grave. She froze on the spot.
“Lydia, are you OK?” Stiles asked, instantly noticing the shift in her facial expression.
“He’s back” Lydia said, coldly and bluntly. Stiles felt a shiver down his spine, now deeply concerned about who would be next…

Liam made sure to keep an eye on Nolan throughout the meal. He smiled at him all the time. This wasn’t out of the ordinary for Liam. He always smiled when he saw Nolan. Even though they were going through a tough time with Isaac’s disappearance, Nolan kept him happy and gave him a reason to smile.
“So Nolan, have you always lived in Beacon Hills?” Joanna politely asked, hoping to make conversation.
“Yeah, I grew up here. My parents are from Mexico, but moved here a couple of years before I was born” Nolan explained, trying to keep a calm persona. He was shaking a little as he attempted to pick up his glass of lemonade. Deciding it’d be too risky, he put the cup back down on the table without taking a sip, leaving his dry mouth unquenched.
“I see, so do you know Spanish? I had a friend who grew up in Mexico and she tried to teach me some, but it’s been a long while now” Joanna recalled.
“Mom, why all the questions?” Liam asked, conscious of Nolan’s nerves. Liam looked over at Nolan, who was staring intensely down at his lap. Taking a closer look, Liam spotted a hint of blood. Instantly, he knew what to do.
“Nolan, the bathroom’s this way” Liam said, covering up the story for Joanna. However, what he’d really seen was the gruesome sight of Nolan digging his claws into his leg. Nolan listened to him, and followed Liam straight out of the dining room. Joanna was left behind on her own, sat in silence, confused about what had just happened.

“I’ll take you to Scott, he’ll have an idea, Nolan said he’s good at that kinda thing” Cody was talking. Daan was following just a couple of steps behind. They were on their way out of school – it was lunchtime anyway, but lessons didn’t feel so important right now. Daan didn’t feel like saying much, but he was following Cody’s every step.
“You’d think they’d have a plan anyway, after what happened with Isaac. It can’t happen again, right?” Cody continued rambling. He felt a draught on his face, but he assumed someone had left the doors open.
“Damn, it’s windy outside. Winter time I guess” Cody kept talking. He hoped Daan might respond, but understood why he wasn’t. The draught continued for thirty seconds, and Cody kept talking, about anything and everything that could keep Daan’s mind away from Father Time. As they reached the entrance, Cody turned around.
“Alright, we’re gonna go…” and he trailed off. Daan wasn’t in sight. Cody panicked. His heart started beating like crazy, and his breathing increased rapidly.
“Daan!” he called out. No response. He repeated. And again. And again. Each time, no response. Cody wan up and down the corridors, checking all of the rooms they passed on the way, but no sign of Daan anywhere…

4: The Mission Written by MarthaJonesFan

“It happened when I was a little kid” Casey began. He was sat facing Archie, although he wasn’t making eye contact. Despite being a long time ago, Casey found it difficult to recall this memory. Archie listened intently, focusing fully.

Five days to Christmas. That’s all Casey could think about. It was tantalisingly close – his favourite time of the year. It was the pinnacle of every eight-year-old’s year. All the toys he was hoping to get, all the food he was going to eat, and all the movies he was going to watch. However, his mum still had some Christmas shopping to do. School was out, and all Casey wanted to do was stay at home and watch cartoons. Alas, he had no say in the matter, and his mum dragged him out to the nearby shopping centre. Little did young Casey know that when he returned, his life would be flipped on its head…

Guest Stars:

Linden Ashby, JR Bourne, Seth Gilliam, Cody Christian, Ryan Kelley, Michael Johnston, Kaj Nieuwenhoff, Nick Robinson, Natalia Dyer, Anjli Mohindra, Harry Visinoni, Paige Turco, Michael Hogan, Dylan Playfair and Timothée Chalamet.

Isaac was tired. He was sat down on the floor of the blank canvas of a place he’d been dumped in, trying to get some rest.

If this even is a floor, he thought, it’s all the same colour, you can’t tell.

“Hello?” he heard an echo in the distance. Within a second, Isaac has leapt up onto his feet. That was the first voice he’d heard since arriving in this place, and no matter who the voice belonged to, he knew he had to find them.

“Hello?” the voice repeated. Isaac listened carefully and sussed the direction of the voice. He began running to his left, as if he were being chased. Faster and faster, as the voice continued to call out. As the sound got closer and closer, Isaac began to see somebody. All he could see at first was a small dot, but as he sprinted further and further, Isaac could see the details. A denim jacket, dark trousers, and brown rope-like dreadlocks. Isaac was relieved slightly, as he knew exactly who this was, even if they hadn’t spoken much. As he noticed Isaac, he started running too. The two met along the way and stopped running, panting.

“Boy am I glad to see somebody else here. Where are we?” the lad asked.

“I don’t know, I’ve been trying to work it out. Daan, isn’t it?” Isaac identified, breathless.

“Yeah, and you’re Isaac” Daan smiled, “Glad you’re still alive. The others thought you were dead.” Isaac was taken aback. He’d not even considered that his friends might think he was dead.

“Wait, so are they even looking for us?” Isaac’s heart sunk, “If they think we’re dead…” Daan had no response. He didn’t know the answer for sure, and although he wanted to put Isaac’s mind at rest, he didn’t want to give false hope.

Across the hallway from the dining room, Liam had locked the downstairs bathroom door. Inside the room, Nolan’s eyes were glaring a dangerous yellow. His claws were out, and his fangs were visible. Control was a dim and distant memory in that moment. Blood was dripping from Nolan’s hand onto the rug on the floor.

“Nolan, you need to calm down” Liam attempted to cool Nolan’s erratic behaviour. Much to his frustration, it didn’t work.

“Find an anchor. Find your anchor” Liam continued, changing tact. Nolan looked straight into Liam’s eyes. Tears slid down his cheeks as his claws dug into his palms. Slowly, the yellow colour in Nolan’s eyes faded back to their usual pale blue. Nolan collapsed into Liam’s arms as the tears began to flow more heavily, dripping onto the blood-soaked rug on the bathroom floor.

“What were you doing to yourself?” Liam asked gently.

“Pain makes you human” Nolan replied, wiping away the droplets of sadness from his cheeks. Liam lifted Nolan’s hand. Not a scar or scratch in sight.

Thank god for healing, Liam thought to himself.

“I’m just glad you’re okay” Liam responded, relieved.

“I’m not sure I am okay” Nolan confessed, “I’m struggling with control. I thought I was alright, but I’m not, and I’m scared.”

“It takes time, don’t forget that. Remember the Nemeton affected us all, made you think you were in control when you barely knew a thing” Liam recalled.

“I keep doing what you say. Think of an anchor. That doesn’t help too much, even if my anchor is the most important thing I’ve got” Nolan continued.

“I tried the anchor thing too, it doesn’t work for everyone. I’ve got another way. Repeat after me” Liam stood facing Nolan, “Three things that cannot long be hidden.”

“Three things that cannot long be hidden” Nolan repeated.

“The sun, the moon, the truth” Liam continued. Nolan repeated once again.

“Repeat it, every time you need control. It’s a Buddhist mantra. I like it, it calms me down” Liam revealed. Nolan smiled, now feeling relaxed.

“Alright, when’s dessert?” Nolan perked up, heading towards the door. Liam felt relieved that things were back to normal, for the time being anyway.

“Nolan, one more thing” Liam called after him, just before he opened the bathroom door, “Who is your anchor? The most important thing you’ve got. If you don’t mind me asking.”

“It’s you” Nolan responded, “It couldn’t possibly be anyone else.” He grinned, and left the bathroom, heading back towards the dining room. Liam took a second to reflect. Being Nolan’s anchor almost felt like an achievement. He felt warm inside. It was such a comforting feeling to know he’d made such a positive impact on another person’s life, not least when you consider that Nolan means just as much to him too. He followed Nolan a few moments later, leaving the door wide open; the blood-stained rug being on full view…

Racing through the front doors of the high school, Scott and Theo had received a distress call from Cody. Father Time had struck again, and Daan was missing. Even more peculiar was the lack of a body. Isaac’s body had been left where it was. Lifeless, but not useless as they knew Isaac wasn’t dead. Cody, however, was not aware of this, and assumed the worst for Daan.

“He was here and then he was gone, in just a second. He’s dead, isn’t he?” Cody was clearly distraught.

“I don’t think so” Scott’s words were music to Cody’s ears, “But what concerns me is his body. Why wasn’t it left behind?”

“Wait, Isaac’s not dead then?” Cody took a moment to consider Scott’s words, “I thought there were no life signs?”

“Yeah, we don’t understand it either. Cody, I’m gonna need your help to track down the body” Scott sprung to action, “It could be our key to getting him back.”

“Not that we actually have any kind of plan yet” Theo noted. Scott glared at him. Theo continued, “I’m just pointing it out, it’s not untrue.”

“I hate to say it, but he’s right” Scott agreed, “We don’t know how we can rescue them, but we will. I promise.” He put a comforting hand on Cody’s shoulder, reassuring him that everything will be alright.

That told Cody all he needed to know. School wasn’t finished yet, so he made the most of this and called a lacrosse team meeting in the changing rooms. To his surprise, most of the team turned up. He’d expected a muted turnout after such short notice. In fact, the only absentees were Liam and Nolan, and Cody knew exactly why. He was pleased that Corey was stood opposite, as he knew he had at least one willing supporter amongst the group.

“Alright Glazebrook, what’s the deal?” Coach began proceedings. He was stood impatiently against the connecting door to his office.

“It’s about Daan. He’s gone missing” Cody was half-lying. Sure, Daan had gone missing, but he didn’t want to specify that they’d be looking for what would appear to be a dead body. There were concerned looks all over the room, of varying degrees.

“Which one is Daan?” Coach ignorantly asked.

“Bit taller than me, great at lacrosse, I hang around with him all the time” Cody tried to describe, hoping Coach would know without having to state the obvious. Coach still looked baffled however.

