While Scott's at university, Liam's in charge of the pack at Beacon Hills, and he's keen to impress his alpha. However, things take a turn for the worse when his friends doubt his leadership. Meanwhile, Nolan tries his best to learn control but it proves to be a bigger struggle than he thought. Will he succeed or will it prove to be a step too far? How will Liam cope with reuniting the pack, particularly with Theo back on the scene?

Teen Wolf: Beta follows the previous stories Sabotage and Hideaway.
Episode Name
Struggling to split his time between all of his friends, Liam finds himself in a sticky situation as Theo unexpectedly reaches out. Nolan meets a new werehyena at school, while Corey and Hayden begin to feel under the weather during a biology test...
Liam's emotions run crazy when he starts to accept that he and Hayden may not be compatible after all. Hayden meanwhile enlists Corey to discover why their moods are so erratic, while Theo and Nolan bargain with Stilinski for a chance to interview a runaway supernatural first...
While Hayden and Corey speak to Deaton about the Nemeton, Stilinski makes a deal with Angela. Nolan reflects on the previous night, but his plans are interrupted as Krishna delves into his personal files...
As the school is taken hostage by Angela, it comes down to the pack to save everyone else, while Liam, Nolan and Theo escape to the Nemeton. Will they restore the power balance?

1: Desperation Written by MarthaJonesFan

Partying was all that Jennie was concerned about in the moment. It was Friday night, and she’d had a long week of work at the supermarket. Each tedious second had been part of the countdown to the weekend, and it was finally here. She’d bought a new dress for the occasion, red and complete with sequins, designed to stun. The music blared out with the bass thumping, you couldn’t hear yourself think with such loud volume, and the atmosphere would terrify a claustrophobic as people bumped into Jennie left, right and centre, but she didn’t care. All she wanted to do was forget her troubles. Momentarily, she pushed her way out of the large group dancing in the living room of some girl she barely knew. Passing through the kitchen, stacked with alcohol, Jennie stepped into the garden. Taking a pack of cigarettes out of her stylish white clutch bag, she took the final one. Reaching back in for her lighter, she heard a strange clicking sound coming from behind her.

“Turn around at your peril” an unfamiliar voice replied. Jennie started turning her head, slowly but surely, but before she could see who was holding the gun, she began sprinting away. Not giving it a second thought, she leapt over the hedge bordering the garden, and landed on both feet on the other side.

“You can run, but you can’t hide” the voice threatened. Jennie knew she’d be following, so kept on running, keeping to the shadows. Turning the corner, she hid down an alleyway, hoping whoever it was wouldn’t follow her there. Her breath was heavy but she wasn’t making any other sound, as even the slightest murmur could give away her location.

“It was a valiant attempt at a getaway but you’ll have to do better than that, beta” Jennie jumped as the voice was behind her again. Now face-to-face with the woman chasing her, Jennie saw a woman dressed in black, with her auburn hair resting below her shoulders. Jennie’s eyes glowed yellow, and she began to run away again, but it wasn’t fast enough, as with an ear-piercing BANG, a bullet whacked into her back and she tumbled to the ground, helpless. The woman followed behind her, and put her foot on her back, checking for life.

“I love it when they run” she commented, revelling in her actions, before walking off into the night. Meanwhile, a purple glow came of the bullet wound, sat inside the lifeless body that once belonged to Jennie…

Guest Starring:
Linden Ashby, Seth Gilliam, Ryan Kelley, Kaj Nieuwenhoff, Nick Robinson, Natalia Dyer, Nargis Fakhri, Anjli Mohindra, Michelle Clunie and Paige Turco.
Vibrating like there’s no tomorrow, Liam’s phone was going crazy. It was first thing on a Monday morning and he was enjoying the little sleep he could get, while he still could. He could hear the phone vibrating, waking him up, but opted not to pay any attention. However, he couldn’t settle back to sleep, so opted to put it on silent. When he looked at the hugely bright screen, he saw 38 missed calls from Nolan.
“Really?” he commented to himself, before reluctantly calling Nolan back.
“Liam, finally!” Nolan yelled as soon as he answered the phone.
“I was trying to sleep, is that too much to ask?” Liam slurred, still tired.
“I think I’ve mastered it, I got angry earlier and I didn’t transform, I was prepared to run away from my mom and hide but I had no need, cause I controlled myself” Nolan spoke quickly, obviously excited.
“You woke me up at 6:30 in the morning to tell me that? Why are you even awake at this time?” Liam seemed uninterested.
“I thought you’d want to know, we’ve been working on it for the last month” Nolan replied, downhearted.
“Sorry Nolan, I’m really proud of you, that’s a huge step” Liam spoke sincerely. It was true, Liam had been working with Nolan every day since he became a werewolf, teaching him to control his instincts and monitor his heart rate.
“Alright, I’ll catch you later” Nolan replied, feeling chuffed with himself, before finishing the call. Liam sighed, delighted for Nolan but annoyed that his sleep had been interrupted. He turned over in his bed, trying to regain any sleep he could before his alarm goes off.
“Morning sweetie, I heard you were awake” came a soft voice from the doorway.
“Well, I…” Liam began to protest, but ultimately gave in, “Hi mom.”
“Thought I’d get you breakfast in bed” Liam’s mother Joanna replied.
“What have I done to deserve this?” Liam asked, confused.
“I’ve barely seen you recently, you’ve been so busy with your friends. Thought it could be a chance for us to talk” Joanna explained, “Anything bothering you?”
“No, everything’s fine” Liam lied. He knew there were problems he had to deal with, including a rogue Eichen House nurse and Nolan’s continued issues. Even Mason had commented about how little of Liam he’d seen recently.
“Alright, if you’re sure. I’ll let you enjoy your breakfast. Don’t forget it’s a school day too” Joanna smiled, before closing the door on the way out.
“I’d quite like to” Liam muttered under his breath.

“So I thought you could maybe spend the night at mine” Mason explained. He was sat in the school library with Corey, just half an hour before classes were set to begin for the day.
“Huh?” Corey was barely awake. He had a textbook open in front of him but he hadn’t read a single sentence since he arrived.
“Our date night, you suggested it, I’m trying to make plans” Mason was slightly frustrated.
“Sorry. I’ve not been sleeping well. I’m so tired but I can’t actually fall asleep for longer than like ten minutes” Corey explained.
“You feeling sick?” Mason asked, concerned.
“No, I’m fine, just exhausted” Corey had bags under his eyes, he looked like he hadn’t slept for days.
“Hiya guys” Hayden greeted them both, sitting down next to Mason and opposite Corey, “Wow Corey, you look awful.”
“Thanks” Corey sarcastically replied.
“Stressing over this morning’s test?” Hayden queried.
“Wait, we have a test?” Corey asked, startled.
“You forgot the biology test?” Mason was shocked – Corey never forgot a test, or homework, or anything important for school, “Dude, what’s up with you?”
“I…I don’t know. Look, you gotta revise” Hayden opened the textbook onto the right page.
“I can’t focus” Corey complained. He was staring intensely at the textbook, but nothing made sense.
“We gotta get you to the nurse” Mason suggested.
“No” Corey protested, “I’ll be OK. What’s the test on?”
“Everything we’ve done so far this year” Hayden informed.
“Alright. I’ll be back in a sec” Corey said, getting up from the table.
“What’s up with him?” Mason queried once he’d left.
“I don’t know, but it’s worrisome. I think we should tell Liam” Hayden suggested.
“He’s got enough on his plate with Nolan” Mason warned.
“I don’t care. Nolan’s not his pet, he can look after himself. We’re his friends too” Hayden complained. Mason nodded in agreeance.

Waking up from a deep slumber, Theo Raeken stirred and stretched his arms wide. His back was in pain, as a result of the rock solid concrete floor he’d spent the night lying on. He took his surroundings in, seeing the damp and dirty empty warehouse he’d slept inside.
“Hey you” came an angry voice from across the way. Theo couldn’t focus on him, he had only just woken up after all, but his sight only gave him a blurred figure in the distance.
“This is a tramp-free zone, clear off” he shouted again. Theo didn’t bother to argue, he didn’t have the strength, so he packed up his flimsy sleeping bag, grabbed his sole backpack and made his way to the exit.

Drifting slowly off to sleep, Daan was struggling to hold his interest in his maths lesson. Sure, it was his favourite subject, but differentiating equations wasn’t the most thrilling subject for him to partake in.
“Hey, wake up” Cody nudged him, “This is important.” They were sat on a desk that could fit four people, with Cody on the far end and Daan to his immediate right. Two blank seats were positioned alongside them on the back row of desks in the classroom.
“Alright, alright” Daan whined, begrudgingly sitting up.
“Are you boys listening?” the teacher queried. She was a new member of staff, having joined only a few weeks ago at the start of the school year. Her accent was northern English, but she was of Indian descent.
“Sorry Miss Padhi” Cody apologised. Daan pretended to look interested, but continued to daydream. The next thing he heard was the door opening, and the sound of Miss Padhi’s loud voice once again.
“Hurry up Mr. Holloway, you need to catch up on what you’ve missed” Miss Padhi nagged. Daan looked up and saw Nolan stood in the doorway.
“Sure” Nolan nodded timidly. He came and sat next to Daan, who moved his bag, which had also served as a pillow, out of the way.
“Not like you to be late” Daan commented.
“I was preoccupied. Couldn’t exactly walk in here with my claws out” Nolan explained, whispering.
“I thought you said you learnt to control your claws ages ago?” Cody queried, confused.
“I did, and I had, but I couldn’t hide them just now. Something’s not right” Nolan detailed.
“You need to tell Liam” Cody sensibly suggested.
“He thinks I’m doing so well, I don’t want to disappoint him” Nolan shied away. All of a sudden, the door burst open, and a girl, the same age as the boys, ran in. Bloodstains covered her bright t-shirt and her trendy denim jeans.
“Oh my god help me, somebody help me” she spoke quickly, obviously panicked, before fainting. Miss Padhi instantly leapt to action, rushing to her side and checking her pulse.
“She’s alright, she’s just unconscious. I need help, some volunteers to take her to the nurse” Miss Padhi assertively said.
“We’ll do it” Nolan volunteered him, Daan and Cody.
“Dude” Daan whispered, elbowing Nolan.
“Thanks boys” Miss Padhi smiled. Daan and Cody heaved her up, while Nolan opened the door.
“What did you do that for?” Daan moaned once they were out of the classroom.
“She’s a werehyena, I can smell it” Nolan informed them.

