Teen Wolf follows the journey of Scott McCall after he's bitten by a werewolf. Scott and his pack protect their home town of Beacon Hills from supernatural threats.


Teen Wolf: Sabotage

High school may be over for Scott and the pack, but there is no time for rest, relaxation or even a romantic date, as a body is found in the woods. Things take a turn for the worst when Liam is framed for murder. What is a werehyena and what do they have to do with these murders? How does Isaac's return link with these events? Who will make it out alive?

1: Runaway

2: The Rescue

3: The Saboteur

4: Attention to Detail

5: The Reunion

6: Power and Control

7: Clandestine

8: Abomination

Teen Wolf: Hideaway

After a mysterious werewolf turns up on Scott's doorstep, he makes it his mission to find out exactly who he is and why he's on the run. Meanwhile, Liam makes new friends in the shape of some outsiders, but is there more than meets the eye?

1: Heal
2: Best Friends
3: The Bite
4: Instinct
5: Deception
6: Morality

Teen Wolf: Beta

Teen Wolf: Time

While Scott's at university, Liam's in charge of the pack at Beacon Hills, and he's keen to impress his alpha. However, things take a turn for the worse when his friends doubt his leadership. Meanwhile, Nolan tries his best to learn control but it proves to be a bigger struggle than he thought. Will he succeed or will it prove to be a step too far? How will Liam cope with reuniting the pack, particularly with Theo back on the scene?

1: Desperation

2: Conflicted

3: Rumour

4: Ritual

Returning from college for Christmas, Scott and the pack find themselves under pressure instantly as an old man holding a fob watch begins to terrorise them. It's a race against time, but will the pack succeed? Meanwhile, as control continues to be an issue, the pack face new unexpected personal dilemmas.

1: Visions

2: Separation

3: Esotericism

4: The Mission

5: Séance

6: Fresh Start

Teen Wolf: Outcasts

After an article is published exposing supernatural presence in Beacon Hills, everyone is on red alert. College plans are disrupted for Scott and the pack as the residents of Beacon Hills arm themselves against the unknown. Alongside the danger posed by those around them, they have to keep an eye on each other as their closest allies may not be who they say they are..

1: Breaking News
2: Wet Grave
3: Antidote
4: Allies
5: Numbers
6: Solidification

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