“The guy with dreadlocks” Corey added, hoping to clarify.

“Oh him! He’s good, the team would be nothing without him. I need all of your asses out looking for dreadlocks kid!” Coach yelled. Cody couldn’t help raising a smile – the job was done, in a roundabout way. As the team dispersed, a couple of the team’s players approached Cody.

“I’m sorry dude” Frankie said, patting him on the shoulder. Frankie had long blonde hair, usually tied up in a bun for lacrosse but it was currently loose, sitting on top of his shoulders. He didn’t look like your stereotypical lacrosse player, but Cody knew he wasn’t to be messed with on the field. He was also working on the school newsletter, recently revived after many years of inactivity, and was a budding journalist.

“We’ll help in any way we can” Lawrie added. One of the louder members of the team, Lawrie’s soft heart was never outshone by his boisterous attitude. Whilst he and Cody had little in common, they always had mutual respect. His soft brown curls contrasted with his laddish demeanour, and he was regularly seen with a new girl on his arm.

“Cheers guys. Actually, I could do with a couple of extra helpers. I need to go and see Sheriff Stilinski. I can trust you guys, right?” Cody began, as he and Corey stood facing the boys. Frankie and Lawrie shared an intrigued glance, wondering what they were about to learn…

“I was so bored that day” Casey recounted, “My mom was trawling so many boring shops. Nothing appealed to me, why would it? I was a little kid, I had no interest in Christmas shopping. All I wanted to do was receive presents.

“Sounds like a pretty normal day so far” Archie noted. He was listening very closely to Casey’s recollection, because he knew he had to. He’d never seen Casey so vulnerable before.

“Oh trust me, it became way more eventful” Casey teased.

As the tedium of the constant clothes shops continued, Casey was finding little ways to entertain himself. However, he was unprepared for the sound of the fire alarm to sound.

Finally, some entertainment, he thought. His mum escorted him out of the store, dropping her basket of shopping in the process.

“Hold up everybody, this is a lockdown alarm. I need everyone to stay right where they are” a security guard announced, as the shop shutters began to drop. Casey felt terrified suddenly. Nothing about lockdown sounded safe or comforting. The shutters continued to creak downwards, locking the shoppers inside. Casey’s mum clung to him, as if to shield him from something that was due to happen. What she wasn’t expecting was for a wolf to sneak underneath the shutter just before it smacked shut against the cold, hard floor, with its eyes glowing a deep red…

The mood back at the animal clinic was all over the place. Malia couldn’t stop pacing back and forth, annoyed that Scott had asked her to stay behind. She was restless. Knowing that Isaac was out there somewhere, she became more determined than ever to get him back. Argent had stayed with her, much to her annoyance. She knew that he was only doing what Scott asked, but nevertheless, she didn’t need a babysitter.

“Can you stop pacing? You’re making me anxious” Argent groaned.

“You? Anxious? How do you think I feel?” Malia snapped, yelling at him. Immediately after she finished her sentence, she reconsidered herself, “I’m sorry. I just hate sitting around, doing nothing.”

“Tell me about it” Argent agreed, “I trust Scott, and you have to as well. He knows what he’s doing, I know you want Isaac back but he needs people who are calm and collected.”

“Calm and collected are my middle names” Malia lied, getting defensive, “Doesn’t he trust me?”

“You know that’s not true” Argent calmly responded, “Look, it’s understandable that you’re worried right now, I’m concerned too. I care deeply for Isaac. Equally, I trust Scott implicitly, and you should too.” Malia reluctantly nodded, not happy about the situation but she knew Argent was right.

“You’ve felt loss before, right?” Malia asked, much more calmly.

“Too many times” Argent recalled, “I’ve lost my whole family in one way or another. That’s what being on the wrong side of right and wrong gets you. It’s clichéd to say but it does get better in time. It hurts less. They never leave your mind but you stop hurting, and you start remembering the good times.”

“I’ve lost my family too. I killed my mom and sister, and the way I coped was by living the next ten years as a coyote in the wild. I don’t know how to deal with loss as a human, I’ve never had to” Malia confessed.

“Unfortunately, there’s a first time for everything, and it’s only a matter of time until everyone has to face up to loss” Argent wisely spoke, “Most people learn to cope. You’ll do the same, especially with such a good group of friends.” Malia smiled, feeling more comforted.

Arriving back at Scott’s house for the first time since Isaac was taken, Stiles and Lydia began to investigate the crime scene. They were both silent as an eerie feel overtook their bodies. The last time they were there, Isaac was taken from them, and they still hadn’t figured out quite how to get him back. That was the point of their visit though – to look for clues. Despite it feeling like a Scooby Doo mission, it was highly important. Scott hadn’t been home all night, and the first thing Stiles noticed was the state of the living room. Normally, Melissa wouldn’t leave anything out of place. Despite her hectic work life, she always kept on top of the chores, even attempting to rope Scott in for the hoovering when he was at home (often unsuccessfully). Stiles approached the centre of the room. Where the coffee table usually was, there was nothing. The whirling winds had created an empty space, with what’s left of the coffee table scattered around in an imperfect circle. Lydia followed Stiles, taking each step carefully. Her banshee premonitions had been more frequent recently. Specifically, since arriving back in Beacon Hills to the Father Time debacle. University life had been plain sailing for a social bee like Lydia, and her supernatural life hadn’t interfered, much to her delight.

“What are we even looking for?” Lydia broke the silence, annoyed by the fact that Stiles seemed to be bumbling around, moving a few bits of rubble and little else.

“I don’t know, have you got any suggestions? Any hints from your inner banshee? I could do with a little pointer” Stiles responded, at a loss.

“You know I can’t just turn it on like a light switch” Lydia replied, sounding frustrated. She sighed, exhausted. Stiles felt concerned – he wasn’t used to seeing her so flushed.

“How many visions have you had?” Stiles queried.

“More than normal. I don’t know for sure” Lydia answered quietly.

“I knew you’d had a few but no more than ordinary. This is worrying me Lydia, I’m not gonna lie. We need to speak to Scott” Stiles decided.

“No, it’s fine, I don’t want to bother him. Scott’s got more than enough to worry about right now. Isaac’s the priority” Lydia decisively responded.

“No, I mean we have to tell him. I think this could be our way of retrieving Isaac” Stiles revealed.

Cody peeped into Miss Padhi’s classroom. Although he was thrilled that she was back in school, he was hoping Miss Padhi wouldn’t see him. After all, this was the lesson he was supposed to be in. She had her attention focused on the whiteboard as she wrote questions for the class to answer. He attempted to make eye contact with Becky, and tapped lightly on the side of the nearest row of lockers. Most of the class wouldn’t be able to hear the sound, but Becky was different thanks to her unusual hearing. Cody tapped a rhythm of four beats, before peeping around the corner. Becky had noticed the sound, and finally made eye contact with Cody. She picked up her bag and stood up to leave, as quietly as possible. However, much to her disappointment, Miss Padhi turned around.

“Going somewhere?” she interrogated.

“I….” Becky froze while she thought of a believable excuse, “I’ve got a dentist appointment.” Becky gave a knowing wink. Miss Padhi reluctantly nodded. That wink told her all she needed to know – it was supernatural business. Unfortunately, her maths class was a distant second in Becky’s priorities, so there was little point in detaining her. Becky left the classroom and met up with Cody.

“We’re gonna find Daan” he told her.

Sat alone in her room, Maddie was cuddling her pink fluffy cushion. She wasn’t one to wallow, often being the first to pick herself back up after something went wrong in her love life. She’d go on the pull and find herself a new guy. No time like the present, after all. This was different though. She always knew that Scott was unlike any other guy she dated. Scott was the most selfless person she knew. He put everyone before himself, and treated her unbelievably well. It had made Maddie realise that being in love wasn’t about being bought expensive clothes and jewellery – it was about having complete and utter adoration for each other. She kept refreshing her phone, hoping he’d have messaged her, but there was nothing. She knew Isaac would be the number one priority in that moment, but it wasn’t too much to ask for Scott to spare her a thought, even just for a second.

Regrouping at the animal clinic, Scott and Theo arrived back from the school just seconds after Stiles and Lydia returned from the scene of the crime. They reunited with the still-anxious Malia, and the incredibly patient Argent, who had both been sat waiting.

“Daan’s been taken too, but his body’s missing” Scott reported, “Cody’s gonna track it down but that means we need to act fast. Father Time could take any one of us next.”

“We still know next to nothing about him, too” Stiles noted, “But I think I know a way we could communicate with them both.” Scott looked at Stiles, intrigued.

“I’ve been having more visions recently. Since I’ve been back in Beacon Hills. I think there’s a connection between me and Father Time” Lydia explained.

“It would make sense, you’re a harbinger of death and Father Time is supposed to represent that” Malia added.

“How could we harness that to communicate with them though? It doesn’t sound like the easiest thing to do” Theo pondered.

“I think I know someone who might have the answers” Argent mentioned.

Panicked, Casey tried to run away. He let go of his mother’s hand, and began to sprint anywhere he could. The constant movement only aggravated the wolf further. It pursued Casey, backing him into a corner. Casey’s heartbeat was louder and faster than ever before. He felt tears dripping down his cheeks. He’d never felt more scared in his life. He glanced at his mother, who had backed the rest of the customers into a small crowd at the opposite end of the store, wanting to appear less intimidating to the wolf. Casey knew he had two options – stay there and be devoured by the wolf, or make a run for it and pray that somebody would intervene before he’s devoured. Neither were particularly optimistic, but he at least had a chance to get away from the fiendish creature’s sharp fangs. He took his chance. Casey began to sprint, as his terrified mum watched on in horror. Much to Casey’s horror, no help came, and the wolf helped itself to a bite of Casey’s leg. Casey yelled out in pain, screaming as blood sprayed out from the deep wound in his leg. Springing into action, Casey’s mum picked up the till and smashed it over the wolf’s head, killing it stone cold with the heavy weight of the machine.