Scrolling through his phone, which had eight percent battery remaining, Theo was at a loss. He was sat on a park bench, overlooking a dull field with little in the way of scenery. His finger paused scrolling when he saw a particular name – Liam Dunbar. However, Theo struggled to swallow his pride and simply dial Liam’s number. He hated giving in and accepting defeat, but he had 84 cents in his pocket and his sleeping bag was so thin that he may as well just sleep on the floor. Biting the bullet, he pressed the green phone icon next to Liam’s name.
“Theo?” Liam queried instantly, skipping any form of greeting.
“Nice to hear from you too” Theo sarcastically replied, “Look, I need your help.”
“Theo Raeken needs my help? Now I really have seen it all” Liam taunted. He was walking into school, having had a free period first thing, and felt fresh-minded for his biology test.
“Glad you find it so amusing. I could really do with a hand. Besides, I seem to come running whenever you call. A bit of give and take wouldn’t go amiss” Theo commented. Liam pondered on this thought. He knew that the biology test was significant, and Ms. Finch wasn’t forgiving if somebody missed such a test. However, Theo made a good point. He did indeed owe him a favour, and there was no time like the present. After all, that’s exactly what Scott would do.
“Alright, I’ll help” Liam replied.
“Meet me at the animal clinic” Theo responded, before shutting his phone. He smiled, feeling content.

Blurred lights and indistinct outlines was all Corey could see. In front of him was his biology test, lying flat on his desk, with a pencil to the right of the fresh new sheet of paper. He looked at the first question, but he simply couldn’t make it out. It was like someone had slammed their head against a keyboard, with no clear words standing out on the page. He tried and tried, but there was simply no understanding of that question, or the nine that followed, in his brain. His head was spinning, and he felt increasingly uncomfortable sat at his desk. Within an instant, he leapt out of his seat and sprinted out of the classroom.
“Corey?” Ms. Finch yelled out, to no avail. Corey was already out of the classroom and heading down the corridor. Mason wasted no time, heading straight out of the door after Corey, terribly concerned.
“Mason? What’s going on?” Ms. Finch called, but once again, there was no response. She turned back to her desk and sighed, “Carry on with the test” she ordered the rest of the class.

“Corey?” Mason called down the school corridors. They were eerily empty, with all students in class. He got no response, but heard a clanging noise coming from the door of the changing room. Mason followed his ears, and found himself creeping step-by-step, inching into the boys’ changing rooms as if he knew something bad were about to happen.
“Corey, it’s just me” Mason called out again, encouraging him to stop hiding, “I always know where you are, don’t forget.” Mason wasn’t lying. He’d reached the door to Coach’s office, and was fully aware of the fact Corey was stood against the door, hidden and invisible.
“I’m not hiding” Corey responded.
“I can’t see you” Mason replied, facing in the right direction but simply seeing a door instead of Corey.
“I can’t control it, I didn’t shift, I swear” Corey replied, before suddenly becoming visible again. Mason hugged him, while Corey shed a tear, worried about himself.
“I don’t know what’s happening, I can’t control myself” he sobbed.
“It’s alright, we’ll get to the bottom of it, I promise” Mason consoled him.

Back in the test, normality had restored. Or so it seemed at least, from Ms. Finch’s point of view. She failed to notice Hayden staring intensely at her test paper, hands clenching the table. She couldn’t answer a single question, and it frustrated her. She knew that she’d revised these topics, and she knew the answers somewhere in her brain, but absolutely nothing was coming to her and it made her angrier and angrier. Patrolling the classroom, Ms. Finch finally took notice of Hayden.
“Hayden, take a step outside and calm down” Ms. Finch calmly said, before giving a knowing look towards Hayden’s hands. Hayden took a look herself, and saw her claws were out. Without a second thought, she leapt out of her seat and outside the classroom. She felt embarrassed, and incredibly worried that Ms. Finch had seen something as revealing as her claws…

The rattle of the bell above the door of the animal clinic sounded as Liam made his way inside.
“Good morning Liam, I have a visitor for you” Deaton greeted, opening the mountain ash barrier. Theo stood in the doorway.
“Thanks for coming” Theo expressed his gratitude, meaning it sincerely. Liam followed him into the main area of the clinic.
“What’s up? I’m missing a really important biology test so if this is a waste of time, I swear to god” Liam began to rant.
“I’m homeless” Theo interrupted, cutting Liam’s rant off. Liam stopped talking, and took a moment to think of an appropriate reply.
“I’m sorry. I had no idea” Liam apologised.
“It’s alright, it’s my fault, you weren’t to know” Theo explained, “I’ve coped for a while but I’ve got nothing. You’re the only person who might even slightly show some compassion, now that Scott’s not exactly nearby.”
“What do you want me to do?” Liam asked, open to listening.
“I want to be part of your pack, Liam” Theo proposed.
“It’s not my pack, it’s Scott’s” Liam contested.
“Well I know, but he’s not here and you are, so it’s your pack for now” Theo argued, “Besides, let’s not pretend your buddies would have anything to do with Scott if you weren’t around.”
“They won’t be happy about this, they still don’t trust you, and I’m not sure I do either” Liam thought aloud.
“Then let me prove it to you. Actions speak louder than words, and I’ve already saved your ass a few times” Theo responded. Liam thought for a second, considering his options.
“You can stay at mine, but on two conditions. I tell the others when the time is right, and you promise there’ll be no funny business” Liam bargained.
“Cross my heart and hope to die” Theo agreed.

“Two sugars please Parrish” Sheriff Stilinski placed his order for a cup of coffee. He stared at the large pile of paperwork on his desk, “Actually, make that three.”
“On it sir” Parrish responded, “By the way, we checked the CCTV footage of the alleyway where the young girl got killed. I emailed it to you, take a watch.”
“Thank you deputy” Stilinski finished the chat, immediately clicking onto his emails. With a few clicks, the video file began to play. Stilinski watched on in horror as he saw a woman in her 30s pull the trigger on a teenager begging for her life. What shocked him even further was the woman’s knowing look at the camera, complete with a smirk. Feeling sick at what he’d just watched, Stilinski stood up and headed to Parrish’s desk in the next room.
“It’s her” Stilinski announced.
“Shall I call Liam?” Parrish asked.
“Scott said only to bother him if absolutely necessary. I have someone else we could call” Stilinski pondered.

Sat outside the nurse’s office, Nolan was sat opposite Daan and Cody. They were waiting anxiously for more news on the young girl, hoping she’d pull through so they could ask some questions.
“How do you know she’s a werehyena?” Daan asked, inquisitively.
“I just…do. Liam taught me how to recognise scents, everyone has their own scent and my senses are amplified” Nolan explained clearly.
“Can you hear through walls?” Cody queried, having a brainwave.
“Yeah, why?” Nolan innocently questioned.
“Listen to what the nurse is saying” Cody suggested. Nolan focused, fine-tuning his hearing. He hadn’t totally mastered this yet, but he did his best to block out the exaggerated noise of footsteps at the other end of the corridor, and chatter from other classrooms, to focus solely on the nurse’s room.
“Your name, please” he heard the nurse say.
“Becky Whinston” the girl answered, now obviously awake.
“Alright Becky, I don’t see any visible injuries, whose blood is this?” the nurse asked.
“Must be someone else’s” Becky responded.
“OK, I’m going to have to report this to the Sheriff, to get you back to your family” the nurse spoke clearly. This was the last thing Nolan heard in the conversation, before the sound of clicking on the phone handset as the nurse made the call to the sheriff station.
“The Sheriff’s coming” Nolan explained to the other boys.
“You said he knows about supernaturals too, right?” Cody questioned.
“Yup. I think we’ve found our way in” Nolan realised.

Sat around a bench outside eating their lunch, Mason, Corey and Hayden were feeling a mix of emotions. An awkward silence ensued, as neither Corey nor Hayden felt like discussing their issues and Mason was at a loss as to how to change the subject.
“Hey guys” Liam arrived, sitting down at the table, “What’s going on?”
“Oh nothing much, just the fact that you’ve ignored all of my calls today and I can’t calm myself down” Hayden ranted. Liam felt awful – he hadn’t checked his phone since he met up with Theo. He took it out of his pocket and had a look. He saw 19 missed calls all from Hayden, plus a further eight from Mason.
“I’m so sorry, I’ve had a lot on my plate today” Liam tried to justify, although he was reluctant to mention Theo’s name.
“Like what? Your little pet project Nolan?” Hayden remarked, visibly upset.
“Where has this come from?” Liam asked, genuinely confused.
“There’s something happening dude” Mason attempted to explain, “Hayden and Corey are all over the place and have been for days. You’ve not noticed because you’ve been too busy with Nolan.
“I…I…” Liam struggled to articulate himself.
“Save it, we’re obviously not a priority anymore” Hayden complained, before getting up and walking away.
“Hayden” Liam called out, to no avail.
“I’ll go” Corey added, knowing Hayden would rather speak to anyone other than Liam in that moment.
“I don’t get it” Liam commented to Mason.
“Emotions are running high. Are you feeling alright?” Mason asked, concerned.
“I’m quite tired, but I’ve got a lot on my plate. Nolan’s just one of my problems right now, Theo’s another” Liam explained, frustrated.
“Theo? What’s he doing back?” Mason queried.
“Long story” Liam sighed.

Nolan strolled towards his next lesson – chemistry. On the way, he passed the guidance office, and saw Miss Padhi unlocking the door.
“Nolan, just the guy I was looking for” she spoke as soon as she saw him.
“Miss Padhi, is everything alright?” Nolan asked, a little wary of what she was going to say.
“Yes, very much so. Thank you very much for earlier on, you and the boys were a huge help. I just wanted to say, I’ve seen your records, if there’s anything you need to talk about then my door is always open” Miss Padhi smiled a welcoming smile.
“Thanks. I think I’m in control now but I’ll remember that” Nolan mentioned, before walking off to chemistry.

Having been picked up by one of the deputies, Becky was now being escorted towards the police car. Daan and Cody walked either side of Becky, with the deputy stood behind, begrudgingly allowing the duo to interrogate her.
“What are you?” Cody asked.
“Tired, frustrated, and worrying about the company I’m currently in” Becky replied with a hint of sass.
“No, what specifically are you?” Daan asked, still being vague as he was perfectly aware of the policeman directly behind him. Becky didn’t respond, and the deputy shuffled her off out the front door of the school, to the police car.
“Great job” Daan remarked to himself sarcastically. What he failed to notice was at the corner of the school, just metres away from where the duo stood, was a woman hidden in the shadows. She kept a keen eye on the police car as it drove off, but she was more interested in Becky inside. Grinning, Angela Frost was ready to make her next move.

2: Conflicted Written by MarthaJonesFan

Sat comfortably at his desk, Sheriff Stilinski was patiently awaiting the arrival of a familiar face. He knew that catching the killer involved a certain expertise, and there was no-one better suited to finding people than her, particularly with a special incentive.

“She’s here” Parrish announced as he entered the room.

“Send her in” Stilinski ordered. Parrish held the door open for a lady in her late 20s to saunter in. She was dressed all in black, with boots on her feet and a leather jacket. Her long dark hair trailed halfway down her back, and she carried a small backpack.

“Sheriff, it’s been a while” she commented, with conviction.

