As mysterious portals, nicknamed "anomalies", begin to appear over the world, Professor Cutter and his team find themselves facing threats from the past and future.

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1.1: The Return
1.2: Time Gone Wrong...Or Right?
1.3: The Start Of The End
1.4: The Unravelling Plan
1.5: Reversing The Actions
1.6: Locked In
1.7: No Time For Playing Around
1.8: Not As Easy As It Seems
1.9: Clueless & Jobless
1.10: Not Part Of The Act
1.11: Home Is Where The Anomaly Is
1.12: The Raid
1.X: Doctor Who? (non-canon)
2.1: The Underdog
2.2: The Rampage
2.3: Long Journey
2.4: Trouble At Tesco
2.5: The End Of A Search
2.6: The Rescue
2.7: Flying High
2.8: At The ARC
2.9: Lights, Camera, Mosasaur!
2.10: The Forest Of Dean
2.11: Something Is Coming
2.12: The 4 Knocks
2.X: Out Of The Rubble
3.1: Creature Incursion
3.2: Snow Joke
3.3: Meet Lily
3.4: Aircraft Anomaly
3.5: Plane Chaos
3.6: Driven Through The Car Park
3.7: Not Quite A Village Meeting
3.8: Escape
3.9: Drowning The Sorrows
3.10: Trapped
3.11: Forget Me Not
3.12: Everytime I Think Of You
3.X: Wedding Bells

4.1: Don't Be Snappy

4.2: Changing
4.3: Hunted Down
4.4: The Disappearance Of Sir James Lester - Part 1
4.5: The Disappearance Of Sir James Lester - Part 2
4.6: A Day Out
4.7: Muddy Waters
4.8: Backwards
4.9: With Love
4.10: Long Time No See
4.11: Into The Unknown
4.12: The Ongoing Threat
4.X: New Beginnings

5.1: Public Relations 
5.2: The Next Step Forward
5.3: Buy One, Get One Free
5.4: A Deadly Foretelling
5.5: Back From the Grave
5.6: Hideout
5.7: Hitting Home
5.8 Prequel: Running Faster Than Ever Before

5.8: On the Run
5.9: Taken
5.10: Back in Business
5.11: School's Out
5.12: The Masterplan
5.A: The Intruder

1: The Revival

2: Intrusion

PREQUEL: Primeval 3.10 in Claudia's Universe
XMAS: A Merry Christmas (set between 2.9 and 2.10)
NR: News Report (set post-series 2 finale)
COMIC: Short Encounter (set post-series 3 finale)
XMAS: The Anomaly Of Christmas Presents (set post-series 3 finale)

Special Episodes from the Primeval Stories Magazine
The Primeval Stories Magazine ran for 14 issues in 2009 and 2010. These two short stories were exclusive to the magazine and written by DalekSupreme08.

1: The American Dream
2: Hello Mr. President

Sarah's Story (set after series 5, before Farewell)

1: A Missing Page

2: Ripped Pages


Set after series 5 and Sarah's Story, but before The Revival.

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