“Call 911, immediately!” she yelled, to anyone who would listen amongst the panic-stricken crowd.

“That’s how it happened” Casey recalled, “That wolf was a werewolf. An alpha, too. I never properly met the alpha who converted me, but he transformed into full wolf form, which is very rare and something I never mastered.” Archie was speechless.

“This is me, Archie” Casey continued, “I’m a werewolf. I don’t expect you to believe what I say, but I promise I’m telling the truth.”
“I believe you” Archie replied sincerely, “It explains everything.”

“I thought you’d be more…shocked” Casey mentioned. Archie was remarkably calm considering what he’d just been told.

“I was more worried that you were cheating on me to be honest” Archie laughed, “I don’t care if you’re a werewolf, I care that you’re still the same person I fell in love with.”

“I am, I promise” Casey smiled, “Less of the cheating worries though, yeah?” Archie smiled, and they embraced. For the first time, Casey felt entirely comfortable with Archie, and like he didn’t have to hide anything.

“Let’s go fetch Maddie and help out” Casey said, breaking the kiss and springing into action.

Gathering in front of Stilinski’s desk, Cody, Becky and Corey began making demands. While enlisting the help of Frankie and Lawrie, both were keen to keep them out of the supernatural knowledge, so Parrish was taking care of them both as they scoured for Daan’s mobile phone using the sheriff station software. Inside the office, they could discuss supernatural matters more easily.

“This is a matter of life or death. His body could be the key to finding him” Becky protested.

“We need everybody out looking” Corey added.

“Hold up kids” Stilinski began, looking exhausted, “Let’s just wait and see what Parrish throws up from the cell phone search before we start jumping to conclusions. I’m sure it’ll be an easier process than we think.”

“I’d love to know what’s easy about a missing body that appears dead, but actually isn’t cause his mind is in another plane of existence” Cody retaliated, kicking the desk in front of him. Becky put a comforting arm on his shoulder.

“Hey, it’s alright. Everybody’s doing everything they can” Becky comforted Cody.

“I know. I’m sorry” Cody apologised to Stilinski.

“It’s alright kid. I know the feeling. I promise, I’ve got everybody keeping an eye out” Stilinski offered a friendly smile. A knock on the door followed, with Parrish sticking his head around.

“Sheriff, we’ve got a lead” he announced. Cody wasted no time in leading the others out of the door and towards the car. Lawrie rejoined the group, and Frankie brought up the rear. What the group didn’t notice was Frankie listening in to their chat from outside the door…

As she walked towards the staircase. Joanna couldn’t help noticing something particularly eye-catching and unusual in the downstairs bathroom. Liam and Nolan had been in their earlier, because Nolan had a nosebleed. That’s what Liam told her anyway. It wouldn’t be the first time he’d lied. It was a fair suspicion, because she’d seen her fair share of nosebleeds, but none produced as much blood as this one seemed to. Her nice blue rug for the bathroom floor was now soaked in the red liquid, looking like a long-lost horror movie prop. She picked it up, and took it straight upstairs to Liam’s bedroom, where he and Nolan were hanging out…

Reluctantly, Argent had called a meeting with an old friend (of sorts) to gain more information. It wasn’t something he wanted to do by any means, but desperate times called for desperate measures. Creaking open the door to his storage room located in the tunnels underneath Beacon Hills, he made eye contact with his visitor.

“This was a pleasant surprise, it’s not often I get visitors these days” a familiar voice said.

“Forgive me for not wanting to show my face more often” Argent retorted.

“Surely a son should have more respect for his own father?” Gerard began to approach a weary Argent. Nothing about this made him feel comfortable, knowing what Gerard was capable of, but if it saved Isaac, he knew he had to go through with it.

Stilinski was the last to depart the sheriff station. Keen to head off to the co-ordinates Parrish had located, the others had taken off already, but Stilinski felt it was his duty to follow. Partly because it was his duty as sheriff, and partly because he knew Cody was emotionally on-edge and all support was important. As he approached the vehicle, he felt gusts of wind circulate around him. He looked over his shoulder, and much to his horror, an old man stood there. He recognised this man immediately from the descriptions the others had given him – it was Father Time. Stilinski got inside his car and tried to drive off, but Father Time simply placed one of his pale white hands on the bonnet, and the car wouldn’t move. Stilinski ensured the door was locked, but this was no barrier. Father Time simply had to raise his other hand to the window of the car door, and it smashed as if it were incredibly delicate. Within an instant, Sheriff Stilinski and Father Time were both gone…

5: Séance Written by MarthaJonesFan

Flying out of the car as it had barely stopped moving, Cody frantically ran around in search of Daan’s body. They were on a quiet road just outside town, next to an empty patch of land. Immediately, Cody spotted the familiar sight of his friend. Despite the relief that he’d found the apparently-dead body, it was still tough to look at such a lifeless version of his closest friend. Cody didn’t let it phase him, and he took this as the prime opportunity to show off his worth to the pack.

“Guys, I’ve found him” Cody said, in his most distraught voice. He had to put on a bit of a show, considering neither Frankie nor Lawrie knew a thing about supernaturals. He’d tried to suggest dropping them home on the way, but neither would have any of it. They both approached Cody, as well as Corey, Becky and Parrish who had come along. Sheriff Stilinski was supposed to have joined them, but there was no sign of him yet. As they approached the sight of Daan’s body, Frankie’s eyes widened in horror.

“Oh my god” he commented, at a loss for other words.

“I’m so sorry mate” Corey added, planting a comforting hand on Cody’s shoulder. Of course, Corey was in the know too, but it helped keep the pretence up.

“Alright boys, let’s get back in the car. I’ll radio back and get someone to pick him up” Parrish ordered. Parrish winked at Cody as they passed each other. The mission was successful, now all they needed was to get in touch with Deaton. Parrish checked his mobile signal, but there was nothing – it was a remote part of Beacon Hills after all.

“Sheriff, do you copy?” he spoke into his radio. No response, which was unlike the sheriff.

The radio worked perfectly fine in fact, and it sounded as usual as it was sat lying on the cold floor next to the open door of Stilinski’s car. Nobody was around to hear Parrish’s call…

Guest Stars:

Linden Ashby, JR Bourne, Seth Gilliam, Cody Christian, Ryan Kelley, Michael Johnston, Kaj Nieuwenhoff, Nick Robinson, Natalia Dyer, Harry Visinoni, Paige Turco, Michael Hogan and Dylan Playfair.

Night was approaching, and Liam and Nolan had spent most of the day together. What was intended as a lunchtime meal turned into an all-day date, of sorts. They were sat on top of Liam’s bed, not underneath the covers; they had each other’s arms for warmth. Neither of them were speaking to each other, but after their hectic day, they didn’t need to talk. All they wanted was to be in the presence of each other. Nolan was the little spoon, resting in Liam’s arms. Liam broke the silence momentarily.

“I think we should tell Scott” he ominously stated.

“About us?” Nolan responded, sitting up to face Liam in surprise.

“No” Liam quickly replied, still not comfortable with the idea of others knowing about his and Nolan’s relationship, or more notably, his own sexuality, “About earlier. About what happened to you.”

“Nothing happened” Nolan lied, shrugging it off.

“You know that’s not true. It won’t hurt. Scott’s way more experienced than I am, he can teach you control. I learnt everything I know from him” Liam tried selling the idea.

“Why don’t you teach me then?” Nolan wasn’t buying it.

“It’s not exactly working so far is it?” Liam pondered. Nolan had no response – as much as he didn’t want to admit it, it was true.

“Alright, let’s go” Nolan gave in. Both boys moved from their comfortable spots on the bed and sprang to life, heading towards the door, just as Joanna entered.

“Liam honey, have you got a second?” she asked. Liam sighed, while Nolan awkwardly looked on. Joanna looked serious, and unfortunately it didn’t seem like he could avoid this.

“Sure” Liam reluctantly replied, “I’ll catch you up” he directed to Nolan.

“So you wanted an explanation of Father Time?” Gerard said, with a hint of smugness in his tone.

“That is what I said on the phone call, yes” Argent impatiently responded.

“I’m sure you’ll remember that nothing in life comes for free. I hope you have it in your heart to spare a favour for your old dad” Gerard continued.

“Depends how satisfied I am with the service I receive” Argent wasn’t in the mood for Grerard’s games.

“Oh, but you need me. Little Scott and his sheep don’t know a thing about Father Time. I know I’m your only hope. I’m not oblivious as to how our relationship has declined, Christopher” Gerard proved to be stubborn as ever.

“What do you want? Tell me because we’re wasting time” Argent was growing more impatient as the conversation progressed.

“I’ll keep you informed. I’m rather enjoying the quiet life at the moment but nothing lasts forever” Gerard teased, “Because I am human after all, unlike many of your so-called friends, I’ll give you an advance.” Argent was perched for the information he’d been longing for.

The waiting game was playing havoc with the rest of the pack too. They felt helpless while Argent followed his lead, and he’d been annoyingly vague too. They’d exhausted any relevant conversation and none of them felt like making small talk. Stiles in particular was finding it difficult to keep still and not get involved.

“There’s got to be something we can do, right?” Stiles complained. Almost on cue, the doors to the surgery burst open, and the calm atmosphere was disrupted as Cody, Corey and Parrish burst open.

“We found him” Cody announced. Deaton opened the gate – it was past closing hours but this was a notable exception – and created space for Daan’s body. Deaton immediately checked him over, shining his torch into Daan’s eyes. No response, as he expected.

“Same story?” Scott asked. Deaton nodded. Scott wasn’t sure if this was good or bad news, but at least the body had been found. The mood was broken by the sound of his phone ringing, so he left the main operations area for somewhere quieter. As Scott left, Parrish turned his attention to Stiles, and their eyes met. Immediately, Stiles had a bad feeling in his gut.

“What’s happened? Where’s my dad?” Stiles began to connect the dots. Parrish wasn’t sure how to respond.