“Thanks for coming Braeden” Stilinski replied. Braeden perched herself on the chair on the opposite side of the desk.

“I assume I’m not just here for a gossip” Braeden spoke.

“No, I’m afraid not. We’ve got a situation. Two murders have taken place recently by a woman who we’ve caught on CCTV. Both victims were supernatural, I thought we could do with a hand from someone in the know” Stilinski explained, passing Braeden the images.

“And you want me to take her out?” Braeden presumed.

“No, I want you to find her and bring her back alive” Stilinski stressed.

“Of course, this doesn’t come cheap. On your part, that is” Braeden bargained.

“I think this” Stilinski said, heaving a heavy rucksack onto the table, “Should cover it.” Braeden unzipped it and peeped inside.

“I think we have a deal” she smiled.

Guest Starring:

Linden Ashby, Melissa Ponzio, JR Bourne, Ryan Kelley, Meagan Tandy, Natalia Dyer, Nargis Fakhri, Anjli Mohindra and Benita Robledo.

Special Guest Star:

Tyler Posey

“So yeah, everything’s been pretty normal here, you’re not missing much” Liam lied.

“Ah cool, I knew I could trust you. How’s Nolan?” Scott asked. He was a month into his university course now, and every now and then, he called Liam. He couldn’t get Beacon Hills off his mind even if he trusted Liam whole-heartedly.

“He’s coping well, he’s like a duck to water” Liam replied. That was true, Nolan had adapted to his new life well.

“That’s a relief” Scott smiled. He was incredibly anxious about his decision to convert Nolan, and it was no easy decision in the first place, but he was glad it was paying off, “Sorry Liam, I gotta go, I’ve got a lecture in 10 minutes.”

“Alright, see ya” Liam ended the call with a sigh. He didn’t want to worry Scott, but things were beginning to head south. Overnight he hadn’t heard a word from Hayden, so he presumed she was still in a bad mood with him. He was concerned about what Mason said, even if it made little sense. Then, to top it all off, Nolan informed him of a young werehyena being held at the sheriff station. Liam was stressed, and the last thing he wanted to do at this point was head to school again, but he knew he had to go.

“Morning” came a voice from the doorway. Theo casually stood leaning against the door frame, wearing nothing but his boxer shorts.

“Hi” Liam greeted, barely looking as he was busy getting dressed, “Sorry, you’re gonna have to entertain yourself today, I’ve got to get to school.”

“I’m sure my services would be better used elsewhere, like, I don’t know, helping out” Theo complained.

“I told you, you need to give me time to speak to the others” Liam responded, flustered about finding his schoolbag.

“I know, and in the meantime, I can prove myself to you” Theo suggested. Liam stopped flapping, and looked Theo in the eye.

“Look, I need to get to the sheriff station. Nolan’s there right now, he’s spent the night. I could do with an extra pair of hands” Liam pondered.

“Consider it sorted. School can wait” Theo smiled.

The beeping of his alarm didn’t interrupt Corey’s sleep at all, although his slumber was far from calm and undisrupted. Tossing and turning, Corey simply couldn’t get comfortable. His eyes were shut and he was in a deep sleep, but his movements were brash and hectic. Dreaming intensely, Corey could see a familiar sight – that of the Nemeton. The cut down stump of a tree was immobile, but gave Corey a feeling of dread deep in his stomach just looking at it. Nothing good ever came about when the Nemeton was in play. Corey looked at his hands, still deep in dreamland, but he couldn’t see anything. In fact, his whole body was invisible. His chimera vision wasn’t working, but he was still invisible and he was baffled as to why. The next thing he knew, his hands were flickering in and out of vision. First it was slow, every couple of seconds, he’d switch between visible and invisible. However, it accelerated. Faster and faster, Corey became visible, invisible, visible, invisible, until he bolted upright in bed. Wide awake, Corey was panicked, and scared, and sweating heavily. He gathered himself, taking deep breaths, and examining his hands again. He was visible, and felt in control once again, but somehow he felt like his dream wasn’t just any old nightmare – more a sign of things to come...

“Are you alright? You didn’t say a word all of last night” Valerie queried. Hayden was slumped at the breakfast table, a bowl of cereal in front of her that hadn’t been touched.

“Huh?” she replied, having not paid attention.

“What’s up? Is something bothering you?” Valerie asked, concerned for her younger sister.

“How long have you got?” Hayden replied.

“Look, I’ve been wanting to speak to you about this for a while” Valerie began, sitting down next to Hayden at the table, “I’ve got a new job, an hour away from Beacon Hills.” Hayden looked at her in shock, immediately feeling like the walls around her were collapsing.

Sat waiting nervously in anticipation, Nolan was barely awake. He was sat on a chair outside the Sheriff’s office, waiting for news on Becky, drifting off to sleep occasionally but it was too sporadic for him to have had any quality resting time all evening. Bursting through the doors as the opposite ends of the room, Liam and Theo arrived.

“Any news?” Liam asked, skipping any form of greeting.

“None” Nolan responded, before noticing Theo, “What’s he doing here?”

“Long story, but don’t worry, he’s here to help” Liam replied, mostly brushing it aside.

“Alright” Nolan accepted, not questioning why Liam was being short with him, “The Sheriff said he’d interview her in the morning, hopefully it won’t be too long now.”

“I’ll go and see what the hold up’s about” Theo decided, heading to the front desk. Liam perched himself down next to Nolan.

“You’ve not had much sleep, have you?” Liam noticed.

“I’ll be fine” Nolan dodged the question, but Liam knew the answer anyway.

“You didn’t have to stay all night” Liam responded.

“I wanted to. I was looking out for her” Nolan justified sincerely. He looked towards Liam, who was staring back. In that moment, both of them felt the same way – fixated on each other’s faces, gazing into each other’s eyes. Liam was pretty confused as to why he felt this way, but in this moment, he knew it was good. He started moving closer towards Nolan, but the moment didn’t last much longer.

“Stilinski should be here any second” Theo interrupted, arriving back and sitting on the other side of Liam. Nolan looked on, also confused about his feelings, but in that moment, he knew that nothing in his life had felt clearer.

The silence of the library never sounded louder for Hayden. She was sat opposite Mason and Corey, but she couldn’t concentrate on the textbook open in front of her.

“You’re still not feeling great, are you?” Mason noticed.

“I feel so angry” Hayden replied, “I can’t get Liam off my mind, and all I feel is negativity.”

“If he’s not gonna do something, we need to” Corey suggested, “Surely someone must know something about all of this.”

“Argent’s pretty clued up on this kind of thing, maybe we should drop by later” Mason added, “But I really think we need to keep Liam updated.”

“Screw him” Hayden retorted, “Meet me at my car at lunch.” She walked off, leaving Mason in a predicament.

“I don’t feel comfortable leaving Liam out of this” he confessed to Corey.

“It’s his decision, he’s obviously not that interested” Corey justified. Mason sighed. Liam was his best friend, and his intelligent mind was frantically trying to find a justification for his behaviour. Unfortunately, nothing came about.

“No way, I’ve pushed the boundaries more than enough times for you kids already” Stilinski explained.

“Oh come on Sheriff, just five minutes, you know full well this is our field and anything she says could be dangerous” Theo argued, “Right Liam?” Liam wasn’t listening. He was stood to Theo’s right, but all he was focusing on was how much of a headache he had. It hurt like hell. After all, it was his first headache since becoming a werewolf – his body’s healing powers meant any headaches were seen off before they had a chance to impact.

“Liam?” Theo repeated. Liam heard this time, and looked up, startled.

“Are you alright?” Stilinski asked, concerned. 

“Yeah, sorry” Liam lied, “What were we talking about?”

“Alright guys, you’ve got 15 minutes with her before we have to follow procedure” Stilinski gave in. He’d only just arrived back when Theo pounced on him about speaking to Becky before her formal interview. He also knew that they wouldn’t back down, and ultimately, it probably was for the best if they’d discussed the supernatural issues in advance.

“You won’t regret it” Theo smiled, feeling self-assured. He and Nolan started walking towards the interview room, but Liam darted off in the opposite direction.

“Where are you going?” Nolan enquired.

“You guys go ahead, I’ve got a couple of errands to run” Liam flippantly replied, and continued walking out. Once outside, he took his phone out of his pocket, unlocked it, and began composing a text to Mason. ‘Meet me in the school library in 10, it’s urgent’ it said.

Pulling up outside Chris Argent’s house, Hayden took her car key out of the ignition and composed herself. Corey was sat adjacent in the passenger seat, keeping an eye on Hayden.

“Can’t you feel it?” she asked him.

“Feel what?” Corey queried innocently, although he had an idea what she was referring to.

“Like there’s someone in the back of your mind, flicking a switch on your abilities, switching between human and supernatural. They’ve got control and I haven’t” Hayden described.

“I feel it” Corey confessed, “It’s driving me crazy.”

“I’m scared” Hayden added, starting to get tearful, “It’s playing havoc with my emotions and I’m struggling, Corey.”

“Don’t worry, you’ve always got me” he smiled, putting a comforting hand on her leg, “Let’s get some answers.” Hayden wiped her tears and got out of the car. She put a guard up, meaning business, and started strolling alongside Corey up to Argent’s front door.

“Dude, what’s this about?” Mason queried. He was stood with Liam on the balcony of the school library – somewhere with very few people around.

“You’re my best friend” Liam justified, “I can tell you anything, right?” Liam seemed on edge. He was shaking slightly, and felt sick – more than he ever had.

“Of course” Mason replied without even having to consider his answer. Liam paused, carefully thinking through his words.

“When did you first realise you were…you know…” Liam struggled to use the word.

“Gay?” Mason finished the sentence for him, “Not long before I told you, about 15.”

“How did you know?” Liam interrogated.

“I just did. I had a feeling I’d never felt before when looking at certain guys. That told me all I needed to know” Mason recalled, “Are you trying to say…?”

“No” Liam quickly said, before correcting himself, “Well, I don’t know. Maybe.”

“What about Hayden?” Mason wondered.

“I love her, I really do. I think that ship may have sailed though. She’s not answered any of my calls, and she’s felt distant for a while” Liam explained, disheartened.

“Liam, I’m really proud of you dude. Takes guts to be honest with yourself” Mason smiled.

“I wish I was proud of myself. I’m so confused” Liam sighed.

“Go with your heart, it’s never wrong” Mason advised. Liam took heed, and smiled. However, the next thing he knew, his vision was blurry. He couldn’t focus on anything, and his head felt as light as a balloon.

“Liam?” Mason said, noticing Liam was losing his balance. With a thump, Liam collapsed to the floor, unconscious. Mason rushed to his side, took out his phone and dialled 911 without a second thought.

