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High school may be over for Scott and the pack, but there is no time for rest, relaxation or even a romantic date, as a body is found in the woods. Things take a turn for the worst when Liam is framed for murder. What is a werehyena and what do they have to do with these murders? How does Isaac's return link with these events? Who will make it out alive?

Teen Wolf: Sabotage is set after season 6A of the main show.
Episode Name
High school may be over for Scott and his pack but with Isaac’s return to Beacon Hills and a killer on the loose, there is little time for rest, relaxation or even a romantic date.
Liam finds help from an unlikely source as he hides from the cops, while Isaac and Lydia find themselves troubled in the calm before the storm.
When a mysterious guy turns up at Argent’s house, Isaac is worried as his past catches up with him. However, with Lydia not returning her calls, it’s obvious that there’s more than meets the eye going on.
As Scott and friends do their best to track down Lydia, Isaac and Malia become distracted as a figure from his past resurfaces unexpectedly. Liam discovers more information about the werehyenas.
Isaac has to face up to his demons in a private chat with a couple of old friends. Stiles and Lydia attempt to decode the werehyena information but find themselves cornered in the animal surgery.
The sieges in the hospital and surgery come to a head as the pack fight their way out of difficult situations, while Chad attempts to negotiate his release from the sheriff station, but is all as it seems?
The absence of two members has pulled the pack together as they attempt a rescue, with the help of an insider. Disaster strikes as Melissa tries to protect her patient.
With Chad looking unbeatable, the pack have to pull together to think of a solution, and quickly, as Beacon Hills lies on the verge of destruction.

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