Abigail "Abby" Sarah Maitland

Abby has been in the team since the beginning. She was a zookeeper who had gone to investigate an unusual pet, who was in fact a Coelurosauravus that came through the anomaly to the Permian era. It had been kept as a pet. Abby met many creatures, and was saved mostly by Connor, who she knew had a crush on her. Abby was one of the two people (the other being Connor) who believed Cutter about Claudia Brown having existed. Abby was kidnapped by a Mer-Creature, and nearly fell to her death from a cliff, but Connor saved her with the help of Cutter. Abby went on to have a grudge against Mia after she and Connor started dating, but the two of them made up at Mia and Connor’s wedding. Abby is a tomboy, who loves kickboxing, therefore no creature should get on the wrong side of her, as a Mer-Creature found out. Abby’s determined and feisty, more like Mia than she thinks. Abby and Connor eventually become an item after Mia leaves and the couple get divorced.