“Where is he?” Stiles reiterated, more firmly.

It was Argent who had phoned Scott, and he brought good news from his conversation with Gerard.

“He knows plenty about Father Time, more information than we’ll ever need from our ancestors, but the most important news is that there is a way to bring them back” Argent detailed.

“Go on” Scott was eager.

“We’d need a few ingredients” Argent continued, “A valuable item from each person, their body, and, you’re not gonna like this.”

“What is it?” Scott firmly asked, not wanting to waste further time.

“A banshee” Argent replied, “A harbinger of death. Lydia has a connection with another plane as it is. That’s exactly what we need to do between here and Father Time’s plane. A séance if you like” Scott went silent – mulling the situation over.

“I’ll need to talk to Lydia” he responded.

“Make sure you do it as soon as possible. I don’t think we have much time” Argent notified.

“What’s up? What aren’t you telling me?” Scott was frustrated.

“He also told me why. That’s the one detail we’ve been missing this entire time” Argent continued.

“Did Theo guess it? Power? It always seems to be power” Scott thought aloud.

“He’s on the right track but not entirely. He needs power but that’s not the end game. He can’t materialise on our plane for very long, he’s bound to another. He wants to make that transition, give himself a world to live in” Argent explained in detail.

“Like a swap?” Scott compared.

“Exactly. If he takes other supernaturals into his plane, he’ll be able to take their life energy, courtesy of the Nemeton, and live in this world” Argent continued.

“That means Isaac, Daan and the Sheriff will be stuck there forever” Scott joined the dots.

“What’s more is that even if we delay this, they won’t survive for long. Just as Father Time can’t sustain himself here, they can’t live out a life wherever they are” Argent notified.

“Gerard told you all of this?” Scott was shocked.

“You know Gerard, he’ll want something in return, and I expect his favour will be pretty big this time around. Don’t you worry about that, speak to Lydia and solve this for good” Argent ended the call. Scott took a deep breath, and was about to re-enter the animal surgery, just as he saw Stiles rushing out, with Lydia and Malia chasing after him, concerned.

“Hey dude, what’s up?” Scott yelled after him.

“It’s my dad. I think he’s been taken” Stiles responded, feeling a mix of emotions. Scott was shell-shocked. His loved ones were dropping like flies.

“Guys, I’m gonna need a favour” Scott added, “Find something your dad loves. Something he cherishes, and bring it here.”

“What for?” Malia asked, intrigued as to how this might also help Isaac.

“I’ve got an idea. Speaking of which, I need to talk to you Lydia. Malia, you go help Stiles. I’ll get Casey and Maddie to look for something of Isaac’s” Scott dictated. Lydia looked concerned, as Scott didn’t have a particularly optimistic facial expression.

Scott didn’t waste a second in phoning Casey. He avoided going directly to Maddie, knowing they still weren’t on good terms, but as far as he knew, both were at Argent’s house so he killed two birds with one stone. He’d also instructed Cody to find something valuable of Daan’s, and now it was time to speak to Lydia. He couldn’t postpone it any longer, despite his phone buzzing with texts from Nolan in his pocket.

“What is it?” Lydia impatiently asked, “The suspense is killing me and quite honestly, your facial expression is even more worrying than Stiles’ bed head.”

“It’s what Argent said. There’s a way to get them back, but it involves you” Scott got to the point.

“A banshee thing, right?” Lydia guessed, not sounding too enthralled, “No rest for the wicked.”

“I’m sorry. The problem is, it’s our only way of getting them back” Scott was sympathetic.

“I understand. I’ll do it, of course I will. I should’ve seen it coming, I’ve been feeling strange ever since returning to this godforsaken town” Lydia complained.

“Premonitions” Scott added. The continued buzz of his vibrating phone was irritating him at this point.

“Sorry, can I take this?” Scott interrupted. Lydia nodded, getting her head around the situation. Scott looked at his phone, and was greeted by the sight of 58 texts from Nolan.

Speaking from outside Liam’s house, Nolan was perched on the curb, anxiously waiting a reply. He’d barely spoken to Scott, despite the two sharing some kind of bond between alpha and beta, according to Liam anyway. Scott being at university meant that they hadn’t had much of a chance to talk. Maybe that was why Nolan was struggling with control. The lack of connection with his alpha. None of the others had the same problem – they all shared a close bond with Scott. They’d known him for much longer than he had. Now he was anticipating the response from Scott. Nolan was well aware that the past few days had been hectic for Scott, and didn’t expect a response immediately, but in the meantime, he was at a loss as to what to do. He didn’t want to let himself loose at home when he lacked so much control. His parents wouldn’t understand the strange behaviour, they never did. Although, on the other hand, it would be surprising if they understood he was a werewolf without control. Nolan jumped as the phone in his hand vibrated.

1 new message from Scott.

Nolan opened the text like there was no tomorrow.

“Meet me at the high school” Nolan read the text aloud. Immediately, Nolan stood up and began sprinting to his destination. Despite the irritating lack of control, to say the least, Nolan certainly enjoyed the increased speed that the bite brought him.

Just metres away, inside the house, Liam was perched on the end of his bed, with Joanna to his left. In front of them, on the floor, was the bloodstained rug from the bathroom.

“I’ve never seen it before” Liam lied.

“Don’t try that on me sweetie. You and Nolan are the only people who have used that bathroom today. What’s going on?” Joanna gently spoke. She didn’t want to force Liam into saying anything, she wanted it to feel like his choice. She was scared though. She had no idea why the rug had so much blood on it, but it scared her more than anything.

“Is Nolan self-harming? Are you self-harming?” Joanna queried, worried about the response.

“No!” Liam quickly responded. He’d not considered the thoughts his mum, who was unaware of the supernatural world, might have when innocently finding so much blood, “I promise.”

“Then what is it? I’m at a loss because nobody bleeds that much for no reason” Joanna was becoming firmer, “Let’s face it, ever since Nolan started coming round, things haven’t been the same between us. Is he hurting you?”

“Mom, nobody’s hurt” Liam protested.

“So how do you explain the blood?” Joanna asked again, raising her voice. She wasn’t leaving without the answers she wanted, “What has Nolan done to cause this?”

“Nolan’s a werewolf” Liam blurted out loudly, mostly without thinking but immediately, it felt like a weight off his shoulders, “And so am I.”

Sat next to each other in the animal clinic, Theo and Becky were keeping an eye on the bodies in case either Isaac or Daan’s situation changed. Parrish was out looking for Stilinski’s body, and was under strict instructions from Scott to bring him back to the animal clinic. Whilst it wasn’t an issue for Parrish himself, it could have been difficult to explain to other officers. Theo was feeling reflective as he looked at the lifeless bodies.

“I’m so glad it wasn’t you” he commented, glancing at Becky.

“It could’ve been any of us” Becky corrected him. A moment passed before she continued, “For the record, I’m glad it wasn’t you either.” Theo smiled. He adored Becky, but hated how she made him feel. He felt like a lovesick puppy, instead of the strong wolf he’d trained himself to be. Now he was babysitting two essentially dead bodies.

“You’re bored aren’t you?” Becky noticed.

“Is it that obvious?” he responded.

“Hey, it’s a start. Scott wouldn’t have had you anywhere near him a few days ago. He trusts you to keep watch. That’s not bad going at all” Becky consoled him.

“It is progress I guess” Theo considered. He looked at Isaac’s lifeless body on the table. He didn’t know Isaac well at all, but had heard Scott talk about him. He and Isaac weren’t always allies, but Isaac earnt Scott’s trust and a place in the pack. That’s what he wanted. Maybe he needed to have a word with Isaac if he woke up. No, when he woke up. Optimistic Theo was the new approach.

“I can’t believe I’m doing him a favour after everything” Maddie moaned. She was rummaging through Isaac’s bedroom. Although, by bedroom, it was still a couple of unpacked suitcases for Isaac.

“It’s not about Scott, it’s about Isaac” Casey reminded her. He was looking too, while Archie stood watching from the doorway, feeling quite useless.

“What are you even looking for?” Archie was confused.

“We need something he found valuable” Casey explained, “We’re gonna get him back.”

“A piece of old tat is gonna bring Isaac back? That’s the most ridiculous thing yet” Archie commented.

“He’s not wrong” Maddie chirped.

“It’s to make a connection with him only. Lydia will bring him back” Casey took pleasure in educating them both.

“She’s a…” Archie tried to remember what Casey had told him earlier, “…kanima?”

“Banshee” Casey corrected.

“I knew that” Archie jested.

“This is hopeless” Maddie complained, “Isaac never cared much for anything sentimental. It was the people around him that he cared for.”

“We can’t offer ourselves though” Casey mentioned.

“Why not?” Maddie responded.

“Well, err” Casey paused. He didn’t actually know why, but in the world of supernaturals, offering yourself as a sacrifice didn’t sound like a particularly optimistic idea, “It could be dangerous. There must be something he found important.”

“I’ve got it” Maddie perked up. She reached into the side pocket of his suitcase and pulled out a photo. A picture of Isaac with Scott, Stiles, Lydia and Allison from school.

“He took it with him when he left Beacon Hills. I said the people around him are what he cared for, this is what we needed” Maddie detailed. She stood up and led the way to regroup with the others.

Deflated, Stiles stared blankly at his living room. All of the memories he’d experienced there with his dad, and now there was a chance he’d never see him again. All he could think about was when his mother died, and how broken he felt at the time. He couldn’t go through that again. He wouldn’t. Malia stood behind him, giving him the space he needed. She knew how it felt – sometimes it was better to say nothing at all. However, she was aware they were against the clock. They had to find something precious of Stilinski’s, and fast.

“Have you got any ideas?” Malia queried.

“I don’t know where to start” Stiles muttered, not in the mood for conversation. He knew it was a necessity though. He approached the coffee table, but there was nothing except a pile of papers his dad brought home from work. They certainly weren’t something he valued. Nevertheless, he picked them up. Weirdly, they gave him a sense of comfort.