Sat side-by-side in the interview room, Theo and Nolan braced themselves for a potentially difficult interrogation with Becky. Parrish opened the door and escorted her through. She looked rough – her cuts had healed but she’d spent a night at a nearby refuge in an uncomfortable bed. Her home comforts weren’t there, meaning she had no make-up and her hair was a state with not even a comb provided. She sat down, and Parrish left the room to stand outside. Stilinski was watching keenly from the next room through the one-way mirror.

“Hey” Theo greeted, attempting to be friendly, “I’m Theo, and this is Nolan.” Nolan waved awkwardly. Becky gave nothing in response, not even a twitch.

“We’re here to help” Theo continued, “We’re totally on your side, we just need to know exactly what happened. Every single detail.” Once again, Becky did nothing. She was staring intensely at the duo, but failing to respond.

“Alright, being friendly isn’t doing the trick. Nolan, watch and learn” Theo said as he stood up, approached Becky, and in a flash, he stuck his claws into the back of her neck. Both she and Theo froze in that moment, as he delved into her memories, recalling the previous day. He felt her fear, and the adrenaline that ran through her body as she sprinted through the forests of Beacon Hills. Behind her, Theo saw a woman in her 30s running just as fast. He paid attention to the details. She was wearing black all over, with gloves. Held in her right hand was a gun, which she fired without a second thought. Luckily for Becky, it missed and skimmed right past her. Meanwhile, Nolan sat watching. He’d signalled to Stilinski, to tell him not to enter, and was waiting patiently for Theo to snap back into consciousness. Snapping out of it, Theo withdrew his claws as carefully as he could. Both he and Becky were back in the room, and Becky instantly moved her hand to massage the pain Theo had caused.

“What the heck?” she asked him, “That’s an invasion of privacy.”

“Do I look like someone who cares?” Theo responded cheekily.

“What did you see?” Nolan eagerly asked.

“I saw her. The woman, she’s still here in Beacon Hills and she’s chasing anyone who’s supernatural” Theo reported.

“She wanted me dead. I got away but only just” Becky added, finally opening up.

“How did she find you?” Nolan queried.

“I don’t know, but she knew exactly where to find me. I think she’d been watching me. I’m still not safe, even here” Becky worried.

“Sorry to interrupt” Parrish announced, entering the room, “I’ve got some bad news. Liam’s been taken ill, he’s at the hospital.” Nolan didn’t think twice before rushing off to see him.

“Alright, I’ll just tidy up here then” Theo muttered under his breath, before turning back to Becky, “I’ll make sure you’ve got the best protection possible. We can take care of you.”

“Who’s we?” she asked, “You and your little sidekick?” Theo really wanted to say yes, acting like the big boss in charge, but he restrained himself.

“There’s a pack here, a bunch of them are at college but there’s still enough of us to keep you safe, I promise” he smiled, putting a comforting hand on her shoulder.

“So that’s all you need to know” Corey concluded. He and Hayden were sat comfortably on Argent’s sofa, while he leaned against the comfy chair opposite. They’d explained everything – how they both had felt recently, how it had affected their daily lives and that Liam wasn’t doing anything to help them.

“Why do you think I can help?” Argent queried.

“You spent years hunting, your family history goes back centuries, surely you must have some information on how this could happen to supernatural beings” Hayden explained.

“Well, supernatural energy comes from trees called Nemeta. We have one in Beacon Hills, as you know, which explains why this is such a magnet for strange happenings. The Nemeton here has been mostly dormant for centuries though, I don’t see how it could be anything to do with that” Argent pondered.

“Surely it’s worth investigating?” Corey was at a loss.

“I guess. Deaton could be worth a shot, he’s got a lot more history with the Nemeton and he knows the ins and outs” Argent suggested.

“Thanks” Corey smiled, “Let’s go.” He and Hayden headed towards the door to leave, before Hayden spun round with a suggestion.

“Wait, you said the Nemeton gives out power? What if, in certain circumstances, it takes it back? Or gives out too much?” Hayden suggested.

“Like a power fluctuation” Corey added.

“It’s possible I guess, nobody’s ever totally understood how it works and it’s far from your regular electricity. We need to speak to Deaton, pronto” Argent sprung into action, and he followed the duo out of the front door in pursuit of some answers.

Despite still having a splitting headache, Liam was feeling much more relaxed lying on his comfortable hospital bed. He wasn’t so keen on the gown he now appeared to be wearing, but all in all, he was pretty content and felt more comfortable than he had in a while.

“Hey mister sleepy head” Melissa McCall said from his left, “Looks like someone’s been very stressed recently.”

“You can say that again” Liam remarked.

“Anything Scott needs to know?” Melissa tried to lift the burden she knew Liam had.

“No, it’s fine, I’ve got everything under control” Liam lied. He still didn’t want to bother Scott – he said he’d keep things under control and his stubbornness remained intact.

“Hello stranger” came a familiar voice from the door. Behind Melissa, Scott could see Nolan’s keen smile peeping into the hospital room.

“I’ll leave you both to it. By the way, Mason’s outside, I’ll give him a nudge” Melissa smiled gently, leaving the room.

“Hey” Liam responded, feeling butterflies in his stomach like never before.

“I came as soon as I heard. Are you alright?” Nolan worriedly asked.

“I’m fine, just exhausted. My head’s all over the place” Liam confessed. Nolan sat on the chair to Liam’s left, moving it closer towards the bed.

“You’ve been working so hard. You need a rest. Sheriff Stilinski’s got everything under control when it comes to the Eichen nurse” Nolan reminded him.

“I know, but Scott wouldn’t give up. He’d keep going until the bitter end” Liam continued.

“Stop comparing yourself. You’re not Scott, you’re Liam Dunbar. You’ve got no need to be ashamed. You’re brilliant” Nolan grinned, being supportive as always. Liam took this moment. His heart was racing, faster than it ever had. He worried even more than Nolan would be listening to his heartbeat and point it out. He felt sick with nerves, but he knew this was the perfect chance. Leaning in towards Nolan, he felt their lips meet. Liam closed his eyes, savouring the moment while he could, as he kissed Nolan. The feeling of dread in his stomach was lifted just for a few seconds, as he felt elated and happier than he ever had. He pulled back, and the elation was replaced with the same feeling of worry. The only difference was that it was now ten times worse.

“I’m sorry” Liam apologised. Nolan’s face was blank, Liam couldn’t read it at all, which made him feel even worse.

“No, it’s alright” Nolan grinned from ear to ear, and pulled Liam back in for another kiss. Liam hadn’t been aware that Nolan had felt the same for a while, and he shared the exact same feelings of worry and dread. However, both of them were united right now in their ecstasy. Neither of them noticed Mason stood in the doorway, looking on with a grin on his face. He was proud of his best friend for expressing his true feelings, even if he was slightly surprised at how quickly things seemed to be moving.

“Hey” Liam said, breaking the kiss as he spotted Mason in the doorway.

“Sorry, I didn’t want to interrupt” Mason sheepishly apologised.

“Don’t worry” Liam smiled, “Your advice earlier was amazing.”

“Glad I could be of assistance. I guess you’ve made your choice” Mason observed.

“Hayden and I are as good as over” Liam noted.

“She deserves a proper explanation, don’t forget that” Mason added. Liam nodded, before catching eyes with Nolan again and smiling like a little kid in a soft play area.

Finding herself at the high school. Braeden heard the sound of her high heeled boots clip-clopping across the wooden floor of the sports hall. All day long, she’d been tracking the Eichen nurse down, and it wasn’t an easy task when someone covered their tracks so well. However, that itself was often a telling sign – she’d covered her tracks way too perfectly and that gave Braeden a very good idea of what her opponent was like. 

“I know you’re here so why don’t you save me the bother of shooting you and just hand yourself in” Braeden threatened. In her hand was a tranquiliser gun, but she had a regular gun with proper bullets in her back pocket for safe-keeping. Stilinski’s orders about bringing her back alive were to be taken seriously – he was her client and ultimately all Braeden wanted was the money.

“Alright, you got me” came a jovial voice from behind, “Like really. I obviously don’t stand a chance against you, so let’s make this easy.” Braeden spun around, and there she was. The Eichen House nurse, although you wouldn’t expect that considering her current clothing choices. She was wearing black all over, and her wavy dark brown hair flowed down past her shoulders.

“Empty your pockets” Braeden ordered. She was cautious, as nobody handed themselves over this easily, not least an opponent like this, but nevertheless she continued the mission. The nurse emptied her pockets, chucking a gun and a couple of knives to the floor.

“Search me if you want” she retorted.

“Name?” Braeden asked.

“Angela Frost” she replied, honestly.

“This way” Braeden ordered. She wasn’t stupid enough to walk in front of Angela, but she was still sceptical as she walked past. Step by step, they reached Braeden’s stylish car. With a click of the key, the doors were opened and to Braeden’s surprise, Angela actually opened the door and got in.

“Nice motor” Angela commented, “Shame you won’t be driving it any longer.” Braeden was confused, and let her guard down long enough for Angela to slam the car door into her face, knocking her out stone cold.

“Foolish child” she commented. Angela slid Braeden’s gun out of her back pocket, before picking up the car key, getting into the driver seat of the car and taking off, leaving an unconscious Braeden lying outside an abandoned warehouse in the dead of night.

It was long past school closing time, but Krishna Padhi was determined to finish off her paperwork as guidance counsellor before she signed off for the night. She was sat comfortably in her office, with one last file to read – Nolan Holloway. Her first impression of Nolan was pleasant, with nothing bad to say. She’d skim-read his file before and was aware of his mental difficulties, but she was surprised by quite how recent his diagnosis were. She was far from a doctor, but her training knew that something didn’t add up. She wrote a post-it note for herself for the morning – ‘Meeting with Nolan ASAP’ – she just had to get to the bottom of it...

3: Rumour Written by MarthaJonesFan

Drifting off to sleep, Theo had spent most of the night awake. Becky was fast asleep and had been since 9pm the previous night. She was draped across Liam’s bed while he was away, and Theo wanted to make sure she was guarded the entire time. He’d hate to wake up and find she’s gone, or even worse, dead. He looked at his watch – 5:37am. He groaned. It had been a long night – alone with his thoughts. His mind was strangely clear. Normally it was like Piccadilly Circus, with thoughts rushing around left, right and centre. Most of them negative thoughts too, either restrained anger that he felt or regret from his dubious actions in the past. He stared out into the night sky – the full moon was approaching. He stared at the white sphere in the sky, in awe of its beauty. Theo considered how something so stunning could rule over beings like them. It made little sense to him, so he turned his attention back to Becky. He found it comforting to watch her sleep. She was so graceful, barely a hair out of place even when she slept. He felt something he wasn’t used to feeling - an instinct to protect somebody. Normally he looked after number one only, but the tide was finally turning. Theo grinned to himself, finally feeling like he’d found his place in the supernatural world.

