Claudia Brown

Claudia Brown was in charge of the day-to-day anomaly operations at the Home Office. She was Cutter’s romantic interest and they shared two passionate kisses. Claudia was erased from the timeline due to an accident while Cutter was in the past, and replaced by Jenny Lewis, effectively Claudia with a new name. While Danny, Abby, Connor, Sarah, Captain Becker and Jenny were through a future anomaly, the timelines somehow changed back and Claudia existed in the same world as Jenny, which should be a paradox. Claudia’s relationship with Cutter was put on hold when Cutter got a new girlfriend in the form of Lily Nash. Claudia is a no-nonsense woman who is feisty, with more courage than she makes out. Between Farewell and The Revival, The Minister asked Claudia to step in as emergency cover at the Home Office, so she stepped down from the team.