Various adventures from the time travelling alien and their friends.

Comments from the author

I've had a mixed relationship with writing episodes of Doctor Who. I attempted it when I was aged thirteen, seeing as it's been my favourite TV show for over half my life, and the result was undercooked and I was put off for many years. You can read the result - "Terror of the Sycorax" - if only to see how far I've progressed since then!

- MarthaJonesFan

Terror of the Sycorax Written by MarthaJonesFan

Starring Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor and Lucy Brown as Lily Andrews.

The Doctor was standing in the TARDIS, alone. He decided to take a trip to his favourite planet, Earth, to see what’s happening. He landed the TARDIS, and stepped outside. It was by the Powell Estate.

“Oh hello! I haven’t seen you in ages!”, cried The Doctor. Many passers-by gave him strange looks, as he was talking to a block of flats. He continued, “Something’s not quite right”.

Something was indeed wrong. It was completely dark.

“But I landed it at 10am, how could it be dark?”, wondered The Doctor. He went over to the first person he could see. It was a pretty ginger woman.

“What’s the time?”, he asked rather rudely.

“Calm down mate! It’s only 5 past 10”, she told him.

”Why is it dark?”, he asked.

“It’s been like this for months now. Look up”, she answered. The Doctor looked up and saw a massive rock up ahead, “Some think it’s space junk, others believe it’s a spaceship similar to that one we got a few Christmases ago”.

Suddenly, they heard some screams. The girl looked terrified.

“I need to check that out!”, yelled The Doctor.

”What?! You can’t go there!”, the girl protested.

“What’s your name?”, he asked her.

”Lily Andrews”, replied Lily.

”Lily, I’m The Doctor. I can save anyone. I’ve saved whole planets, and you think I’m going to step aside now? Well, you’re mistaken”, he retaliated.

“But I never even knew you did that, so how could I protest against it?”, she smiled.

“I like you Lily Andrews”, he said, smiling. He held out his hand, and she took it. They ran off towards the scene together.

Up above the Earth, the Sycorax Leader was talking to his warriors in Sycoraxic. They were planning to take over the Earth using blood control, but the Leader stopped them, saying that it was unsuccessful last time when they lost one of the other Leaders from the Sycorax race, and that he’d sent some warriors down to gather some humans for an experiment…

Meanwhile, The Doctor and Lily had seen some warriors in red with bone-like heads take some innocent humans prisoner. One warrior spotted them. The pair started to run. They reached the TARDIS.

”We can hide in here”, The Doctor told her.

“It’s just a blue box!”, moaned Lily. She ended up following him in. When she saw the inside, her eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets.

“It’s…it’s…it’s…”, stuttered Lily.

“Bigger on the inside?”, continued The Doctor.

“Well, I was going to say it’s massive, but that goes too”, she laughed, “What is it?”.

“It’s called a TARDIS. Time And Relative Dimension In Space”, explained The Doctor.

“So basically it’s a time machine”, interrupted Lily.

”In a nutshell, yeah”, he continued, “We can go anywhere and everywhere. All of time and space. But first, we’ve got to save the Earth!”. Lily smiled. The Doctor started flicking controls and the TARDIS started moving. It stopped a few minutes after, and The Doctor ran to the door. Lily followed him. They stepped out into a massive cave-like place. Lily’s jaw dropped.

“Here we are. The Sycorax ship. She got it right for once”, The Doctor said, complimenting the TARDIS.

“We’ve moved!”, gasped Lily.

“Yes, but we’ve got to stop this lot first”, The Doctor said. He started to shout, “I demand an audience with the Sycorax Leader”. The Leader stepped out of the darkness.

“Aha! The Sycorax Leader, all mighty up here in your big flying cave. I told your race before that you need to stay away from this planet. It is protected”, The Doctor warned.

“We never got any warning of any sort”, the Leader told him.

”Of course, they all got blown up. But I suggest if you don’t want the same to happen to you, you better scarper”, he threatened.

“But we’ve got a way of controlling every human on your planet! We experimented on some humans and we’ve got a way of taking over everyone’s brains so they do what we say!”, the Leader revealed.

“That is fearsome. But I suppose, that big red button over there, what does that do?”, The Doctor asked.

“What’s it to you?”, Lily whispered.

”That’s for me to know and for you to find out”, The Doctor whispered back.

“Secure him and the female!”, commanded the Leader. Suddenly, 2 warriors came out from behind them and grabbed hold of them both.

“But you still haven’t answered by question. What does that button do?”, struggled The Doctor.

“It stops our control over the humans. Not that you will be getting anywhere near it. Warriors, activate the control!”, ordered the Warrior. A warrior pushed on a button and a wave was sent all over Earth. Every single person stopped what they were doing and were still. They were under the control of the Sycorax. Just one order from the Leader and they would obey. Only one human was unaffected - Lily. She was out of the range of the signal, as the signal was set to go below instead of above. Lily managed to free herself from the grasp of the warrior and she ran over to the button, fighting off some more warriors. When she got to the Leader, she gave him a kick in the stomach and he fell onto the floor. She ran up and pushed the red button. At that time, every human in the world started moving again.

”Lily, you’re a star!”, shouted The Doctor. But there was one problem - it put the ship onto self-destruct.

“Sycorax, I can save you! Just come into my ship here!”, The Doctor offered to help, but the Leader refused.

“Where would we go? Our home planet is gone!”, the Leader said, before vanishing behind some rock. The Doctor escorted Lily into the TARDIS and he set off.

“Right, all of time and space, where do you want to start?”, he asked.

“I never said I’d come yet!”, she retaliated.

“Is that a no then?”, he questioned.

“Well, no…”, she replied.

”OK then, off we go!”, he smiled.