“If only we were looking for something he’d be happy to bin” he thought aloud, before slamming the papers back down.

“What did your father love? More than anything?” Malia asked. She knew Stilinski well, but Stiles knew him better than anyone. Their connection was heart-warming to her. It was the first time she’d seen a loving family since she was little. She missed it so much.

“Err, I don’t know. I suppose alcohol won’t count” Stiles remarked. As he scanned the room, he noticed a photo on the cabinet. His parents, with a young baby Stiles.

“Mom” he thought aloud, “That’s it!” Stiles raced upstairs, leaving Malia confused. She followed him up. Stiles was in his dad’s bedroom, looking through the chest of drawers.

“What are you looking for?” Malia asked. Stiles didn’t respond – he was too busy searching. At last, he found it. Tucked away at the bottom of the top drawer was his dad’s old wedding ring.

“He loved my mom more than anything” Stiles explained. Malia put a comforting hand on Stiles’ shoulder. She knew exactly how it felt to lose a parent.

Night was approaching and Beacon Hills was getting darker by the minute. Nolan strolled up to the school doors. Before he entered, he looked at the night sky approaching. There it was – the moon. He still had two more weeks until the full moon, but it was already on his mind. He’d experienced two already – both of which were spent locked up at Lydia’s lake house with Liam on guard.

Hopefully Scott will make the next full moon more pleasant, Nolan thought. He pushed open the double doors and immediately caught sight of Scott, stood in the centre of the corridor facing towards him. Scott stamped his foot quietly. To any regular person, that wouldn’t have many any audible sound, but for Nolan, he heard it as if an elephant has stomped its foot.

“You want control? I’ll teach you” Scott said.

“I don’t want it” Nolan replied, “I need it.” Scott walked up to Nolan, and put a comforting hand on his arm.

“You’ll learn. I’m sorry, I should have taught you this sooner” Scott apologised.

“It’s OK. You were busy. Liam did his best” Nolan replied.

“I promise we’re doing our best too. I think we’ll have Daan back with us in no time” Scott reassured Nolan.

“Daan? Where’s he gone?” Nolan innocently questioned. Scott wasn’t aware, but Nolan hadn’t heard the news about Daan. Scott’s heart sunk for a moment.

“I’m sorry, I thought you knew. Daan was taken too, as well as Sheriff Stilinski” Scott announced. Nolan’s chirpy persona suddenly became very sullen.

“Cody’s been great. All hands are on deck. We’ll get him back, I promise” Scott comforted him. This was exactly the sort of moment the duo hadn’t shared yet.

“All this has happened today? While I’ve been round Liam’s enjoying myself? What sort of a friend am I?”

“It’s not your fault. You couldn’t have stopped it – none of us could” Scott put his arm around Nolan for a hug, to console his distraught beta. Scott continued, “Wanna talk about it?”

“No” Nolan replied quickly, drying his eyes, “We can’t waste time. I need to learn control so I can help get Daan back.”

Meanwhile, Cody and Corey pulled up outside Daan’s house. His mum worked nights at the supermarket so Cody was quite confident the house would be empty by this point. Cody was on very good terms with her, considering how often he and Nolan chilled out at Daan’s house, but nevertheless, it prevented awkward questions.

“Have you got a key?” Corey queried.

“Well duh” Cody responded. He took his keychain out of his pocket. Four keys were attached, “My locker, my house, Daan’s house and Nolan’s house.”

“I see” Corey reacted, not sure what else to say. He made a mental note to nag Mason for a key to his house. As Cody led the way to the front door, another car pulled up.
“What’s he doing here?” Cody groaned. He noticed the car instantly – it was Frankie.

“Didn’t you shake him and Lawrie off?” Corey scolded.

“Obviously not” Cody responded.

“I thought you guys might need a hand” Frankie grinned, approaching the duo as his blonde locks flowed with the light breeze.

“You didn’t have to” Cody smiled, putting on an act. He turned around and continued his walk.

“No, I’m sure I do” Frankie continued, placing a firm hand on Cody’s shoulder, stopping him from walking, “You wouldn’t want me exposing your secret, would you?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about” Cody responded calmly. Inside, he was panicking. Corey felt the same. He gave Cody an alarmed glance.

“I heard every word of your chat with Stilinski. Planes of existence, missing bodies and all of this is being hidden from the public. This goes way beyond the school newspaper” Frankie threatened. Cody and Corey had no response. They couldn’t say no. They had no idea what Frankie wanted, but for now they had to give it to him.

Liam was relieved. He’d finally told his mum the truth about who he is. It’s out in the open at last. She knows he’s a werewolf. One less burden to carry, even if it was an uphill battle from now.

“Don’t be stupid Liam, this isn’t funny” Joanna responded. She was upset at this point. It was an uphill battle for her too. She didn’t believe Liam – why would she? He was being ridiculous.

“I promise I’m telling the truth” Liam replied, looking into her eyes. Joanna glanced back. She knew when her son was lying. She’d seen it a million times before. Then his eyes glowed bright yellow, like she’d never seen before.

“Oh my god” she reacted, as tears began streaming down her cheeks, “My boy. What’s happened to you?”

“It’s OK” Liam replied, feeling emotional too. He ensured his eyes were back to normal, so he didn’t freak her out any more, “I’m sorry. I wanted to tell you but I didn’t know how.” Joanna took a few seconds to gather her thoughts. So many questions were running around her mind. It was like she was in some weird nightmare.

“When did this happen?” she asked after a moment of silence.

“A couple of years ago. It’s a long story. Scott bit me, he’s the alpha, and I joined his pack” Liam detailed.

“Scott? He’s one too?” Joanna butted in. Liam realised he had a long slog ahead of him.

“He got bitten too, like I did. It was a choice between living as a werewolf, or dying. He saved my life, mom” Liam explained.

“So where does Nolan fit into this? Did Scott bite him too?” Joanna continued.

“Scott bit him, but I’ve been training him. He’s new to all of this. The blood came from him, he was trying to control himself” Liam clarified.

“I was wondering why you were suddenly spending so much time together” Joanna noted. Liam blushed.

“Yeah, that’s it” Liam lost eye contact. Joanna noticed the tell-tale signs. This was Liam lying. He wouldn’t make eye contact, and was twiddling his fingers.

“Is there anything else you want to tell me?” Joanna asked, knowingly, “There’s something else, isn’t there?” Liam couldn’t hide it any longer. He’d made one confession today, another wouldn’t hurt.

“Nolan’s my boyfriend” Liam admitted. Once again, he made eye contact with Joanna, who responded with silence, gathering her thoughts again.

“Oh sweetie” she replied, pulling him in for a hug, “Why couldn’t you tell me any of this? I wish you’d mentioned it.”

“I didn’t want to upset you” Liam responded, overcome with emotion and shedding tears, “You’re mad at me, aren’t you?”

“No” Joanna responded, “Frustrated, yes, but mad? How could I be mad?” She let go of the hug and looked him deep in the eyes.

“Now tell me one thing” Joanna’s tone was serious, “Are you safe?”

“I…I don’t know. I can’t promise anything” Liam honestly responded, “But mom, Scott is brilliant. He protects everyone, every time. If there’s anyone who would keep me safe, it’s him.” Liam smiled, wiping away the tear that fell down his cheek.

“Control is all about monitoring your heart rate” Scott explained, “You lose control when your heart rate increases. This can be caused by a number of emotions. Frustration, anger, nerves, or even love.” Nolan stood opposite, taking all of this in. This rang true with him. He was pretty sure he’d experienced them all in recent times, and all had caused adverse reactions from the inner wolf.

“Think of something that makes you feel angry” Scott commanded. Nolan closed his eyes, trying to think of a moment. A few seconds finished as Scott watched on, waiting for the response.

“I can’t think of anything” Nolan responded, “I block out anything bad so it doesn’t affect me.”

“So what’s brought on your lack of control? What do you feel when you’re out of control?” Scott queried, confused as to how Nolan was in such a predicament. Nolan blushed.

“It’s Liam” he replied. He couldn’t formulate the sentence he wanted to say next, but his awkward lack of eye contact was revealing for Scott.

“Oh” he reacted, “You and him?” Nolan nodded.

“That’s great” Scott smiled, “Think of Liam, the way you usually do.” Nolan shut his eyes again. It wasn’t difficult for him to think of Liam – he did it most of the time anyway. It wasn’t long before Scott noticed a shift in Nolan’s posture. He glanced at his hands, and just as he suspected, Nolan’s claws were in full view.

“OK Nolan, listen to the sound of my voice” Scott commanded, “You need to breathe deeply, and think of an anchor. A reason to stay human.”

“Liam’s the reason I want to stay human” Nolan growled, as the wolf began to take over.

“I know. I was the same as you with a girl I loved. Her name was Allison. When I thought of her, I lost control. I changed the way I thought of her – I didn’t just fancy her, I adored her. I thought of how happy I wanted to make her. Ground yourself” Scott revealed. Nolan took deep breaths. He continued to keep Liam in mind, but instead of picturing him and Liam in the present, he thought long-term. He wanted to keep Liam by his side for years to come, and to do that, he needed to stay human. The wolf couldn’t win. More determined than ever, Nolan felt his claws recede. His breathing slowed as he opened his eyes to see Scott.

“I did it” Nolan realised, smiling with pride at himself.

“You did” Scott replied, sharing the pride, “That’s all you need for control. Remember that. It might take some practice, but the foundations are there” Nolan nodded.

“Let’s go get Daan back” Nolan sprang into action.

Stirring as if he’d woken up from am alcohol-fuelled nap, Stilinski opened his eyes and was blinded by the immense brightness he experienced immediately. He saw plain white light all around him. As he tried to sit up, he saw two blurred figures approaching. He couldn’t tell if they were actually blurred, or if it were his vision adjusting. Slowly, they became more defined. Amongst the confusion around, well, pretty much everything in that moment, Stilinski was delighted as he identified the two blurred figures as Isaac and Daan.

