A spin-off from Primeval Stories, Rips Through Time sees the anomaly mission continue in Lincoln, led by Katie Smith and her team.

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1.1: Doorways In Time

1.2: Back to School
1.3: Caught On Film
1.4: Arachnophobia
1.5: The Right Words
1.6: Predator Problem

2.1: Playtime's Over
2.2: The Search Begins
2.3: Monday
2.4: Ghosts
2.5: Faultlines
2.6: Race Against Time
3.1: Freedom of the Press
3.2: 5-Star Anomaly
3.3: It's All In the Eyes
3.4: Unravelling
3.5: A Day In the Cretaceous
3.6: The End

4.1: Love is In the Air

Series 4 was discontinued after episode 1 and therefore no more episodes were written.

Special Episodes from the Primeval Stories Magazine

1: The Hunt

2: Demons

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