Guest Starring:

Linden Ashby, JR Bourne, Seth Gilliam, Ryan Kelley, Kaj Nieuwenhoff, Nick Robinson, Natalia Dyer, Nargis Fakhri, Anjli Mohindra, Paige Turco and Todd Williams.

“Are you sure you’re alright, sweetie?” Joanna nagged. She was a concerned mother, much like anyone else would be in that situation.

“I’m fine, I promise” Liam responded. He’d spent the night at the hospital and despite the comfort of his bed, he missed his home comforts dearly.

“He’s totally fine to go home, don’t stress” Dr. Geyer informed Joanna. Dr. Geyer was Liam’s stepdad, and effectively raised him as his own.

“I better book the day off work to look after you. I don’t want you getting stressed out again” Joanna flustered.

“Mom” Liam interrupted, “I’ll be fine. Please don’t stress yourself out on my behalf.” Joanna sat on his bedside.

“I’m worried about you honey” she confided, “Is everything OK? You know you can talk to me about absolutely anything, right?” Liam was listening keenly, but couldn’t help notice a figure in a red jacket appearing in the corner of his eye. It was Nolan, popping his head round the door.

“Sorry, am I interrupting?” he queried.

“No, not at all” Dr. Geyer replied, “Come in.”

“You must be the famous Nolan” Joanna smiled, greeting him. Nolan looked confused, thinking Liam might have mentioned last night’s events to her.

“Hi” he awkwardly shook her hand.

“Liam’s barely stopped talking about you since the semester began” Joanna explained. Liam blushed, sighing at his mother’s embarrassing speeches.

“Time to go” Liam butted in, not wanting to face the gut-wrenching awkwardness any longer.

“Does she know?” Nolan mouthed to Liam nervously. Liam’s response was a ferocious shake of the head, not just signalling a ‘no’ – more an ‘absolutely not’.

CRASH! A tray of medical instruments collapsed onto the floor as Corey’s clumsy arm sprang along the desk. He stirred with the noise, noticing his surroundings as one eye unwillingly twitched open.

“Huh?” Corey muttered, still half asleep. He leapt up and noticed the familiar surroundings of Deaton’s animal clinic. Confused, he spotted Hayden and Argent stirring too, thanks to the noise. Then it clicked. Last night, they’d arrived at the animal clinic to visit Deaton and ask him for details on why they feel so unwell. However, unusually for Deaton, he was nowhere to be seen despite their visit being within opening hours. They must have fallen asleep waiting, Corey assumed.

“Talk about a rude awakening” Argent commented.

“Sorry” Corey blushed, “Any sign of Deaton?”

“You called?” Deaton interrupted. He was stood in the doorway, watching the intruders awake from their slumber, “It’s not often I see burglars taking a nap on the scene.”

“Where have you been?” a stressed Hayden asked.

“I had some urgent business to attend to, I’m sorry, I can’t always be at your beck and call” Deaton retorted, as calmly and softly as he always spoke.

“Now you’re here, we’ve got some urgent business of our own” Argent explained. Deaton was all-ears, as the group gathered around the central desk.

Strolling into lesson, Nolan had a huge grin on his face. That feeling of worry and dread in his stomach had morphed into unbound excitement, and he wanted to jump up and down on the spot. He gave Miss Padhi a friendly grin on the way in, who smiled back. She looked at the post-it note stuck to the side of her computer screen; a reminder to speak to Nolan at the end of the lesson. He’d sat down next to Daan and Cody as he always did, and the spring in his step didn’t go unnoticed.

“Why are you so chirpy?” Daan queried.

“What? I’m not chirpy” Nolan lied. He was a bad liar. Everything about him was glowing, it was tough not to notice when Nolan was usually such a reserved character.

“Someone’s in love” Cody identified, trying to have banter with Nolan.

“No!” Nolan denied at a rapid pace.

“The lady doth protest too much” Daan joked. Nolan blushed. He felt embarrassed, and he knew Liam didn’t want anyone else to know just yet, particularly as they’d not even had a moment to talk about what happened the previous night.

“Leave me alone” Nolan sulked, and moved up one spot to the blank space to his right, creating distance between his friends.

Theo had never felt so hungry. He hadn’t eaten since lunchtime yesterday, as he’s had his eye on Becky the entire time. Even leaving her alone for five minutes could be dangerous, as the Eichen House nurse could be lurking anywhere, spying on Becky. His stomach was craving the taste of some toast, and he knew full well that Liam’s mum made the best possible fry-up after the previous morning. He stared out of the window, bags under his eyes.

“Morning” came a delicate voice from beside Theo. He spun round and saw Becky, her bright blue eyes locking with his.

“Hey” he smiled, before yawning.

“Have you been here all night?” Becky asked, inquisitively. Theo blushed – his silence told Becky everything she needed to know.

“Oh my god” Becky continued, “You don’t need to be my personal bodyguard Theo. I’m flattered, but I can take care of myself.”

“You did a great job of that the other day, you barely got away from her” Theo recalled.

“This time I’m ready” Becky was self-assured, naively so.

“Prove it” Theo smirked. Becky leapt out of bed and stood in front of Theo, eye to eye. She raised her hand as if to punch him, but with barely a thought, Theo’s hand blocked her. She tried with her other hand, but once again got blocked. Theo was now holding both of her wrists, as he smiled a smug grin at her. Becky raised her eyebrows, still smiling, as she’d yet to play her trump card. She used Theo’s strength against him, lifting herself up just a few centimetres off the ground and slammed both feet against his stomach. He catapulted to the ground, and Becky landed solidly on both feet. Victorious, she put her hand out and helped Theo back up.

“Alright, I give in” Theo laughed, rubbing his chest.

Ignoring his usual manners, Parrish failed to knock on Sheriff Stilinski’s door before rushing in.

“Deputy, do you mind?” Stilinski groaned.

“Sorry sir, but it’s urgent. This envelope has just been delivered. I think you’ll want to take a look” Parrish handed it over. The envelope was addressed specifically to Sheriff Stilinski and Deputy Parrish. Stilinski read it aloud.

“Meet me in the basement at 12 o’clock this afternoon” Stilinski read, before noticing and coldly announcing, “It’s written in blood.”

“It’s her, it must be” Parrish identified, “I’ll get a team ready.”

“No, it’s too dangerous. We can’t go in there all guns blazing, it’s addressed specifically to us. We go alone” Stilinski ordered. Parrish nodded, and vacated the office.

“Are you sure you’re well enough for school?” Mason asked, “You’re looking a little peaky. No surprise considering everything going on I suppose.”

“I’m fine” Liam sighed. He was far from fine, but didn’t want Mason feeling sorry for him, particularly when they all had so much on their plates right now. The biology textbook in front of him wasn’t even remotely enticing, and his head was banging, but the previous night was keeping him positive.

“When are you gonna talk to her?” Mason was referring to Hayden, changing the subject entirely.

“I don’t know. I’ve not heard from her since the other night” Liam replied.

“Do you think she was serious when she said it’s over?” Mason queried. He was confused about the entire situation, and being situated between Hayden and Liam was difficult.

“I think she was pretty clear” Liam groaned. As happy as he was that he might stand a chance with Nolan, he did love Hayden dearly and he didn’t want to break her heart, or even worse, lose her friendship.

“If you want one piece of advice from me, it’s that you need to tell her sooner rather than later. Trust me, if she found out from somebody else, things are gonna be even worse” Mason suggested. Liam nodded, taking the advice on board. He then took out his phone and instantly began texting Hayden – “Meet me at school at lunch. Crisis talk.”

Whilst he was explaining the situation, Argent couldn’t help but feel Deaton was looking distracted. Usually his focus was unbroken, and he’d listen keenly to every word you’d say. Today, he wasn’t even making eye contact with Argent. His mind seemed to be elsewhere, and Argent had noticed this.

“Are we keeping you?” he retorted.

“No, I’m sorry. I’m aware of the power fluctuations at the Nemeton. Druids and emissaries are linked to the Nemeton, as you all know. I noticed it straight away, and it’s affecting supernatural beings all over Beacon Hills” Deaton explained.

“So you’re already on it, that’s great. How do we stop it?” Corey queried.

“We can’t” Deaton replied, “It’s a force of nature. Every thousand or so years, the Nemeton will lose control of its power. It’s like it needs new batteries and begins to stop working properly.”

“Who changes the batteries then?” Hayden asked, noting the analogy.

“Unsurprisingly I’ve never been around to see this happen, and hoped I’d never will be. There’s no definitive answer I’m afraid, but there’s a legend that’s well known amongst druids” Deaton coldly delivered, “It says that an alpha, a beta, an omega and a druid must perform a ceremony. The Nemeton will be able to redefine its parameters, recognise what the levels of power in each one is.”

“So what’s the problem? I’m sure we could arrange this quite quickly” Argent questioned.

“There’s different reports as to what the result of such a ritual would be. All agree that the balance of power would be restored. However, the outcome of the four participants causes much debate. Some say they escape unscathed, others say they all perish. The most interesting suggests that they all return to being plain average humans” Deaton detailed. Hayden, Corey and Argent exchanged worried glances, unsure of exactly what they should do next.

Theo was delighted to finally be sat down at the dining table, eating some grub. His stomach was roaring louder than his mouth ever could, and now Becky was awake, he could finally treat her, and himself, to a slap-up breakfast. By that, he meant a couple of slices of toast each with a selection of jam or marmalade for the topping. Becky didn’t seem to mind, she seemed just as thankful as Theo was to be finally eating some food. She didn’t think to ask him last night if they could eat. It had been a long day and she was worried about being tracked down. She still was, she guessed, but having gotten to know Theo a little, she felt safe in his company. Both of them were enjoying their toast, and each other’s company for that matter. In between munching, the duo caught each other’s eyes and smiled awkwardly at each other. Neither knew what to say, but it was obvious they both felt the same about each other. Theo thought he’d take the plunge and strike up a conversation, but in the split second before a word left his mouth, a loud crashing sound came from the window a couple of metres away. The glass had splintered into many pieces, but what was more concerning was the fact they were surrounding a brick. It had been lobbed through the window, for no reason other than to attack. Theo and Becky both sprang out of their seats when they heard the loud crash, followed by a thump when the brick whacked Liam’s kitchen floor. Becky’s relaxed mood vanished in an instant, as she hid behind a protective Theo.

“They’ve found us. We’ve got to get out of here” Theo stated.

The tedious maths lesson was drawing to a close, and the sound of the school bell was music to Nolan’s ears. He was excited to get to break time, and his stomach was yearning for a tasty treat from the school canteen. As he followed Daan and Cody out of the door, Miss Padhi stopped him in his tracks.

“Nolan, could I please have a word?” she queried. Daan and Cody stopped too, leading Miss Padhi to specify, “In private.”

“I’ll only be a few minutes” Nolan responded, as his best friends reluctantly leave the room.