“Welcome” Isaac greeted, offering a hand. Stilinski grabbed hold and helped himself up.

“How long have I been here?” Stilinski questioned, still dazed.

“It’s hard to say, we don’t really know ourselves” Daan responded, “We don’t even know where we are.”

“It’s another plane of existence” Stilinski explained as his headache started to fade, “They figured it out. Our bodies are still in our world, they appear dead but we’re, well, I don’t know about you but I don’t feel very dead.”

“So what do we do? We’ve been waiting here for god knows how long” Isaac interrogated, impatient.

“I guess we wait” Stilinski replied, much to Isaac’s frustration.

The pack was regrouping at the animal clinic again. Deaton had cleared the space in the centre with some help from Theo, and Parrish had arrived with Stilinski’s body. His was placed in between Isaac and Daan’s, all of whom were on a separate desk each. Lydia stood in front of them all. She was trying to come to terms with what she was about to do. She didn’t actually have any idea of what was supposed to happen. Would the three of them wake up all of a sudden? Would she travel into the other plane to retrieve them? Would it be life-threatening? She had no idea, and it scared her. Stiles placed his father’s wedding ring in her hand, while Maddie gave Lydia the photo of Isaac’s. Finally, Cody arrived back. In his hand was a small bead.

“I bought it for his birthday, the first one after we met. It was his first dreadlock bead” Cody explained to Lydia, as he dropped it into her palm. Last to re-join the group were Scott and Nolan, who had picked up Liam on the way.

“You told her everything?” Nolan was surprised to hear Liam’s story.

“Yup. She knows every inch of my life” Liam laughed.

“I’m proud of you” Nolan replied, grinning. He kissed Liam on the lips, not caring at all about who was watching. The rest of the pack were waiting in the lobby, perched on chairs, on the floor or stood up. Everything was set up. Scott entered the main area, avoiding eye contact with Maddie as he passed through the lobby, and stood with Deaton and Theo. He gave a nod, signalling that it was time to start.

“Lydia, are you ready?” Deaton asked.

“As I’ll ever be” Lydia responded, worry throughout her voice. Stiles watched on from the doorway. He briefly intercepted and held Lydia’s hand.

“You’ll be amazing, like you always are” he reassured her, “And I’ll be here waiting for you at the end.”

“That sounds like a threat” Theo remarked. Lydia smirked.

“Alright Lydia, I need you to close your eyes” Deaton explained, “Focus only on my voice, and the items in your hand. Make a connection with Isaac, Daan and the Sheriff.” Lydia did her best. She knew the way to accessing her banshee powers was by allowing them to naturally find her. Forcing them never worked, so she didn’t. Lydia felt herself drifting off, into a deep sleep, as she began to lose focus of her senses…

Sat on the floor, Isaac was fed up. He hadn’t eaten or drunk anything in what must have been days, and he was feeling the effect of the plane he was in. Despite the huge amount of space, it felt very claustrophobic with no sense of direction or any pointers as to exactly where they were. Each second that passed felt like another ounce of hope lost. To his amazement, he started to see a familiar face materialise in front of them. All three stood up as they recognised their flame-haired friend.

“Lydia?” Isaac was confused. She was translucent, not fully there, but it was a promising sign.

“Hurry. Touch my hand” she ordered, speaking coldly with little expression. Daan wasted no time in reaching for her hand, but just as he did, an immense gush of wind began to build up. A familiar feeling for all three of them. Father Time materialised, intercepting his route to Lydia. His back faced Daan, and he looked directly at Lydia. With a simple swish of his hand, Lydia faded away, and Father Time was gone within an instant as per usual.

“What? No!” Isaac yelled, running up to where Lydia stood. It was as if she was never there. “That was our way out. It’s gone. We’re stuck here.”

6: Fresh Start Written by MarthaJonesFan

The light had gone. Lydia was confused – she’d finally reached Isaac, Daan and Stilinski, but now she was here, surrounded by nothing but the pitch black. It was the total opposite of where she was before. She’d gone from bright white light, to black nothingness all around her. She’d also gained a headache, presumably a side effect from the transition. She stood herself up, and flashes of memories began to return to her. Father Time was there. He’d banished her to another plane to stop her ruining the plan. She looked around, but there was no sign of him here. However, this was no relief. Lydia was terrified of what the darkness held for her, and she couldn’t see a way out.

Guest Stars:

Linden Ashby, Melissa Ponzio, JR Bourne, Orny Adams, Seth Gilliam, Cody Christian, Khylin Rhambo, Michael Johnston, Kaj Nieuwenhoff, Nick Robinson, Natalia Dyer, Harry Visinoni, Paige Turco, Dylan Playfair and Juanpa Zurita.

Watching on, Scott was anxious. Lydia’s body was placed standing up in front of the three bodies, motionless with her eyes shut. He wanted to speak to her, to ask if she was alright, but Deaton warned that it could complicate the process. All he could do was wait. The problem with waiting was that it was dead time, and it allowed his mind to wander. Naturally, it wandered to his next biggest problem – Maddie. She was sat just metres away, and he hadn’t wanted to talk to her since he snapped about Allison. It was still a sensitive subject for him, even several years on from her death. He knew that he couldn’t avoid Maddie forever though. He just needed to figure out what to say, and what he wanted.

Maddie was sharing similar thoughts to Scott. She so desperately wanted to seize this moment to speak to him, it’s not like they had anything better to do. Equally, there is a time and a place, and this felt like neither.

What do I have to lose? Maddie thought. She stood up and moved towards Scott, who was in the doorway to the main operations room with his back, facing away from her. She tapped him timidly on the back.

“Hey” she sheepishly said as he turned around, “Mind if I have a word?”

“I’m kinda busy” Scott responded apathetically.

“We’ll call you in if Lydia comes back” Deaton interrupted, giving Scott the option to clear his mind, “It might help to use this time for something productive.” Scott nodded, taking the advice from his trustworthy boss. Maddie led him outside the animal clinic, bracing herself for what she was about to say.

Inside the clinic, Corey was interrogating Liam. He had no idea that he and Nolan were an item, or that Liam even had the slightest interest in men. He wasn’t interested in gossiping, but nevertheless, he was keen to know more about his friend’s latest developments.

“So” Corey began, “You and Nolan, eh?”

“Sorry, I was going to tell you” Liam felt bad for not coming to him sooner.

“It’s alright” Corey laughed, “I’m happy you’re comfortable being yourself. Does Mason know?”

“Yeah, I told him a little while ago” Liam revealed, “We’ve not really told anyone else though. Until now that is.”

“What about your parents?” Corey queried.

“Mom knows as of an hour ago” Liam explained, “Dad…I don’t know. I’m unsure of how he’ll react. I’m kinda hoping mom tells him to save me the bother.”

“Fair enough. My dad took a while to accept me” Corey opened up, “He always loved me, he just…didn’t love that part of me. He’s over it now but we’re not as close as we used to be.” Liam looked worried. Corey noticed his now-solemn facial expression.

“I’m sorry. I’m sure your dad won’t be the same” Corey backtracked. Liam nodded, not sure how to reply but he appreciated the concern.

“Where is Mason anyway?” Liam asked, changing the subject.

“He stayed behind for extra study. I didn’t want to disturb him” Corey explained.

“Bet he’s gutted to be missing the action” Liam jested.

Bleak was how Isaac felt, having seen Lydia disappear in front of his eyes. That was his ray of sunshine, and within an instant, that shining hope had gone. What worried him most was that he had no idea of whether the others would even know, or if they could do anything to save both themselves and Lydia. Isaac felt control slipping away from him as his emotions overtook.

“She’s gone, that’s it. We’re done” Isaac was losing his cool. His eyes glowed yellow as he stressed himself out.

“Isaac, you need to calm down, you’re not gonna solve any problems by worrying” Stilinski tried to give him a pep talk.

“I’d say we should take cover but, well…” Daan attempted to joke. Stilinski glared at him, before turning his attention back to Isaac.

“Isaac, remember control. You need to regain control and think of your…what does Scott call it?” Stilinski’s mind went blank.
“Anchor” Daan noted.

“My anchor is anger” Isaac growled, “It’s not helping right now.” His fangs were on show as he let out an angry roar.

“In that case, out with the old and in with the new. Find a new anchor” Daan suggested.

“Think of Malia” Stilinski added, “Think of what you’ll do when you’re reunited, when we get out of here.”

“If we get out of here” Isaac was pessimistic.

“No, when. Think positive” Daan encouraged, “Come on Isaac. Keep it cool.” Isaac tried his best. He pictured Malia in his mind. He pictured sharing the bed with her, and being the little spoon to her big spoon. He pictured her shy but incredible kisses. Control was back. Isaac’s claws and fangs faded, and his temper calmed down.

“We’ve got to keep ourselves composed. I know it’s frustrating to wait, but I trust Scott implicitly” Stilinski was the voice of reason.

“What’s that over there?” Isaac changed the subject. He’d listened to what Stilinski said, but couldn’t help noticing a shining glimmer from just a couple of metres away. It wasn’t difficult to spot something that wasn’t pure white light, and it helped that it reflected off this small, shiny object. Isaac strolled over to pick it up.

“Lydia’s necklace” he identified, examining it at eye level. Isaac grinned with hope at last.

“What?” Daan queried, unsure why he was so thrilled.

“It’s a connection” Isaac explained.

Composing herself, Lydia took a moment to consider her options, and relive each step towards how she ended up in this place. It was somewhere different, so potentially another plane entirely, and she knew full well that Father Time was able to transcend his sole plane. What’s more is that she was able to travel between planes before, so she could do it again. She looked down at her hand – still holding three particular items. A photo, a bead and a wedding ring. The three very items that allowed her to make the connection in the first place. Surely, she’d be able to do it again, if she tried very hard? It was worth a shot. Lydia closed her eyes, much like the first time, and allowed her banshee self to take over.

