Various adventures from the time travelling alien and their friends.

Comments from the author

I've had a mixed relationship with writing episodes of Doctor Who. I attempted it when I was aged thirteen, seeing as it's been my favourite TV show for over half my life, and the result was undercooked and I was put off for many years. You can read the result - "Terror of the Sycorax" - if only to see how far I've progressed since then!

I revisited Doctor Who in 2018, aged 21, only briefly and with my tongue placed firmly in my cheek for "The Rightful Number One," also available to read. It was a more developed effort but still very far from my best!

Now I'm giving Doctor Who a proper go, in 2020, aged 23, with my alternate thirteenth series coming, starring Jodie Whittaker's Thirteenth Doctor. Stay tuned for more updates!

- MarthaJonesFan


The Alternate Thirteenth Series

Coming soon.

Standalone Episodes

Terror of the Sycorax

The Rightful Number One

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