“Nolan, I’m a bit concerned having read your report. I’m aware of your diagnosis, but it doesn’t appear that you’ve got any mentoring or counselling, and you’ve not had a check-up with a doctor since before summer. Is everything alright?” Krishna asked, expressing a genuine concern.

“Yeah, I’m fine” Nolan seemed curious as to why Miss Padhi was so concerned.

“I was thinking we could maybe meet up once a week, any time you’ve got a study period, just pop your head into my office for five minutes. I’m glad you’re on top of everything but I want to keep your progress going strong” Krishna smiled. Nolan nodded, feeling like he had no other choice.

“Alright, I’ll see you next lesson” Krishna finished the chat.

“Bye” Nolan smiled awkwardly and left the room. Krishna sat down at her desk. She was intrigued by Nolan – he was unlike anyone else she’d met. He was remarkably self-assured and confident, unlike anyone else in his situation. She knew she’d get to the bottom of it, and hoped her weekly chat with him would help her solve the mystery…

11:59 am. Stilinski cautiously stepped down into the basement of the sheriff station. There was an external entrance to the basement, which he presumed the Eichen nurse would use. He’d sent Parrish down to unlock it, before he joined Stilinski at the opposite end just seconds before the clock struck midday.

“Not a second late, I’m impressed” came a voice from the opposite end of the basement. Strutting into view from behind the crates and boxes full of stored files, clip-clopping in stylish leather boots, the Eichen nurse was in plain view.

“What’s your name?” Stilinski wasted no time with the interrogation.

“Bit keen aren’t you?” she flirted, “Angela Frost.”

“Frost…” Stilinski pondered, wondering why he recognised the surname. Then it clicked, “Related to Thomas?”

“His mother. An angry mother at that” Angela replied.

“I’m sorry for your loss” Stilinski responded, diplomatically and sincerely, “That’s not an excuse, however, for murdering innocent people.”

“Innocent?” Angela scoffed, “These so-called people killed my son. They all deserve to die.”

“Your son was a werewolf, have you forgotten?” Parrish added. He’d mostly kept quiet, but felt his contribution on this occasion was necessary.

“Not by choice. If he hadn’t been bitten, he’d still be alive. He’d be on his way to college. I so wanted to play the doting mom, but here I am, fighting in his name” Angela spoke with little emotion, like she had a barrier up.

“You don’t have to fight. Hand yourself in and I’ll make sure they go easy on you. You have my word” Stilinski bargained. He was being more than fair considering they had evidence of her being a murderer.

“I think I’ll be making the deals around here. I want a list of names of any known supernatural beings in Beacon Hills” Angela ordered.

“That won’t be happening” Stilinski bluntly replied.

“I guess I’ll have to go and track them down myself. Thanks for nothing Sheriff” Angela taunted, before strutting her way back to the exit.

“Hold it right there” Stilinski yelled, taking his gun out of his holster and priming it in position.

“You wouldn’t” Angela smirked, “Not when your precious Stiles could be bumped up my hit list. A list I’ve duplicated and sent to multiple sources at that. He’s with the FBI, isn’t he?”

“You wouldn’t dare” Stilinski was raging, although his will to pull the trigger was reduced thanks to her threats. Whether it was a genuine or empty threat, he didn’t know, but the risk was too huge.

“He’s not supernatural?” Parrish queried, confused.

“He might as well be given the company he keeps. He’s just as bad. See you later boys” Angela grinned as she clip-clopped to the exit. Stilinski put the gun back in the holster and stormed out of the basement, absolutely furious and incredibly concerned for the safety of his son.

Liam was sat with Mason at their usual bench outside. It was lunchtime, and every second of the day thus far had felt like an hour. He wasn’t in the right frame of mind for school, and his head was hurting like hell.

“Dude, are you listening to a word I’m saying?” Mason asked, annoyed at Liam’s ignorance.

“Sorry” Liam snapped back into the conversation, “I’m not feeling so great.”

“Hayden and Corey are trying to investigate, they said they’re going to speak to Deaton. Fingers crossed we’ll get some answers” Mason informed.

“Speak of the devils” Liam commented, as Hayden and Corey arrived at the bench.

“I need a word. Urgently” Hayden demanded. She hadn’t even sat down before getting to business. Liam didn’t even think of contesting her, particularly when her face was as stern as it was. He stood up and they both sat down at a different bench a few metres away.

“I’ve been wanting to have a word actually” Liam began, hoping she was wanting to talk relationships with him.

“Liam this is urgent, our relationship issues can wait” Hayden interrupted, “We went to see Deaton, he knows what’s going on. It’s the Nemeton.” Liam’s face dropped. The last time they were at the Nemeton, it basically engulfed a power-hungry werehyena.

Meanwhile, Corey had joined Mason at their usual bench. The duo hadn’t spoken much in the past couple of days, and Mason in particular was feeling rather left out.

“You alright?” he awkwardly asked.

“Yeah” Corey responded just as awkwardly. They sat in silence afterwards, staring at each other.

“How’s Liam?” Corey asked, trying to break the silence.

“Not great” Mason honestly replied, “He’s got a lot on his plate, as you know.”

“Everything apart from us” Corey retorted.

“That’s not true, and you know it” Mason defended his best mate ferociously, “He’s doing all he can, juggling us three, Nolan…”

“What does Nolan have to do with anything? He’s not Liam’s pet, he’s still that little creep that we hated” Corey vented his anger.

“Alright, be like that” Mason yelled, leaving the bench and storming off.

Perched in the canteen, Nolan was sat quietly with Daan and Cody. Normally, he was chatty in their presence despite his timidity around everyone else, but today was a different story.

“Dude what’s up?” Cody asked out of a genuine concern.

“Huh?” Nolan looked up. He wasn’t paying any attention to his friends, and his mind was elsewhere.

“You know we were just joking earlier” Cody felt bad for taking the mick with Nolan during maths earlier.

“I know” Nolan replied, “You weren’t wrong though.”

“Hold up one sec, you’re actually in love?” Daan was flabbergasted, in the best possible way.

“Is it that difficult a concept to believe?” Nolan replied, frustrated.

“No, I’m just surprised, I didn’t know you liked anyone. Who is she?” Daan presumptuously asked. Nolan felt sick with nerves. He was terrified of telling Daan and Cody so soon, particularly as he hadn’t seen Liam all day to be able to discuss it, and gossip could spread like wildfire amongst Beacon Hills High. He summoned every bit of strength that he could, and primed himself to speak.

“It’s Liam” Nolan confessed. He looked at Daan and Cody’s shocked facial expressions, and prepared himself for the taunting.

“I’m proud of you dude” Cody broke the silence. He smiled a friendly smile, and meant it genuinely.

“Me too. I’m happy for you” Daan added. Nolan felt a warm feeling inside, pleased to have gotten it off his chest.

“Please don’t say a word to anyone” Nolan pleaded. The duo nodded without a doubt. Nolan felt happy, and at ease with himself for the first time in a long time.

“Excuse me” came a croaky voice from the end of the table, “Do you know Scott McCall?” the lady asked. She was wearing dark clothing with her dark hair ruffled and all over the place. She had cuts across her face, and her balance wasn’t good.

“Scott? He’s at college” Nolan answered.

“Tell him from me. Angela Frost, Thomas’ mom, she’s the killer” she said. Before Nolan had the chance to inform her that Liam’s in charge at the moment, Braeden collapsed onto the floor, exhausted and unconscious.

“What do you want me to do?” Liam asked Hayden. She’d just filled him in on everything she’d found out from Deaton.

“I thought you’d be able to come up with some kind of solution, you’re normally good at thinking on your feet” Hayden presumed.

“Not so much lately” Liam solemnly replied, “I can barely string a sentence together.”

“That’s the effect of the Nemeton. We need to restore its power balance to normal or else we’re not gonna be fit for anything” Hayden informed. Liam nodded, before gazing into her eyes.

“I miss you” he confessed. Hayden seemed to disapprove, so Liam continued, “I know we’re not on good terms right now, and I understand that, but I still care for you.”

“Liam, I meant what I said the other night” Hayden clarified.

“I know, but you need to listen to this” Liam pleaded, “I kissed Nolan.” Hayden was taken aback, unsure whether to feel surprised or angry.

“I hope you’re very happy together” Hayden said, holding back tears. She stood up to walk away, but she noticed someone stood behind her.

“Sorry, I know you said not to come” it was a voice Hayden recognised. She looked up – Theo Raeken.

“What’s he doing here?” Hayden furiously asked Liam.

“What’s up?” Liam asked Theo, ignoring Hayden. Stood behind Theo, clinging onto his arm, was a fragile-looking Becky.

“She’s here. The killer” Theo explained. Liam put his head in his hands, unable to cope with yet another problem when his head hurt so much.

4: Ritual Written by MarthaJonesFan

Staring at the stack of paperwork on her desk, Ms. Natalie Martin groaned. She enjoyed being the headteacher of Beacon Hills High, but the paperwork never even remotely excited her. Still, it had to be done. She had a steaming hot mug of tea on her desk and she flipped open the top booklet, bracing herself for the tedious slog ahead of her. All of a sudden, the phone on her desk rang. Natalie keenly answered it, knowing it’d be another way to procrastinate.

“Hello?” she answered as always.

“Ms. Martin, I’m sorry to disturb you, but we have a visitor” came a trembling voice on the other end. Natalie knew it was that of Annette who worked at the reception desk. She was a kind lady, in her fifties, who greeted all of the visitors as they arrived.

“I didn’t realise we had anyone visiting today” Natalie calmly replied, although she knew something was wrong. She felt it in her gut, and her gut was never wrong.

“Her name is Angela, and she has a list of people she demands to see. Or else” Annette coldly explained, as if she was reading from a script. Natalie took deep breaths, formulating her response.

“Tell her she needs to book an appointment” Natalie responded. She was starting to feel terrified, but responded just as she would for any regular visitor.

“She says that won’t be necessary” Annette answered, before Natalie jumped out of her skin at the loudest bang she’d ever heard. It was a sound she knew from the television, and prayed she’d never hear in real life. It was the sound of a gunshot.

Guest Starring:

Linden Ashby, Melissa Ponzio, Orny Adams, Seth Gilliam, Ryan Kelley, Susan Walters, Kaj Nieuwenhoff, Nick Robinson, Natalia Dyer, Nargis Fakhri and Anjli Mohindra.

Special Guest Stars:

Tyler Posey and Marie Avgeropoulos.