Scott looked Maddie in the eye. He could see she was about to say something, but there was an awkward silence between them both. No matter what had happened between them, he still cared for her deeply, and he hated the animosity. One way or another, it had to stop.

“So, err” Maddie began, still formulating her sentence, “We need to talk about us. What we both want. After the other day, I…”

“I’m so sorry for that” Scott interrupted, “Emotions were running high, but that’s no excuse.” Scott’s apology was heartfelt. He wanted to make it up to Maddie, even in spite of what he knew was coming. They were still friends after all, and that was the most important thing.

“It’s alright” Maddie responded, “You loved Allison, you still do. I understand. I’ve lost people before.” Scott smiled at her understanding, but Maddie wasn’t finished yet.

“I’ve been thinking a lot about us, and what I need” she continued, as she looked into Scott’s puppy dog eyes, “I was thinking…maybe it’s best if we’re not together.”

“I was thinking the same” Scott confessed, “I care for you so much, but maybe now’s the wrong time.”

“Too right” Maddie agreed, “I’m sure you’ll find someone who cares for you deeply, Scott.”

“You too. Who could resist?” Scott laughed, “Friends?”

“Always” Maddie smiled a friendly smile, and pulled Scott in for a hug. He embraced her in the cold gentle wind, savouring the moment of calm before the inevitable storm…

Barging through the double doors at the entrance to the hospital, Joanna was on a mission. She was looking for one person and one person only. She’d already tried her house, but there was no sign. She’d heard she worked at the hospital, and it was her only shot now. Approaching the front desk, she spotted her woman.

“Hi” she greeted, catching her attention, “Melissa isn’t it?”

“Hey” Melissa responded, “You’re Liam’s mom aren’t you?”

“Joanna, nice to meet you” Joanna smiled a friendly yet tentative smile, “Mind if I have a word? It’s about our sons.”

Lydia kept wishing herself out of the dark, depressing place she had found herself in. She pictured Isaac, Daan and Stilinski, ensuring she connecting as best as she could with them. The connection had to be strong, anything less just wouldn’t work.

Doing much the same, Isaac had closed his eyes. Ignoring the serene white atmosphere of the plane he was in, he pictured Lydia, wishing her back. Every ounce of hope that he’d held onto was poured into this moment. It had to work. He saw no other route out.

Feeling a gentle breeze around her bare arms, Lydia kept her focus. She noticed the dark lack of light slowly being overcome by a brighter light. A familiar light. It had worked. Cautiously, Lydia opened her eyes, squinting thanks to the large contrast in brightness between the two locations. Adjusting her eyesight, she saw her friends directly in front of her.

“You made it” Isaac grinned.

“Now we’ve got to make it back” Lydia replied. She was still translucent to Isaac, Daan and Stilinski, she wasn’t more than an image, but her consciousness was there. That’s all she needed to guide the others home.

“Grab onto me” Lydia ordered. All three wasted no time in grabbing onto Lydia’s arm. Time was short, and Father Time could re-appear at any moment, so they had to be quick. Perhaps returning would be less simple if he banished Lydia again.

“They’ve been ages” Stiles commented. He was concerned that an hour later, nothing had changed. Lydia was still frozen in place in front of the three bodies, and there were no life signs.

“There was no indication that the process would be quick” Deaton responded, “It could take all night.”

“They say no news is good news” Theo added, “Just injecting some optimism, don’t mind me.” Almost on cue, Lydia took a gasp of breath as she opened her eyes. She was animated once again, and she immediately looked around as Stiles rushed over to see her. Slowly, Isaac, Daan and Stilinski began to sit up too. Deaton, Theo and Scott jumped to their aid, taking hold of Stilinski, Daan and Isaac respectively.

“Scott” Isaac spoke slowly, adjusting back to the world he was used to.

“Welcome back buddy” Scott smiled. He was so pleased to see Isaac back. Stiles moved his attention from Lydia, having checked she was fine, to his father. As Stilinski sat up, he found an enamoured Stiles wrapping his arms around him.

“Hey kid” Stilinski patted him on the back as they hugged, “It’s good to see ya.”

“Don’t ever do that to me again” Stiles was half-joking. He was more relieved than anything else that his dad was back. Nevertheless, his joy was short-lived, as his attention was drawn back to Lydia. From what Stiles could tell, Lydia was fine immediately after she returned. However, in the moments since, she appeared to have taken a turn for the worst. She was shaking, as if she was having an extreme allergic reaction to something.

“What’s happening?” Stiles asked, posing the question to Deaton as he stood flustered. Before Deaton could formulate a response, a white gas began seeping out of Lydia’s mouth. She stared gormlessly up at the ceiling as her mouth was gaping wide, allowing the gas to swirl out as if it were being steered. It began to circulate in the main room, much like the familiar winds that Isaac, Daan and Stilinski had felt before. In the middle of the room stood Father Time, and the fob watch was seconds away from hitting midnight.

Taking a break from the usual hustle and bustle of the hospital, Melissa had taken Joanna into one of the spare patient suites. Melissa had a feeling in her gut about what it would be about. She was now intrigued to see if she was correct.

“I assume Scott’s spoken to you about his…err…condition” Joanna was unsure of which word to use.

“You’ll have to be more specific” Melissa knew exactly what she meant, but at this stage, she wasn’t entirely certain that Joanna actually knew about what Liam and Scott are.

“He’s told you that he’s…” Joanna paused again, now lowering her voice to a whisper, “A werewolf?” Melissa breathed a sigh of relief. Her suspicions were confirmed.

“Yes” she answered simply, “Has Liam finally told you?”

“You knew about Liam? Am I literally the last one to know?” Joanna ranted, letting out her frustrations.

“If it helps, I don’t think your husband has any idea either” Melissa informed, before turning her attention back to the matter at hand, “Look sweetie, it took me a while to get used to who Scott was, but I realised that he wasn’t any different. Whether he’s a human, a werewolf, an alien from outer space, it doesn’t matter to me. He’s my son, and I adore him.”

“I’m scared of what Liam isn’t telling me” Joanna confessed, “If he’s hidden this, what else is he hiding?”

“I’m not sure it gets much more shocking than your son being a werewolf” Melissa noted, “Make sure you’re there for him. Don’t do what I did. Support him in every step, because you’ll regret it when the time comes to make a stand.”

Remaining as silent as always, Father Time simply glanced around the room. Stiles and Scott had ensured everyone else in the central room was behind them, protecting them all, particularly those who had just arrived back from the alternate plane. He swivelled his head to the doorway, where the rest of the pack were watching on. In an instant, Father Time’s hand shot out in front of him, and clenched the throat of the nearest person. Before he knew it, Casey was witnessing Archie being strangled. In his other hand, Father Time held up the fob watch. The seconds were ticking closer and closer to the 12 o’clock mark. Casey wrestled his way past the rest of the group to try and reach Archie, who was unlucky to have been at the front of the group. It could’ve been any of them in that spot. Lydia watched on, and couldn’t help her eyes being drawn to the fob watch, as if it had a great deal of importance. It was as if a lightbulb went off in her mind.

“It’s the watch!” she yelled, “That’s the key.” Isaac reacted instantly, leaping past Scott’s barrier and grabbing the fob watch out of Father Time’s wrinkled left hand. There and then, Isaac chucked it to the ground, ensuring it would receive as much damage as possible. He stomped his shoe on it for good measure, and just as he’d hoped, it was now in smithereens on the floor. Reacting instantly to this, Father Time let go of Archie’s throat. It was almost as if he’d been caught misbehaving by a teacher at school. He turned to face Isaac, but before he could react further, the gusts of wind picked up for one final time. Among the white winds, Father Time vanished, and the animal clinic was left in silence.

Perched on the doorstep outside the clinic, Scott and Lydia were enjoying some fresh air in the middle of the night. It had been a stressful time for everyone, but no-one more than Lydia.

“I don’t know if I can go on” Lydia confessed, “I feel weak. Every time I come back to Beacon Hills, something bad happens and I’m at the centre.”

“Of course you can go on” an enthusiastic Scott encouraged, “The pack would fall apart without you. You’re the brains.”

“And the beauty” Stiles interrupted, joining them and plonking himself down the other side of Lydia.

“I just wish we could have a normal holiday for once” Lydia continued.

“Since when have we ever been normal?” Scott responded.

“Speak for yourself Scotty boy” Stiles jested. Scott raised an eyebrow, contradicting Stiles’ remark.

“How’s your dad?” Scott changed the subject.

“He’s alright, I think he just needs peace and quiet at home. I think that means he wants me to stay at yours for a few days” Stiles joked, looking at Lydia.

“I better warn my mom” Lydia smiled.

“There we go, a smile at last” Stiles replied, switching the subject back, “You were amazing, just like you always are.” He leaned in for a kiss with Lydia, who reciprocated. Scott watched on, feeling a mix of emotions. Happy for his friends, but already missing having his own girlfriend to adore in that way.

As dawn approached, the pack separated. Excited to head home at last, Isaac was driven back by Malia. She pulled up outside Argent’s front door, ready to say goodbye.

“You don’t have to go home. You could always stay” Isaac suggested.

“My dad’s expecting me home” Malia replied, disappointed.

“I’m sure he won’t mind on this occasion” Isaac was a bad influence on Malia. He winked, urging her to stay the night.

“Alright” she gave in, “If he moans at me, I’ll use these.” Her claws shot out of her fingertips as if she were ready for a fight.

“You make it sound like he doesn’t approve of me” Isaac read between the lines.

“It’s not that” Malia responded, “I think he’d be the same with any other boy. Besides, I guess my other dad will approve of you at least.”

“Peter” Isaac recalled, not sounding enthused, “Do you even speak to him?”

“Not in a while. I think we only contact each other when we want something” Malia explained.

“Is that what you want?” Isaac probed.

