When Dylan Drummond's curiosity gets the better of him, he finds himself attacked by a creature in the woods and begins experiencing increased senses. Join him as he discovers he is a werewolf, just in time to save his friends from the power-hungry alpha...

Claws Out is a spin-off of Teen Wolf.

Regular Characters
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Dylan Drummond
(Miles Wesley)

Jonathan "Jono" Chadwick
(Finn Roberts)

Yasmin Forsyth
(Emilija Baranac)

Drew Marsden
(Noah Centineo)

Lily Chadwick
(Maia Mitchell)

Frederick "Freddie" Ruben
(Charlie Plummer)

Joshua "Josh" Rayner
(Israel Broussard)

Samantha "Sammi" Chadwick
(Bailee Madison)

Brett Sutton
(Fin Argus)

Oscar Madden-Whelan
(Texas Watterston)

Recurring Characters

George Ruben
(Colin Ford)

Caroline Drummond
(Bree Turner)

Sheriff Ed Taylor
(Russell Hornsby)

Noah Kosinski
(Julian de la Celle)

(Jeanté Godlock)

(Sayyid El Alami)

(Casil McArthur)

(Amy Okuda)

Jeremy Chadwick
(Nicholas Alexander)

Johnny Elliott
(Rudy Pankow)

Liam Dunbar
(Dylan Sprayberry)

Nolan Holloway
(Froy Gutierrez)

Tamora Monroe
(Sibongile Mlambo)

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