“She’s here? How do you mean ‘here’?” Liam asked Theo.
“In Beacon Hills. She threw a brick through your window, she knew Becky was there” Theo explained.
“And you let her straight to us” Hayden added, annoyed, “We’ve got to get out of here.”
“Wait, we don’t even know who she is?” Liam mentioned. It was true, they were scared of a murderer and had every right to be, but why was she specifically targeting supernatural creatures? They knew nothing about her, not even a name at this point.
“She’s Thomas’ mom” Nolan informed. He’d just arrived from the canteen, “And there’s a woman you need to see.” He looked at Liam, who looked confused as to who it might be.
“Oi! All of you! Inside now!” Coach yelled from the exit. As he shouted, the school bell rang – not to signal the students leaving, but to call them inside in the event of an emergency…

Patrolling the corridors of Beacon Hills, Angela had guns in both hands. She was ready to show no mercy, although she was ignoring the kids running crazy around her as they rushed into the nearest classroom. It was pandemonium, with people trying to escape left, right and centre. However, as the classrooms filled up with people, the noise soon turned to silence and you could hear a pin drop. Angela stood in the corridors, waiting.

The panic had been felt by Mason, Corey, Daan and Cody too. All of them were hiding in Miss Padhi’s classroom with a bunch of other students – some they recognised, some they’d never seen before – as ducking down to keep themselves out of view. Daan and Cody were also tending to an unconscious Braeden, feeling almost as exhausted as she must have been. Their hearts were pounding like never before. They’d heard the rumours from other students about a woman with a gun, even if none of the four of them had seen Angela. What’s more was that Mason and Corey were reunited, their argument suddenly a dim and distant memory, and Corey’s dislike of Nolan’s friendship group was hardly a priority as he was happy simply to see some familiar faces in such a moment. Miss Padhi was hidden down behind her desk, keeping a close eye on the door. She knew that if the door opened, she’d be the first to stand up to protect her students. It was her job, after all, although she never expected it to be a moment quite like this.

Meanwhile, Liam had taken refuge in Coach’s office, alongside Nolan, Hayden, Theo and Becky. His head felt quite heavy and he wanted a lie down, but it seemed like hours before he’d be able to take that pleasure.
If I get out alive, he thought.
Adjacent to him was Nolan, trembling on the spot. Their first instinct was to hide together to protect each other. Liam attempted to tell Hayden everything – about their kiss specifically – and in fact, he told her the most crucial part already. However, it seemed to be forgotten almost immediately after, leaving Liam as the last thing on Hayden’s mind. He did notice, though, that her recent anger outbursts seemed to have faded in favour of a survival instinct.
“If we don’t make it out alive” Nolan whispered to Liam.
“We will, don’t say that” Liam interrupted. He was attempting to remain optimistic, even if it were tougher than usual in such a situation.
“I just want to say…you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me” Nolan confessed. He was emotional and a little teary, a droplet of water sliding down his cheek from his eye.
“Same” Liam smiled, “If we get out of here, what happens? Like, between us.”
“I…err…don’t mind” Nolan lied. He knew exactly what he wanted, but was too scared to admit it.
“Tonight. That posh restaurant in the middle of town. My treat” a decisive Liam organised. Nolan smiled and nodded, already excited.

Just across the room, Hayden was watching Liam and Nolan grinning at each other. She’d heard every word from Liam’s mouth, and despite everything ongoing, she hadn’t forgotten what he’d said.
“Did you know?” Hayden whispered to Theo.
“Know about what?” Theo asked, oblivious. Hayden pointed at the duo.
“Oh, you mean…?” Theo was speechless, “Why do I care what loverboy gets up to?” Hayden rolled her eyes, leading Theo to turn his attention back to Becky.
“I should be out there, handing myself over” Becky sobbed. She was shaken, and felt responsible for the fact a gun-wielding hunter was outside.
“She’s after us all, any of us who aren’t human, it’s not just you” Theo consoled her. Becky tried to get up and leave, disregarding Theo’s words, but he grabbed her arm to stop her.
“Please don’t” he begged. Hayden watched on. She was used to Theo being a cold-hearted self-absorbed monster, and hadn’t seen such a vulnerable side before.
“I’m sorry” Becky cried, before wiping her tears and heroically leaving the room, shutting the door behind her.
“We have to do something” Theo decided.

“Wake up, please” Cody begged. He had never met Braeden before, but he knew she must be knowledgeable about Angela and prayed she’d be able to lend a hand.
“We don’t even know her name” Daan added.
“It’s Braeden” Mason informed, “She’s a friend of ours, kinda.”
“About as friendly as a professional assassin can be” Corey remarked, trying to make light of a situation that was the most bleak he’d faced.
“She’s exactly what we need” Cody realised, looking at her, “How can we wake her up?”
“I have an idea” Mason pondered. He strolled over to his schoolbag and took out his water bottle, topped up at the start of lunch. He removed the cap, and tipped it all over Braeden. In an instant, she took a deep breath and opened her eyes.
“Where the hell is she?” she asked, meaning business.

Krishna looked on, totally baffled by everything going on. She was sat behind her desk on the floor, ensuring she wasn’t in view from the tiny square window on the classroom door. She’d noticed Nolan’s interesting behaviour but hadn’t spotted it in his friends until now, and was taking note of everything she saw. Now, there was a random woman in her classroom, and everything was making less and less sense the more she saw. However, she knew they were caught up in this somehow. All of a sudden, she jumped out of her skin as the school tannoy system began working.
“Corey Bryant. Liam Dunbar. Nolan Holloway. Theo Raeken. Hayden Romero. Becky Whinston. You all better show your faces soon, my loves, or I won’t be responsible for my actions” came the voice. It was her – Angela, and even the mere sound of her voice sent shivers through everyone’s body. Krishna glared over her classroom, directly at Corey.
“I want answers. Now” she ordered.

“How the hell does she know who we are?” Theo asked. He was getting stressed out after Becky’s exit, and now the serial killer knew exactly who he was and had marked him for death.
“She’s been watching” Liam replied, “But how can she differentiate us from everyone else?”
“I think I have an idea” Hayden interrupted, “The Nemeton’s causing us all to feel different, right? Our behaviour’s changed. She’s been watching long enough to pinpoint our different behaviour. I’m angrier, Corey’s lost control, you’re feeling ill” she explained, staring at Liam.
“I feel fine” Nolan added, slightly confused.
“Exactly” Hayden responded, “You’re way more confident in yourself. Nobody ever said all the changes were negative, but you’re not shy anymore. And you” she added, looking at Theo, “Your arrogance levels have hit an all-time low.” Theo stared back, offended.
“Excuse me?” Theo retorted.
“What the hell is going on?” Coach asked. He’d kept quiet for most of the chat so far, so much so that the others had forgotten he was even there, “I don’t know what you crazy people think you’re talking about, but the only thing I care about right now is saving your asses, and my own for that matter.”
“Same here” Liam noted, “Coach, we need your help.”

Tip-toeing through the school, Becky found herself in the sports hall. The audience seats had been folded away, and the hall was empty. Not a soul in sight, for obvious reasons. She stood in the centre of the basketball court painted onto the shiny wooden floor, and immediately let out a loud, ear-piercing roar. Her face turned orange, with black stripes racing across horizontally. Now all she had to do was wait.

Hearing the roar loud and clear, Angela licked her lips with anticipation. She primed her weapons and ran in the direction of the sound, figuring her way around the school quite easily now that the bumbling school kids weren’t in her way. She didn’t want to harm innocent people, but supernatural creatures weren’t innocent and deserved everything they got. She sped up in pursuit of her kill, and as she reached the sports hall, there she spotted Becky.
“I should’ve known it’d be you. Thanks for showing me the way” Angela goaded.
“You won’t succeed” Becky hit back.
“What are you gonna do to stop me?” Angela queried, sounding smug.
“I’ve got faster reactions than you, faster speed, better senses” Becky answered, “All you’ve got is a couple of toys.”
“Oh trust me, these will hurt a lot more than any toy you’ve played with” Angela smirked.

“So that’s everything. I think” Mason finished. He’d just explained just about every necessary detail to Miss Padhi, about the supernatural world, about the Nemeton, and about who Angela is.
“You expect me to believe that? This is no time for stories” Krishna wasn’t amused.
“It’s all true, I swear” Cody interjected.
“Do you know how to stop her?” Krishna asked, still in disbelief but actually hoping it was all true.
“If anyone can stop her, it’s us” Corey replied, sounding more confident than he actually was.
“OK, I’m open to believing you, but I’m coming too. I refuse to put you in danger, it’s my job to protect my students” Krishna gave in.
“Now all we need is a plan” Daan reminded the group. Nothing seemed to be coming to their minds, much to their frustration.

Peeking his head out of the door, Coach led the way out of his office and into the changing rooms. Theo trusted that Becky wouldn’t bring Angela anywhere near the office, so he felt it’d be safe for them to take their chance to escape. The school was in lockdown, but Coach realised that they should be able to make their way out the changing room door, which was manually locked every night. He led Liam, Nolan and Theo through the changing rooms, unlocked the door, and safely shut it again after they’d escaped. Hayden stayed behind, hoping to find out where the rest of the pack were. She knew they had to do something, and she was determined to figure it out.

Once outside, the trio were stopped by armed police.
“Hands in the air, all of you” a loud male voice ordered. They didn’t disobey, although all three of them hoped this wouldn’t take long.
“It’s alright, I know these kids” came a familiar voice. Sheriff Stilinski strolled over and spoke to the group.
“It’s her, isn’t it?” he asked, knowingly.
“Yeah, and she’s using the Nemeton to track us down. We need to get there right now, and grab Deaton on the way” Liam explained.
“I need to stay here, but Parrish will give you a lift” Stilinski offered. Liam nodded and smiled, before rushing off to speak to Parrish, with Nolan and Theo in tow.