“I don’t know. I spent years caring for myself and myself only. Now I’ve got others to look after, and I’m still learning” Malia justified. She turned her attention back to the subject at hand, “Right now, all I want is to feel the comfort of your bed.” Isaac grinned, stepping out of the car. He grabbed Malia’s hand and led her to the doorway. Before he could turn the key in the lock and open the door, the door sprang open. Argent stood in the doorway, as if he’d been waiting on tenterhooks for their return. Without saying a word, Argent opened his arms wide. Isaac went in for a hug. They grabbed each other tightly, still retaining their masculinity but not afraid of showing their obvious bond.

“Good to have you back kid” Argent simply stated.

“Nice to see you boss” Isaac responded.

Having arrived home already, Archie and Casey were sat upstairs in the latter’s bedroom. They were perched on the end of Casey’s bed, contemplating the events of earlier.

“This is your life?” Archie queried, sounding disapproving.

“Not always. But yeah, I guess it’s a pretty big part” Casey replied.

“I don’t know how you do it. I’m beginning to think you’re insane” Archie had a tone of despair in his voice. He was torn between two options – Casey, or a quiet life. However, maybe there was a chance he could have both. Casey had no response to what he’d just said, and he sat awkwardly in silence instead.

“Why don’t you come and stay at my house? You know, when we’re not at college” Archie suggested. He thought he might as well try to do Casey a favour and lure him away from the dangers at Beacon Hills.

“This is my home, I can’t go swanning off to England” Casey responded.

“You know what they say. Home is where the heart is” Archie nudged. It had certainly given Casey some food for thought.

Nine days later: New Year’s Eve.

“Oh come on, it’ll be fun!” Maddie nagged.

“Absolutely not, I’d rather gauge my eyeballs out” Isaac complained. Maddie was tugging on his arm, begging him to join her on a night out in town. It was New Year’s Eve, and Maddie wanted to celebrate in style. Specifically, she wanted a hot guy to share a new year kiss with at exactly midnight.

“Do you have any better plans?” Maddie fought her case.

“Malia and I were planning to…err….” Isaac tailed off. He had no plans. Malia was indeed coming round, but they had nothing lined up.

“Text her and tell us to meet us there” Maddie ordered. Isaac gave in. He could make an excuse after an hour if he wanted to. Maddie was a close friend after all, and they hadn’t spent quality time together for a while. Isaac distracted himself as he noticed Casey trying to sneak out of the house. Suspiciously, he was carrying a suitcase.

“Going somewhere?” Isaac queried.

“I hate goodbyes. I didn’t want to put you through it” Casey justified, walking towards Isaac.

“Please tell me you’ve not faked your own death again” Maddie butted in. Casey laughed, seeing the funny side.

“Archie’s asked me to stay with him during the holidays. You know he’s only here to study, his parents are at home in England, right? He wants me to live with him there” Casey explained, “And I’ve said yes.”

“What about all of us?” Isaac’s mood dropped. He was gutted at the thought of losing such a close friend all over again.
“You’ll always be my friends” Casey replied sincerely, “We’ll always have our memories. Besides, you can’t escape me that easily. Don’t forget the group chat.” Maddie laughed, but Isaac wasn’t in the mood for jokes.

“Goodbye guys” Casey gave a friendly smile. He was about to turn around and walk off, but Maddie launched herself on him, giving him a warm hug. Isaac watched for a second, until Maddie signalled for him to join too.

Meanwhile, Lydia had given Liam the keys to the lake house for the evening, much to her mother's disapproval. It was the night of the full moon, and while he was proud of the progress Nolan had made with Scott, Liam wasn’t taking any chances. Nolan was chained up in the basement, while Mason, Corey, Daan and Cody chilled upstairs.

“I was thinking you might like this” Mason mentioned to Corey as they sat on the sofa, chilling to a playlist from Mason’s phone attached to the speakers. He took something out of his pocket. To Corey’s delight, it was a key.

“You got him a car?” Daan interrupted. Cody elbowed him, knowing exactly what it was.

“It’s my front door key. I figured you’d be needing it” Mason smiled, dropping it into Corey’s hand. Corey felt quite excited inside – this was a milestone of sorts in their relationship. Coincidentally, he had a key to give to Mason too. He took it out of his pocket and placed it in Mason’s palm.
“What a coincidence. I can’t take the credit, Cody said I should give you a key” Corey confessed.

“He told me the same” Mason became suspicious. They both glanced at Cody.

“Oh come on you guys, if Daan and I have each other’s front door keys then yours are long overdue” Cody protested. Corey smiled, delighted that Cody had looked out for him.

Downstairs, Liam had finished chaining Nolan up. It wasn’t a task he enjoyed, and he hoped it wouldn’t have to happen for much longer, but it was necessary nonetheless.

“Come on, I’ve learnt control now” Nolan argued.

“We’ll put it to the test then” Liam responded, sitting himself down on the floor in front of Nolan. They sat opposite each other, eye-to-eye.

“This is gonna be our year, isn’t it?” Nolan made conversation.

“It sure is” Liam grinned.

Casey arrived at Scott’s house. It’s where he told Archie to meet him, and where they’d asked the taxi driver to pick them up from. Casey wanted the chance to say one last goodbye. He and Scott were sat outside, just down the road on the bench where Casey had his first proper chat with Thomas several months back.

“Are you sure this is what you want?” Scott asked, keeping Casey’s best intentions as his top priority.

“I’m positive. I need a fresh start. Almost losing Archie gave me some perspective. I’ve had a pretty terrible love life, just look at Thomas” Casey laughed as he reminisced, “But Archie cares for me, and I care for him too. I want to make this work.” Scott nodded, and held out his hand. Casey’s hand met Scott’s and they firmly shook, before embracing in a quick hug as Archie approached.

“There you are” Archie greeted in his chirpy Manchester accent, “Taxi’s on its way, I saw it down the road.”

“I guess this is it then” Casey stood up, bracing himself, “A fresh start.” Casey smiled at Scott as the taxi parked in front of the bench. Casey and Archie both climbed in, and within a few seconds, they had gone. Scott watched on as the taxi faded out of his eyeline. Breaking the quiet moment of reflection, Scott’s phone buzzed. It was a text from Isaac. “Club tonight, be there.”

Sure enough, the club was packed solid. Scott arrived through the front door and immediately saw a bunch of familiar faces who were current or ex-students of Beacon Hills High.

“McCall!” a very familiar voice yelled. Scott looked to his right and saw Coach approaching him from the direction of the bar, “How’s college?”

“It’s good Coach” Scott responded, “Happy New Year.”

“It would be if I didn’t have to stay on the orange juice” Coach responded. Scott awkwardly laughed before continuing his mission to find his friends. Finally, he saw Isaac stood awkwardly in the corner. He approached and stood next to him.

“She roped me into it, I promise” Isaac said, pointing at Maddie. She was grinding against a man who must have been a similar age to her. He had short dark hair with luscious looking curls, and a fine physique on show through his plain white t-shirt.

“As long as she’s having fun” Scott smiled. Malia, Stiles and Lydia arrived with drinks from the bar.

“What do we do now?” Isaac questioned, sipping from his pint glass.

“Let’s make the most of it. Party like it’s one of my birthday extravaganzas” Lydia answered, leading Stiles into the middle of the dancefloor to groove to the extremely loud EDM music playing.

“Wanna join them?” Malia said to Isaac.

“No, I don’t think…” Isaac tailed off as Malia dragged him to the dancefloor too. Scott watched on as his friends let their hair down and enjoyed themselves. He may not have a partner himself, but there was no better reward than seeing people he loved having a good time. He checked his phone – 23:59.

Nolan was beginning to feel the effect of the full moon. Its peak time was approaching, and he felt the intensity building up inside his body. His eyes were glowing a bright yellow, and he had shifted into his werewolf form.

“Remember your anchor” Liam reminded him. Nolan thought of Liam, and the things he liked about him. Just like Scott said – the reasons that he fell in love in the first place. The reasons why Liam always calmed him down if he was angry. Liam’s kindness, thoughtfulness and acceptance. Nolan felt himself regaining control, and sure enough, he felt more at ease. He focused again on Liam’s face, sat directly in front of him.

“You did it” Liam replied. He was right – there was no sign of the wolf in Nolan any longer, “Just in time too, 30 seconds to go.”

In the club, the music had stopped for the countdown. The DJ led the way as the countdown approached its conclusion.

“10…9…” he shouted as everybody in the club joined in. Maddie gazed into her dance partner’s eyes as he held her in his arms. Stiles had Lydia firmly in his arms too as they both continued counting down.

“8…7…6…” Isaac was thrilled that the music had stopped and finally they were doing what they’d came to do. He and Malia were seeing the new year in together, and it was a feeling that made both of them delighted.

“5…4…3…” Liam counted down for everyone at the lake house. He and Nolan had re-joined the group, all of them with a glass of alcohol in hand ready to toast.

“2…1…” Scott watched on, not taking part in the countdown but anticipating the start of a new year. Yes, he was single, but he thought of everything he had planned for 2018. College was going well, and he was never too far away from some form of excitement in life.

“Happy New Year!” the DJ yelled, as the music resumed in the club. Maddie wasted no time in snogging the perfect lips of her dancing partner, setting free all of her inhibitions in that moment. Malia and Isaac had done much the same, as Isaac felt more at ease than he had all evening. While they had shared a kiss at midnight, Stiles and Lydia then went back to join a noticeably lonely Scott in the corner.

“Happy New Year dude” Stiles grinned as he approached.

“Happy New Year” Scott responded, “A fresh start.”

Exactly at midnight, the latest article of the Beacon Hills High newsletter was made available. Frankie Hartman sat at his desk at home, admiring the work he had just finished. He’d spent the past week perfecting the article, and finally it was at the standard he’d hoped for. The headline was punchy and catchy – “Time’s Up!” – and the content was more than gripping. After all, he now had proof that supernatural beings existed, and they gathered at the animal clinic with a suspicious veterinarian. Everyone had to know about this, backed up with the proof of his mobile phone camera. Scott hadn’t even noticed Frankie watching on as Lydia’s séance took place. Now he had everything he needed. First the school would know. Then, the world.

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