Using her expert sense of smell, enhanced by her wolf abilities of course, Hayden managed to sniff out Mason and Corey’s location. Creeping through the school corridors, she led Coach to Miss Padhi’s classroom. As she opened the door, she saw Krishna armed with a large maths textbook, ready to attack.
“Woah!” Coach whispered harshly, not wanting to make any noise but still expressing his shock.
“Sorry” Krishna replied, “I thought you were her.”
“Becky went to face off against her” Hayden informed, as she reunited with Mason and Corey.
“On her own?” Corey replied, shocked.
“She insisted, Theo did all he could to stop her but she wouldn’t listen” Hayden recalled.
“Wait, Theo’s back?” Mason asked, confused.
“Long story, I’ll fill you in later” Hayden responded, “We need to get to Becky.”
“Keep an eye on them” Krishna said to Coach, as she followed the group of students, including Daan and Cody, out of the classroom. Coach was baffled as to what was going on, but he had a class of terrified students to keep an eye on now, as well as an unconscious lady lying down at the back…

Staring bleakly at the sight in front of him, Liam wasn’t best pleased to be reunited with the Nemeton. He never thought a tree stump would terrify him so much, but here he was, trembling at the mere sight of the Nemeton. Stood either side of him were Nolan and Theo, ready for business, with Deaton just behind and Parrish parking the car.
“What now?” Theo asked. Only Deaton knew the answer, so they immediately stared at him.
“It’s unclear I’m afraid. There’s a few different tales” he vaguely replied, “However, the most popular one suggests that we all have to stand around the edge, and place our hands on the top of the stump.”
“Hold on, who’s we?” Nolan questioned, confused.
“I figured it out. It’s why I asked you both to come” Liam detailed, “Nolan’s the beta, Theo’s the omega, and I guess I’m the closest thing to an alpha round here.”
“Will that even work? No offence but you’re not a proper alpha, I thought we’d need one of them” Theo found flaws. Liam sighed.
“I don’t see any alphas around here, do you?” Liam snapped, “Scott left me in charge. I’m the alpha, of sorts.”
“It’s the concept that counts” Deaton clarified.
“Alright then, what are we waiting for?” Nolan felt unusually enthusiastic about such a situation. All four of them placed their hands in position. They stood 90 degrees apart from each other around the stump. To Liam’s left was Nolan, to his right was Theo, and Deaton stood opposite.
“On my go” Deaton commanded. The trio primed themselves and waited for the command. “Three…two…one…now.” All four of them placed both hands on the trunk, and waited. For a few seconds, nothing happened, but eventually, the werewolves’ eyes glowed. Liam and Nolan’s eyes were a bright yellow, while Theo’s glowed a deep blue. Deaton gazed on, and focused on Liam. What he didn’t expect was for Liam’s eyes to change. The bright yellow shifted into a flaming red. He was the alpha – in that moment at least. The three of them felt the rush of the Nemeton’s power flowing through them. It didn’t hurt, it was a tingling sensation, but it was one none of them were used to and it certainly felt weird. Deaton felt the rush through him too, it was quite ticklish in a way although more uncomfortable.
“Focus your minds!” Deaton commanded. Liam found it difficult to focus, considering how his head was still pounding, but he did his best. He shut his rosy red eyes to help his focus even more. In a flash, the group collapsed. The Nemeton had done its trick, and now all four were lying on top of the stump, inanimate…

Becky was preparing her attack on Angela. She felt guilty for bringing this attack on the school, and was adamant that she’d finish it off too. However, she was well aware that Angela was a tough opponent. She’d transformed into werehyena form, claws and fangs much like werewolves or werecoyotes but her skin transformed into an orange colour with dark stripes across – like that of a hyena, of course. She bared her teeth and decided it was time to attack. She would die either way, so she might as well die fighting. She began sprinting towards Angela, who held her gun up in position, ready to fire.
“Stop!” Hayden yelled. She’d arrived at the gym with the rest of the pack, “Enough’s enough.”
“Ah, here’s the cavalry. I was wondering when I’d get to meet you all. Seems like none of you have hit puberty, though” Angela remarked.
“We know you’re Thomas’ mom, and we’re sorry” Corey spoke up, “He deceived us but he was part of the pack. He didn’t die for nothing.”
“He shouldn’t have died at all, he’d still be alive if it weren’t for you….you…creatures” Angela shouted, struggling to find the words. She was visibly emotional, Thomas was a sensitive subject for her.
“He gave his life to save a friend. If that isn’t courageous, I don’t know what is” Mason added.
“There’s a load of people you can talk to, there’s no need for this. Innocent people have died. People who never met Thomas” Hayden explained.
“Put down the gun, it’s not gonna do anyone any good” Krishna pleaded. Angela was shaking. Her fierce stance had been swapped for a shaken, trembling posture with tears rolling down her cheeks. All she could see in her mind was her beautiful son.
“I only killed for him” Angela confessed. Her tone was much more sombre than her usual arrogant self, “I killed my husband. He was a werewolf too, not that Thomas ever found out. I miss him so much, my beautiful boy. That thing…Coleman…he tore this family apart. Now I’ll finish it for good.” Angela turned her gun to her own head, much to everyone in the room’s surprise.
“Please, it doesn’t have to come to this” Cody pleaded.
“There is plenty of help out there for you, Angela” Krishna smiled. She slowly stepped towards Angela, and held out a hand, “Come on, give me the gun.” Hayden, Mason, Corey and Cody watched on in surprise as their maths teacher displayed a remarkable level of courage. Daan was comforting a shaken Becky, who was crouched down on her knees. She was still paying attention, but was relieved that she didn’t have to fight the battle alone. To her amazement, Angela actually handed the gun over to Krishna, who threw the gun behind her away from the group.
“On your knees!” a deep male voice yelled. The room was suddenly flooded with armed policemen, surrounding the group. Angela held her hands up in the air, and was arrested. The others breathed a sigh of relief, as the threat was finally over.
“You were amazing” Mason grinned to Hayden.
“I was, wasn’t I?” she jested, “I’ve not felt this good in ages.” Then it dawned on them.
“Liam!” Mason, Corey and Hayden said in unison, before dashing out of the hall.

Stirring, Liam opened his eyes. He wasn’t in the comfort of his own bed, he was in the middle of the forest. What? He was confused and leapt up, startled. He took in his surroundings, most notably what he’d seemingly been using as a bed – the Nemeton. Then it came back to him. He was alive! He grinned, thrilled that the plan had seemingly worked.
“Hello stranger” came a familiar voice from behind him. He turned around, and saw Nolan, who’d just woken up.
“This is a sight for sore eyes” Liam joked. He immediately went to hug Nolan, and it was the best feeling ever. They’d survived, and were able to feel the warm comfort of each other’s hugs again. Theo and Deaton woke up not long after, and the group went to find Parrish and their ride home.

“You’ll be comfortable here. We’ll take care of you, and keep you safe. You know how it works” the doctor said, sympathetically but not sincerely.
“I promise, I won’t cause you any trouble, please let me out” Angela pleaded. She was wearing plain clothes now, far from her stylish leather outfit. She looked at the walls surrounding her, and despaired. All she had was a bed, a toilet and a tiny little window with bars on the inside. The doctor didn’t listen to her pleas, and he shut the door of her cell, patrolling back through the corridors of Eichen House…

Sat opposite each other with their legs crossed on his bed, Liam and Hayden were finally getting a chance to have the chat they’d been wanting. It had been a few hours since Angela’s arrest and the ritual at the Nemeton, and they’d had time to process their thoughts.
“I’m happy for you, you know” Hayden confessed, “You deserve someone good. Us, we weren’t working.”
“I guess it was obvious a while ago, we were too naïve to realise” Liam agreed.
“I’ve decided…I’m moving away. My sister’s got a job, it’s an hour away from here” Hayden announced.
“Wh….why?” Liam asked, almost speechless. He felt his world crumbling around him, and even if Hayden and he weren’t a couple anymore, he still saw her as his best friend.
“I need a fresh start. I love Beacon Hills, and I’ll miss you all so much, but I need to start looking after myself. I’ll only be an hour away, and you better come and visit” Hayden justified. She was both upset and happy at the same time – excited at her future but the expression on Liam’s face was down heartening.
“You try and stop me” Liam laughed, fighting back the tears. They hugged, happy for each other’s new starts.

“What I said before…” Corey began. He and Mason were having a similar heart-to-heart, finally talking through their earlier argument.
“It’s forgotten” Mason smiled.
“I shouldn’t have said any of that. I’m sorry” Corey continued regardless. He felt bad, and the school siege had shown him exactly what matters in his life.
“It’s forgotten” Mason repeated, “Hey, how have you felt since the ritual?”
“Fine, I’ve not been shifting at all. I’ve got control” Corey was thrilled, he’d grown tired of feeling out of control, and having his power balance back was a brilliant feeling. Mason smiled at him, before moving in for a passionate kiss.

Sauntering into the animal clinic, Theo had a request.
“Mr. Raeken, what a pleasant surprise” Deaton greeted from the doorway to the central room.
“Hi” Theo sheepishly replied, “I’ve got a request, if you don’t mind.”
“Fire away” Deaton responded.
“Do you have any vacancies?” he asked. Deaton didn’t respond instantly, so Theo backtracked a little, to justify himself, “I mean, Scott’s not here much at the moment so I thought you might need an extra pair of hands.”
“I thought your helpfulness was a temporary effect of the Nemeton?” Deaton remarked, half serious.
“Maybe it was, but I liked helpful Theo. I don’t want to be the omega anymore, I want to be part of the pack. Scott’s pack. Liam’s pack” Theo never sounded surer of anything.
“Alright then, you can start tomorrow, providing you’ll commit and won’t vanish” Deaton offered.
“I promise. I’m here to stay” Theo grinned.
“That’s great news” came a dainty voice from behind. Theo spun around, and was greeted by Becky’s soft blue eyes. He didn’t utter a word in response, he simply embraced her in a hug.
“Thank god you’re alright” he said, gripping her tight. He loosened his grip, stared into Becky’s eyes, and pulled her in for a kiss. He felt the softness of Becky’s lips, and wondered how she could possibly be so perfect. He broke away, unsure if she was enjoying it like he was, but to his delight, she pulled him back in again. From the doorway, Deaton was watching. He laughed to himself, before resuming his work.

The sound of a lively piano track was playing in the tranquil restaurant as guests ate their overpriced dinners. Sat in the corner opposite each other, Liam and Nolan had dressed up in their nicest shirts. Liam’s long dark locks were brushed perfectly behind his ears, with Nolan’s mop of hair styled to perfection.
“Wait, who’s paying for this?” Nolan laughed.
“I’ve borrowed money from my mom” Liam confessed, “It’s the thought that counts.”
“I can’t believe we’re actually doing this” Nolan said, in awe.
“If you’d told me this would happen a year ago, I’d have laughed you out of town” Liam joked.
“What, a date with me specifically or a date with any guy?” Nolan queried.
“Both I guess” Liam admitted, “I’m sorry I ever doubted you. You’re the kindest, most sincere person I know.”
“It’s alright, most people judge me. Not least your friends” Nolan was self-aware, but despite his façade, it did bother him.
“They’ll come around, in time. I’ll make sure of that” Liam added, “I think the bigger problem is my mom, I don’t know how she’ll react.”
“I’d rather not tell my mom, she doesn’t really care a great deal about me at the best of times” Nolan revealed. Liam looked sympathetic, unsure of what to say.
“Ready to order?” Nolan changed the subject.
“Sure” Liam grinned.

In front of the TV, Melissa was enjoying a rare Friday night off. She had her feet up and was enjoying a light-hearted comedy on catch-up, with a glass of wine in her right hand. The doorbell rang, and she sighed. She didn’t want to move from her perfectly comfortable spot on the sofa, but she heaved herself up and answered it.
“Mom!” Scott grinned, embracing Melissa in a hug.
“Scott, what are you doing home?” Melissa was surprised to see her son. Not so delighted to see the huge backpack undoubtedly full of washing, however.
“I wanted to surprise you. A weekend visit. I picked someone up on the way too” Scott moved aside to reveal Maddie, who looked just as delighted to see Melissa.
“So great to see you” Maddie smiled.
“Come in, come in. I want to hear everything, and I mean everything” Melissa moved out of the way to allow the duo into the house.
“Same. What did we miss?” Scott questioned innocently.

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